Faux Bois Candle Sticks

I love incorporating organic pieces into minimalist interiors as I think they make clean, modern spaces a bit more approachable and comfortable to be in. These DIY faux bois candle sticks do just that and are a cinch to make!  When wood grain is coated with highly lustrous liquid gilding paint, the combination of the two give the effect that the piece was actually cast in brass–a beautiful high-end look for a tiny fraction of what the real thing might run you! Read on for details on on how to create a pair for your home.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks Project
Faux Bois Candle Sticks in Gold
Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Panting Process
Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Tray
Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Materials


  • 2×4 Wood board
  • Circular saw
  • Electric drill + 3/4″ drill bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Gesso or Primer
  • Liquid gilding paint
  • Paint brush
  • Marker or pencil
  • Ruler
Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Draw

On the 4″ wide side of your 2×4 board, draw a 1-3/4″ w x 3-3/4″h rectangle. If your board doesn’t have perfectly square corners, you’ll want to draw your rectangle slightly in from the edge, so you can cut off the eased edge. Then cut out the rectangle using a circular saw.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Drill

Use an electric drill fitted with a 3/4″ drill bit to create a 1/2″-3/4″ deep circular opening on one end of the block.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Sand

Sand down all rough edges with fine grit sandpaper until they’re smooth to the touch. Then wipe the block clean of sawdust.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - Prime paint

Prime the block with gesso to seal the porous wood wood surface. Allow to dry and then apply a coat of liquid gilding paint to all sides of the block. The liquid gilding is extremely potent, so make sure you work in a well-ventilated area. Allow an hour to dry completely.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - continue painting

Repeat steps 1-4 for the taller candle stick, only this time, the height of the block should be 5-1/4″ tall.

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - top view

Lastly, top each stick with a tapered candle and light them up!

Faux Bois Candle Sticks - pair

The end result is a beautiful pair of brass candlestick holders that add a touch of organic glam to any modern space!