Hope Chest in Western Walnut

In the times long gone young girls prepared for marriage and while doing this they gathered linen and table cloths, all sorts of things that she made herself and that were supposed to be part of her dowry. All these were kept in a chest until the happy event happened. Well, now young brides do not have this habit, but it is always useful to have a chest in your home because you can find so many things to store and you usually do not have enough cabinets for that. For example I think this Hope Chest in Western Walnut is perfect for storing my blankets. I have quite a large collection of blankets that was gathered in time and which are very useful when winter or late fall come. But they just stay in the way in summer. They are too large to be stored some place else, but this chest is the perfect size

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First of all this chest is made of Western Walnut, a natural wood that looks great and which makes our homes a bit closer to nature. The boards used to make this chest are put together in a very clever way, using an old carpentry trick that only uses glue and a funny way of joining the sides of the boards as if in a zipper. So you will not see any nails used. The sides of the chest are a bit curved near the bottom, so as to make something looking like four legs, attached to the boards. It is an interesting element of design. The chest may seem a bit sturdy and big in size, but it is perfect and you can use it as a seat when the lid is down. The item is only made to order for $1,925.