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Easy And Interesting Project Ideas To Get You Into Wood-Burning

A really cool and under-appreciated method of adding all sorts of details to handmade items is wood burning. There are plenty of tools and accessories that can be used to add a lot of character to even small objects and this doesn’t strictly apply to handcrafted things. You can also use the wood-burning technique to transform and personalize existing items or to customize a special gift for someone. 

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On the topic of personalized gifts, check out these lovely marshmallow sticks that were customized using a wood-burning kit and letters. The monogram is a simple little detail but it really changes the design and adds a personal touch to it. It’s a nice little extra that you can do to make your gifts more special. Check out craftivitydesigns to find out more about the technique used here. 

DIY greeting card made of balsa woodView in gallery

Greeting cards have gotten too complicated over the years, with lots of details and colors on them and lots of preexisting details that don’t really allow the sender to do much in terms of personalization. You can however choose to make your own greeting cards and to make them really special. For instance, instead of using paper of cardboard you can use balsa wood and a wood-burning kit to personalize it. There’s a nice tutorial on johannarundel which shows how you can make this cute geometric swallow design on it. 


Another super cool idea is to use a wood-burning kit to personalized your cutting board. It’s not something that’s necessary to do but it surely helps a lot to make cooking a little bit more enjoyable. It also gives you a reason to display your cutting board out in the open instead of hiding it in a cupboard. Check out this design featured on doityourfreakingself inspired by Game of Thrones. It’s quite detailed but also fairly easy to make. 

Wood burned bottle stopperView in gallery

If you’re looking for something simple and interesting to craft, how about some custom bottle stoppers? You can use simple corks and a variety of wooden blocks or knobs in different shapes and sizes. However, they won’t really look very special if they’re plain so use a wood-burning tool to add some details and to make each one unique. You can go with something simple like a geometric pattern or try something different inspired by something you love. Head over to abeautifulmess for more details and ideas. 

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It’s not just wood that you can decorate and personalize using a wood-burning tool even though the name surely suggests that. If you adjust the heat you can also use it to decorate cork. Use this technique to personalize things like cork trivets or coasters and use stencils to create beautiful designs and patterns. You can find a detailed tutorial on wherethesmileshavebeen which explains exactly how this is all done. It’s quite simple actually. 

DIY Serving TrayView in gallery

You can also use a wood-burning tool to personalize a serving tray. You can add a few decorations to it, maybe use a stencil to get a nice and clean design and to make it special without relying on paint or colorful elements. It could also be really cool to actually make the tray from scratch out of a board and some cabinet handles or by repurposing a cutting board. This tutorial from amber-oliver explains the whole process from start to finish. 

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On the topics of decorations and accessories that can be made from scratch, another idea is to make a wooden sign. You can have it displayed on your front door, in the entrance or out on the porch. It can also become a decoration in other areas of the house. A wood-burning tool can help you add a cute message or an interesting design to it instead of using paint for the same purpose. Check out bergangrisham for a nice design idea and more details about the project. 

DIY Scrabble BlocksView in gallery

If you want to make something that’s versatile and that you can display or use on multiple different occasions, how about some oversized scrabble blocks made out of wood and decorated with letters using a wood-burning tool? You could make several with different letters on them and combine them to spell out different words and messages. Mix and match them and have fun displaying them throughout the house. If you want to find out how to make these, head over to ribbonsandglue

Cutting Boards and Spoons As Christmas GiftsView in gallery

You can make some really interesting designs and intricate patterns using a wood-burning tool and once you’ve familiarized yourself with how it works you can really get creative. How about some personalized gifts for Christmas this year? Maybe you could make some custom boards, signs and various other things using this technique, something special for everyone. Check out instructables for more details and ideas. 

Wood burning-kits

Aipudi 48pcs Wood Burning kit with LCD Display

Aipudi 48pcs 110V 60W Wood Burning kit with with LCD DisplaView in gallery

I don’t know about you, but these projects convinced me to give wood-burning a try. Now the question is which kit to choose. There are plenty of different options to let’s check out a few. This Aipudi wood-burning kit includes 48 pieces in total. It has a variety of different tips, heads and several accessories like lettering pens, a sterilizer, curved tweezers and a box to keep them all nice and organized. The napping tool has a small LCD screen which shows the temperature. It’s a very efficient tool that heats up to the target temperature within 40 seconds and the temperature can be easily adjusted. It’s easy to use, intuitive and suitable for both beginners and pros. 

Wood Burning Kit with Case

Wood Burning KitView in gallery

The Woodland Home wood-burning kit comes with 27 drawing tips that can be interchanged so you can create all sorts of patterns and intricate designs. It also includes a stand and a metal stencil with all the letters. The wood-burning pen has a stainless steel barrel and a rubber handle that’s resistant to heat so you can use it safely and comfortably. The temperature is fully and easily adjustable so you can use this tool on a variety of different surfaces and materials. It works with not just wood but also leather, cork and cardboard. You can even use it to decorate and customize pumpkins and all sorts of other things. 

Chandler Tool Wood Burning Kit

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If you’re new to wood-burning perhaps you’d like to start with something simple, a small kit to get familiar with it and how it works before you start going crazy with all the different attachments and designs. A good starter kit is this Chandler Tool one. It includes a high-heat wood-burner, a stand and 8 tips made of solid brass. You also get a guide that explains everything you need to know about wood-burning so you can get started with your projects. 

Tool with Variable Temperature Control for Woodburning

Tool with Variable Temperature Control for WoodburningView in gallery

Another good option for beginners is this Walnut Hollow wood-burning tool. It has variable temperature control so you can use it on a variety of different surfaces and with various types of materials and a heat shield for protection plus a comfortable and grippy handle. The tips can easily be changed using pliers and the kit comes with 11 different ones which you can use in a variety of different ways to create unique and interesting designs on wood, leather and more.