Minimalist Trends – White Kitchen Cabinets For A Chic And Simple Look

Not everyone agrees with using white in the kitchen. It’s not a forgiving color and it shows every little scratch and dent but it sure looks stylish. It’s a rally popular color in modern and contemporary kitchens because it promotes simplicity. White kitchen cabinets are the latest trend and, despite their flat appearance, they can really pop.

White kitchen cabinets are a good strategy when the kitchen is not particularly spacious or is part of an open floor plan. This corner kitchen space doesn’t interfere much with the rest of the room’s design and that’s part of its charm.

You can make your white kitchen cabinets stand out by using a contrasting color. Try a few black accents and pair the combination with a colored backsplash just to get that beautiful balance.

If you prefer a minimalist look for your kitchen, then you should definitely consider white cabinets, maybe even complement them with a white kitchen island. If the walls are also white, the whole room will look really simple but also chic, especially with a few accent details such as a bold light fixture.

White cabinets and wooden floors are a good match. They balance each other out perfectly and the result is a simple but very inviting kitchen. If you want, you can give the kitchen a subtle rustic look.

By opting for white cabinets in the kitchen you make the room seem brighter and more spacious. And if there’s also a large window in the room, the effect will be that much more striking. To avoid making the kitchen feel cold and austere, include a few wooden accents.

A kitchen that has no windows could definitely benefit from having white cabinets. You should also paint the walls and ceiling white and add diverse light fixtures and task lighting.

Of course, you don’t have to paint your whole kitchen white to make it look chic and bright. An interesting strategy is to paint the ceiling a darker color and perhaps even a wall or two so that there will be an interesting visual effect.

Doesn’t this white kitchen look gorgeous. It features a more traditional design and we really love the way the white cabinets and island were paired with the marble countertop and the brown wooden floors.

It’s indicated to add a few darker accents to a white kitchen to get a more balanced look and also if you want to create focal points or to delimitate two or more spaces. The dining area, for example, stands out in a simple and elegant way here.{found on rikkisnyder}.