How to arrange the furniture in a new space

When moving in a new space it usually takes a while before you connect with it. So you might not be able to come up with the ideal interior décor the first time. You need to take into consideration several factors before starting to arrange your furniture in the new space.

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Start by assessing the space. You need to clear the area and to remove removing everything from a room before you start redecorating it. Anything in there, including boxes and small pieces of furniture will prevent you from seeing the room as a whole.

Then decide how the space will be used. You need to think on the functionality of the space. So don’t make the plans according to how you would like the space to be used but rather to how you actually use it. Take into consideration the placement of the doors and windows and decide where will be the focal point in the room. In the case of rooms that serve more than one purpose, you can use furniture, rugs or room dividers to separate the different areas.

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It can very helpful to use furniture placement tools. For example, you could create paper replicas of your new space and of the furniture pieces you want to place in the room.

Label them and create multiple variants until you decide which one is the best. Also, there are free online tools that can help with that.

When you start arranging the furniture, try to create balance between small and large pieces. Avoid placing all your furniture against the walls because you won’t be able to create depth. Also, try to create multiple levels according to the height of your furniture pieces.

You should also alternate different colors in order to avoid creating a monotonous interior décor. Accent pieces need to be placed in strategic places and they can also be complemented by accessories and other small details.