40 Laundry Room Cabinets To Make This House Chore So Much Easier

Whether it’s a closet or an entire room, doing the laundry can be the most dreaded task inside the home. Which is why, it’s imperative that you make that space both functional and stylish. Making it easy-to-use and happily aesthetic is key for surviving lots of loads of the family’s clothes. And these 40 laundry room cabinets will make this chore so much easier on you!

1. Sweet

Sweet laundry room designView in gallery

Sweet and simple, who wouldn’t love to have this laundry room in their own home. It’s not he smaller side but as all the luxury and functionality you’d want.

2. Cubbied

Cubbied laundry washing machineView in gallery

You can even create cabinets for the washer and dryer themselves! Isn’t this space snazzy and has a bit of a masculine vibe as well.

3. Weathered

Weathered laundry roomView in gallery

Check out this warm and weathered laundry room that again is full of luxury in terms of storage and organizational space. But it’s also quite stylish with its weather cabinets and black countertops.

4. Mixed

Mixed laundry roomView in gallery

Here’s a quaint laundry room that is made easier with a mix of cabinets and storage options. Baskets and cubbies round out this space quite nicely.

5. Camel

Camel laundry room designView in gallery

These camel-colored, wood cabinets are a gorgeous addition to this family laundry room. It’s a traditional style that’s functional and really will make doing this nearly daily chore less aggravating.

6. Open

Classic open laundry cupboardsView in gallery

Not all laundry room cabinets need to be enclosed. Instead, here we see an efficient and small open shelving system that works just as well!

7. Dark

Brown laundry room designView in gallery

If you want something with contrast, then you’ll want to get inspired by these textured, dark chocolate cabinets. We love the contrast with the white appliances, don’t you?

8. Modern

Modern laundry room storageView in gallery

Check out this modern set-up. With floor to ceiling cabinets and even a pull-out laundry sorter, this is quite the fashion-forward treat of a design.

9. Pastel

Pastel laundry room designView in gallery

This laundry room couldn’t be any more sweet and charming. Just look at the mix of cabinets, sorting arrangements and gorgeous seafood color choice.

10. Cottage

Cottage turquoise laundry roomView in gallery

Here again we see a beautiful pastel blue but the overall style is very much of a cottage experience. The blinded cabinets and bit of a country flair make this laundry room welcoming too.

11. Retro

Retro laundry room designView in gallery

And this laundry room has a distinctly retro feel. With its ivory cabinets and black and red contrast, you get a fun, 50’s feel that livens up the room.

12. Cornered

Corner laundry room furnitureView in gallery

Utilize every inch of the laundry room you’ve got with a way to corner cabinets. And if you have this much storage space, just think of all the cleaning supplies and extra family “stuff” that can be organized.

13. Mud

Grey laundry room mudView in gallery

This laundry room is also made with a “mud” room vision in mind. It’s got the cabinets you need and the open shelving the family will utilize too.

14. Green

Green laundry room with stainless steel washing machinesView in gallery

Here we have more laundry room cabinets that have been dipped in a pretty shade of green. We love the modern edge the space gets paired with the stainless appliances but also the subdued feeling the tone brings in as well.

15. Baskets

Baskets around the washing machinesView in gallery

Baskets in the cubbies and a gently set of cabinets overhead, this laundry room is small but has what you need. Keep essentials around the washer and dryer with no qualms.

16. Under

Dream fuschia painted laundry room wallsView in gallery

Sometimes the only space you get is underneath, and that’s okay. Because when you’ve created such a fun and playful place to do your chores, you’re so much happier!

17. Sexy

Small and black laundry room designView in gallery

If there was ever a sexy laundry room, it’s this one. Paired with a few black cabinets, this space has both function and style.

18. Rich

Dark laundry room design with mosaic backsplashView in gallery

Here’s another laundry room that’s been filled with rich, dark-colored cabinets. And of course, a drying rack is nice to add into the layout.{found on abruzzo}.

19. Gray

Gray Laundry room design pictureView in gallery

And then there’s gray, which is both trendy and stylish. It’s one of the best neutrals to create a foundation with and these laundry room cabinets are quite dreamy.

20. Alabaster

turquoise laundry washing machinesView in gallery

Check out this smooth and creamy, alabaster-covered laundry room. The cabinets are all around, making beautiful storage options for both your chores and your home.

21. Turquoise

Turquoise washing machineView in gallery

Why not add some happy colors to a space that’s all about work? These turquoise laundry room cabinets add such a great pop of pizzazz and personal style!{found on melissalenox}.

22. Wood

Wood laundry room designView in gallery

If you have a more rustic or country vision in mind, go big with a wooden finish. You may not want as much as what you see here, but it’s a great way to springboard ideas.{found on lcwoodwork}.

23. Bold

Sparkle laundry room designView in gallery

Maybe you have a more bold style. Although you probably don’t want this much color happening in the kitchen, if you love the look, dress your laundry room in the drama!{found on architecturaltilestone}.

24. Texture

Chicken wire doorsView in gallery

There is so much to love about this laundry room. There are so many details and textural selections found throughout the cabinet choice.

25. L-Shaped

L shaped laundry room designView in gallery

Again, if you’ve got a small space, utilize it to its fullest. Just check out how these L-shaped cabinets were installed to make this room even more functional.

26. Masculine

Masculine laundry room designView in gallery

There’s a lot of masculine energy surrounding this laundry room cabinet design. But again, we love the mix of cabinets and shelving, making a super functional space.

27.  Lime

Lime laundry room designView in gallery

As mentioned before, why not add a bit of fun to your laundry room. You may not want lime green screaming in other parts of your home, but that bold festivity can easily be dressing the chore space.

28. Black

Black laundry room designView in gallery

Here’s another gorgeous example of a laundry room made with black cabinets. There’s enough storage here but also the right kind of inspiration for those that don’t want to go with the traditional white choices.

29. Contemporary

Contemporary laundry room designView in gallery

Check out these ultra-contemporary laundry room cabinets! They’re far from traditional and we love the pop of glam they bring to such an unsuspecting place in the home.

30. Cozy

Cozy laundry room designView in gallery

Cozy, welcoming feelings are a great addition to rooms where you don’t have much fun. Making this space more relaxing, with subtle, blue cabinets and a weathered look help to envelop the visitor.

31. Small

Bold washing machines for laundry roomView in gallery

You don’t always need a room full of storage to make you happy. When your laundry room is small, a couple of cabinets can do its job without issue.

32. Contrast

Laundry room with marble floor and contrast wallsView in gallery

White laundry room cabinets will contrast beautifully against a rich, dark wall color. Go with a color you love but are too scared to use throughout the home, like plum or even mango.

33. Two-for-One

coat rack and laundry roomView in gallery

We have another great example of how to combine the mud room with the laundry space. Of course your cabinet choice is key when you have to do this.

34. Pizzazz

Pizzazz laundry roomView in gallery

This laundry room is full of girlish personality and pizzazz. With the accents and teal-colored cabinets, the details can really make the difference.

35. Vintage

small and vintage laundry roomView in gallery

These cabinets scream vintage style and we love it. The designer really went all out creating a space with old-age spirit.

36. Natural

Stacked laundry washed machinesView in gallery

There’s a very natural element involved in these dark wood laundry room cabinets. They can stand on their own and set the tone for the space.

37. Charmed

Laundry room with baskets on wheelsView in gallery

Yes, even in the smallest of laundry closets or nooks, you can create a charming experience. White and bright and full of organizational options, this sweet spot is a favorite.

38. Farmhouse

Farmhouse inspired laundry roomView in gallery

Here we have a laundry room that’s been finished with a distressed, farmhouse feel because of its cabinet choice. And hows that addition of appliances that bring in the right pop of color?

39. Solid

Solid and modern laundry furnitureView in gallery

One solid swoop and contemporary style makes this wooden laundry room go round. It’s a unique way to add and style the cabinets in your home, don’t you think?

40. Headboard

Headboard style laundry roomView in gallery

These cabinets are creamy and cozy – which we love. But we also love the texture, with is a “headboard” style that gives an extra traditional pop to any space.