How To Decorate Your Room So That You’ll Love Coming Home

Decorating your bedroom can be difficult as the room should be designed for your eyes only. Living rooms and other common areas will be what visitors see, but bedrooms are designed to make the owner feel good. These ideas are sure to inspire you and give you a direction to start from. Use your own heart and soul while implementing them to create that perfect getaway just for you at the end of the day. 

Find A Focal Point

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Image from Suduca & Merillou

Finding a focal point in a room can really help get the ball rolling. If you want the bed to be the focal point, find a nice headboard and a couple of throw pillows. If you want to make something else the focal point, forgo the headboard.

Instead, find something that you can’t stop staring at and draw the eye towards it by giving the room good flow and keeping other tones rather neutral. Keep textures to a minimum in areas you don’t want to stand out.

Natural Materials 

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Design from Sarah Solis.

Natural materials are calming, earthy, and can reduce stress. Get accents made of stone, wood, and other natural materials. You don’t have to go overboard, but small pieces can make a big difference in a bedroom.

Decorating your room with reclaimed wood is a great idea. Not only is it natural, but it’s repurposed, which is always a good thing. Find wood that is imperfect or stone that is cut in a unique way for that added character. 

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Color Theory 

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Image from a holiday house by L’Atelier Delphine Carrère.

You don’t have to be an expert on color theory to choose colors for your room. You just have to know what feels right to you and how each color is represented. Some colors, like red, portray passion, but also anger.

Other colors, like blue, are usually calming, but can also be depressing. Choosing shades that work well together and give off the right vibes is important. Consult an expert or look into color theory for more info on which colors work well together. 

Thread Counts And Fabrics

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Image from Derek Swalwell

If you can’t afford the best sheets, then that’s okay. But choosing the highest thread counts and more organic materials that you can really make a statement. Not only does it look better, but it will make you feel better.

There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up in a bed or corner chair with a high-end throw blanket. Any will do, but the higher thread count and better material that the fabrics are, the posher your room will feel. 

Create A Better View

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Image from Sydney-based interior designers Arent & Pyke.

Even if you don’t have big windows, you can actually add bigger ones for a decent price. If you can afford the investment, it’s worth it. Especially if there’s a good view just waiting for you beyond that wall. 

If you can’t afford it, then just do small renovations in the area. Widen the window just a bit or buy windows without panes or grids so that you can see as much of nature as possible. Avoid thick window frames as well. 

Add Great Lighting

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Picture from Redmond Aldrich

Not only should your primary lighting be on point, but it can be a great choice to add alternate lighting as well. Add desk lamps, overhead lighting, standing lights, and even fairy lights if the aesthetics suit you.

The lights should offer different auras so you can control how the light affects the room. The two main options should be a bright, radiating light and a soft, lowlight for evenings when you want a simple ambiance. 

Show The Ceiling Some Love

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Image from Isabelle Stanislas

Ceilings are often left alone when decorating a room, but they don’t have to be. You can add a lot of character to a room by paying attention to the ceilings. Ceilings are the fifth wall of a room and should be treated as such.

While adding wallpaper to a ceiling isn’t ideal, there are plenty of other ways you can dress it up. Adding new beams or rafters can add an authentic look without going overboard. Or, simple shiplap can do wonders. 

Dress Windows, But Add Hooks

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Image from Peter Dunham

Adding alluring curtains to windows is a great idea. You can use sheer curtains for an airy look, or heavy drapes for a more royal look. The type of curtain doesn’t matter as long as you are in love with them.

What does matter is whether or not you can put them up to let natural light in. A room without natural light will fill stuffy and musty. So making sure you can hang the curtains up is important, no matter how heavy they are. 

Get Cozy

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California Modern Farmhouse by Sarah Solis Design Studio.

If your room isn’t inviting, you won’t love it. So, making sure that you feel relaxed and ready to curl up at the end of the day is important. There are many ways to do this and all comes down to personal preference. 

Adding throw blankets, cozy chairs, and inviting lighting are a few ways to achieve a cozy bedroom look. It doesn’t have to be winter for you to create a cozy atmosphere that isn’t stuffy. Use lighter materials in the summer. 

Hide Storage Space

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Design from Georgie Shepherd

Having good storage space is a must. But rather than stock the shelves out in the open, use closets, wardrobes, or even cover the shelves with a screen. This creates a mess-free zone where you can relax anytime. 

You can also get bins that you put on the shelves. This way, you can use the shelves the same way and have everything out of sight. Feel free to display things you want to, but don’t be afraid to hide everything you can. 

Get Creative With Art

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Morningside Heights by Crystal Sinclair Designs.

Art is meant for self-expression. Even if it’s not your art. No one else has to understand, no one else has to like it. The art that you choose should only be chosen because you like it and feel good about it. 

If you’re into historical figure art, then go for that. It’s not about explaining why you like it, it’s about liking the way you feel when you’re around the art. Shop local markets for unique art made just for you. 

Use Your Hobbies

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Whether it’s in art, furniture, or decorations, use your hobbies to fuel your creativeness. If you like sewing, add scissor or fabric-inspired pieces. If you like gaming, add your favorite characters. This is your sanctuary. 

You don’t have to go all the way with it, but a few pieces of things you like to do can make the room feel like yours. Hire a decorator to help you incorporate what you love tastefully or do it yourself with self-expression. 

Feature Wall

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Woollahra House by Phoebe Nicol Interior Architecture.

Featured walls are totally in right now. You can paint three walls normally and make that last wall special. Do so by adding wallpaper, paneling, or a mural of some sort. It works best if done on the wall the bed is on. 

A great way to add a featured wall is to add a mural of your favorite landscape. Whether it’s the cityscape of Paris or rolling hills in Ireland, it’s nice to find something that expresses a part of you that you want to be included in your bedroom. 

Mirrors Everywhere

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Design suite by Patricia Bustos

Mirrors can open up space by reflecting open space. They make rooms look bigger and reflect light as well. The size doesn’t matter too much but larger mirrors will have a bigger impact. Add them across from the door for optimum results. 

If you do, make sure that you can’t see the mirror before you walk in. This will only be distracting, and in reality, no one wants to see themselves first thing when they walk into a room. Make it a choice or subconscious decision. 

Chalkboard Walls

Bennetts Hill House by Run for the Hills.

You don’t have to add chalkboard walls, this is simply an example of a way to add rotating expressions. You can make lists, doodle, or keep it clean and only use it when you’re creating immaculate designs. 

If you don’t want to commit to adding chalkboard wallpaper, you can add a large chalkboard or marker board that you can take down whenever you please. Add it above the bed or near the door for best results. 

Word Expression 

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Image from Farrow & Ball

Word is art! Use art containing expressions that speak to you for a literal expression of your heart, mind, and soul. This doesn’t mean the whole cliche, “live, laugh, love,” type of art, but something even more meaningful. 

If you’re religious, Bible verses can be just what you need. Quotes from movies are great too. Or, something personal that you created for yourself on sites like Etsy, or other great online stores to shop at. 

Truly Vintage Pieces

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designer Michelle Kelly.

Using vintage-esque pieces is great if that’s all you can find. But shopping flea markets and antique stores can help you find pieces that are truly vintage. Sometimes they’ll higher-priced, but definitely worth it. 

You can try to fake vintage or antique, but it looks much better when the pieces are real. Especially when they were well-kept but still distressed appropriately. Farmhouse, shabby chic, beach. These popular looks all use vintage pieces.

Rug Over Carpet

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The design from interior designer is Tali Roth.

The carpet is outdated and can be downright dirty. If you’re willing to put the work into taking care of it, then your floors will feel amazing. But if you’re not, then they will become a nuisance. But there is a solution.

Getting large rugs can truly make a difference. Add it under your bed or beside it for a great flow. The best part is you can take it out and wash it or simply replace it when it gets dirty or worn. You can’t do that with carpet. 

Catch-All Area

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Image from Juniper Tedhams

It may seem silly to stack things up in a certain area, but it can actually help keep your room clean. Find a place to put a box and stack things you don’t want to put away. Then, clean it out every night or weekend. 

This is the perfect way to balance your life and keep your room clean without putting in so much effort. If you only pile a little, a small tray will do. If you pile a lot, then a box would be a better investment.