How To Set Up Your Own Meditation Room – Creating A Design Plan

Although the exact benefits of meditation are still being uncovered and there is to clear definition of this type of activity, everything discovered so far indicates positive results. It would seem that meditation can improve the quality of your life in various ways and, as a result, having a meditation room or a special place in your home dedicated to this activity could be something to add to your to-do list.

Meditation room with floor cushions

There is no specific set of rules you should follow when creating a meditation room. However, it should all start with the selection of a room or space you want to use for this activity. Keep in mind that it should be a quiet space with limited traffic and, most importantly, a space that makes you feel good. If there’s no room available inside the house, perhaps an outdoor space would be a good idea. Meditating in the garden, for example, seems like a wonderful option.{found on rozalynnwoods}.

Choose the perfect spot for meditation room

After you’ve chosen a room or a space, it’s time to get it ready. It’s important for a meditation space to be free of clutter, simple and without distractions in order to allow you to relax your mind. To get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. There’s no room for extras in this space, only for the basics such as a small table, a throw rug, maybe some floor pillows or a comfortable chair.{found on barrettstudio}.

Bring nature in for meditation spot

Try to bring nature in. When meditating, you connect with your surroundings and a few natural elements can only do you good. Add a plant to the room or a vase of freshly cut flowers. Another option is to create a zen décor using sand and seashells. You could also add a water feature to the room such as a small fountain.{found on jasonjones}.

No furniture for meditation room

Always remember to add a personal touch to the décor. This can be done in a lot of ways. For example, you can include an object you feel closely connected to or which makes you feel comfortable. It can also be something that smells beautiful and allows you to relax or a decoration you’ve created yourself. It’s also important not to overcrowd the room so don’t exaggerate with this part.{found on siolstudios}.

Mood colors for meditation room

When selecting the color palette for the room, you should try to match the colors to the mood you’re trying to achieve. As a result, this is a personal issue. Everyone has a favorite color or a color that makes them feel good. Some believe that pastel shades are better in this case. Others suggest dark colors, the purpose being to create a cozy atmosphere and a décor that envelops you comfortably.{found on imbuedesign}.

Natural light for meditation room

The lighting is also an important aspect to take into consideration when setting up your meditation space. Ideally, it would have plenty of natural light in which case an outdoor area would be best. However, you don’t want too much natural light either. Window treatments can help you solve this problem, allowing you to create a cozy and pleasant ambiance. Consider sheer fabric that lets light filter through.{found on mgaarchitects}.

Artificial light for meditation spot
More light for meditation area

Artificial light has to be just right as well. If possible, use both dim and bright lights. This way they’ll be able to match your mood. If you’re meditating outside you won’t need artificial light and you can use an umbrella to regular the natural light.{found on shelterarchitecture}.

Curved molded chair for meditation room

Don’t bring technology into this space. You don’t need your phone or your laptop to constantly distract you. This is a space where you can get away from all the stress, forget about everything and everyone and just be you. There’s no need for a TV, a video game console or a computer for that. An acceptable feature can be a music player.

Comfortable attic room

A meditation room should always be comfortable. So add as many cushions, pillows and blankets as necessary to achieve that. If you don’t want to sit on the floor while meditating, then get a comfortable lounge chair or something else that works for you. The way in which you arrange all these things in the room is up to you. If you want, you can add some feng shui flair to the space.{found on reforminc}.

Aromatherapy for meditation room

In order for the ambiance to be perfect in the room you should also take care of the little things like the sounds or the smells. Aromatherapy can be used to create a more pleasant atmosphere. Just keep in mind that fresh air is also important.{found on zenassociates}.

Red daybed for meditation room

Other details which could help you relax and achieve a tranquil state of mind can be a beautiful view. So when selecting the room to transform into a meditation space, keep this detail in mind. A room with a view would be ideal, even if it doesn’t have huge windows or access to a terrace. In fact, you don’t need a lot of space for this. It’s all about enjoying the environment.