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How To Organize Your Hardware In The Workshop

If you’re having trouble finding the hardware you need; you might want to consider purchasing a hardware organizer. With one of these, you’ll be able to easily identify the hardware you need quickly and won’t need to spend a significant amount of time rummaging through all of your items.

hardware organizer

When it comes to purchasing a hardware organizer however, there are a plethora of hardware organizers out there that it can be overwhelming to sift through them all. To help, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best hardware organizers to get you started. We’ll also answer some frequently asked queries pertaining to hardware organizers and provide some tips on what you should look for when purchasing your hardware organizer. 

The Best 10 Hardware Organizers 

Akro-Mils 26 Drawer 10126

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

If you’re looking for a great hardware organizer that comes with plenty of storage, this will do the trick. Not only does it come with 26 drawers for you to store all of your hardware, but it’s also made with a high-quality polystyrene plastic frame. With this organizer, you can store all of your hardware, supplies and even fishing gear. If you’d like to purchase more than one of these, you can choose to stack them or wall-mount them into the back of any cabinet. 

Not only are the drawers dividable for your convenience, they also come with finger grip drawer pulls so you can open and close your drawers with ease. Additionally, the rear stop tab in the drawers will prevent your tools from spilling – how great is that? Individuals love this organizer as they mentioned that the price is reasonable, and it doesn’t require any assembling. Perhaps the only drawback however is the depth of the drawers – it isn’t long enough to store items such as pens and markers, so that’s something to consider when making your purchase.

IRIS USA 44 Drawer Parts and Hardware Cabinet

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

This particular hardware organizer comes with a total of 44 drawers for you to store all of your items. If you’d like, you can also choose the one that comes with 64 drawers. This plastic multi-drawer cabinet can be used to store all of your hardware, but also beads, pens and more. The ribs on all four corners of this hardware organizer will also keep it in place so you won’t have to worry about it wobbling. 

If you’d like, go ahead and screw holds on the sides of the hardware organizer unit to make it easy to mount onto the wall. Additional features of this hardware organizer include a drawer stopper to prevent your contents from falling out and interlocking feet that’ll allow you to stack multiple units with ease. Customers like this hardware organizer as it comes with plenty of space to store items. The only issue that individuals face with this purchase is the fact that the hardware organizer comes with no back and there are no dividers. 

HDX 320028 34-Compartment Double Sided Organizer

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

This sturdy hardware organizer is exactly what you need to keep all of your tools in check. Not only is it water-resistant, but it’s also double-sided so you can place all of your gear and accessories in the same box. Each side comes with 17 compartments for you to store all of your items, and you can even remove the dividers and customize them in accordance with your needs. 

As the hardware organizer comes with a latch lock system, you won’t have to worry about your items falling out of the bin while you’re carrying it around. Material-wise it’s also crafted with impact-resistant polymer so it can survive light impacts without cracking or shattering. Additionally, the hardware organizer also comes with an ergonomic handle so you can carry it around with ease. Individuals like this hardware organizer for its sturdy construction and are fans of the flat plastic shelves and rectangular handle. The only thing to consider is that this hardware organizer is relatively small so it’s not great for storing larger items. 

MaxWorks 80694 30-Bin Wall Mount Parts Rack

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

If you need to store a range of items, you’d want to purchase this hardware organizer. Perfect for storing all of your various parts such as nails and screws, these bins come in vibrant colors of red and blue. For your convenience, you can also easily remove and place these bins where you need them – saving you both time and energy.

It also has a sturdy and rugged frame that’s capable of holding a wide assortment of items. With your purchase you’ll get 18 small red bins that are able to hold two pounds of each load and 12 blue bins that can hold about three pounds of each load. These bins come with a black peg panel board that you can also easily mount to a wall. Individuals mentioned that this comes in a perfect size and is well-made, they also appreciate that it isn’t overly expensive. Perhaps the only thing to consider is that this particular hardware organizer is also on the small side and isn’t great for larger tools. 

WorkVanEquipment Mobile Hardware Case Tackle Box

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

Whether you’re constantly on the go or want a hardware organizer that’s perfect for storing smaller items, this particular product will do the trick. Made of nylon material, it comes with medium compartments, small compartments and removable dividers that’ll help you with maximizing your storage. It also has a reversible carrying case along with a clip that you can attach to your work belt to make it both portable and convenient. 

As the top lid is also transparent, you’re able to find the part that you need quickly. It’s also made with heavy-duty material and will keep your parts easily organized. The hardware storage sections also come with holes so you can mount the case to any flat surface. Individuals really like the whole carry strap feature and appreciate that the bins can be removed from the box. They also mention that the entire product seems to be well-made, and the only issue is the fact that it’s on the smaller side of things. 

DEWALT Tool Organizer

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

If you want a hardware organizer that’s capable of storing hand tools, you’d want to go with this particular tool organizer from DEWALT. It comes with two deep drawers for you to easily store your hand tools, and comes with metal ball-bearing slides so you can access the drawer with ease. Additionally, it also comes with a sizable weight-bearing capacity of 22 pounds, and is portable and sturdy enough to withstand impact. 

As it comes with stacking latches, you can add additional modules if you’d like. On its own, this hardware organizer can store plenty of hand tools along with other tiny parts. It comes with two large drawers, and customers are impressed with the quality of construction. Plenty of handyman and renovation individuals have used this hardware organizer, and they like how you can stack multiple boxes on top of each other. 

Bin Kit Grade 8 Nut Bolt Washer Assortment

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

Looking for the perfect hardware organizer to store all of your screws and bolts? This particular organizer comes with 40 holes for you to store all of your items. Additionally, it even comes with everything you need from hex head cap screws to flat and lock washers. 

Individuals who purchased this mentioned that they’re impressed with both the product along with the customer service. They mentioned that it’s a quality set that comes with all of the pieces that you need, and mentioned that the organizer is both sturdy and handy. This is a great organizer to purchase if you’d like it to come with both storage along with the screws and bolts that you need. 

TRINITY Dual-Sided Mobile

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

If you’re someone that constantly moves around your work area, why not purchase a mobile hardware organizer? This particular hardware organizer is crafted with a sturdy steel rack structure and comes with a black powder coated finish for added durability. Upon purchase, you’ll not only get 64 orange bins, but also 30 gray bins with a total weight capacity of 330 pounds. 

Some great features of this mobile hardware organizer include the fact that it’s versatile and dual-sided. It also comes with swivel casters that make it easy for you to lock your hardware organizer in place while you’re working, and unlocking it to maneuver around your working space for easy accessibility. Individuals mentioned that this hardware organizer looks good and is great for organizing all of your tools and items. You will however, need to assemble this hardware organizer on your own, and some mentioned that it’s relatively flimsy. 

Makitoyo MP009 Hardware & Parts Organizers Versatile

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

This versatile and durable hardware organizer is exactly what you need to store all of your items. It comes with four different organizers in three different sizes for all of your storage needs – perfect for small tools, crafts, tackle parts and a plethora of other items. You’re also more than welcome to remove the dividers and customize the configuration in accordance with your needs. 

Material-wise, it’s made with high-quality PP plastic that’s both durable and long-lasting. Customers mentioned that the capacity and storage customization are both fantastic for the price, and they mention that it’s also relatively sturdy. Perhaps the only downfall is that this hardware organizer doesn’t come with a stacking feature so you won’t be able to stack your hardware organizers and lock them together. 

JACKSON PALMER 1,300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit

JACKSON PALMER 1300 Piece Hardware Assortment Kit 1

Lastly is this hardware organizer that comes with an interlocking lid and nested dividers that prevents your hardware from mixing with each other. The hardware organizer is also crafted from durable material and comes with stackable cases and customizable compartments. It also comes with 1,300 pieces that you can choose from and 60 different hardware sizes.

This is the perfect hardware organizer to purchase if you’re looking for a hardware assortment kit that you can keep on hand for both DIY and home improvement projects. As the organizer is customizable, you can add on additional bins if you’re expanding your hardware collection. Customers love this product and mentioned that it’s a great deal for the price. They also mention that it’s comfortable enough to carry around, can be stacked on one another and won’t fall apart. The hardware assortment is also great, and the only downfall is that the dispenser is a little difficult to open and close. 


Below are the answers to some frequently asked queries that we’ve received about hardware organizers.

How do you organize screws?

Screws are a little tricky to organize, especially if you’ve got plenty of them lying around. Below are some suggestions on how you can go about organizing your screws:

  • Get a plastic drawer parts bin that comes with clear drawers. That way, you’ll be able to see what’s inside easily. Once you’ve placed your screws in these plastic drawers, you can also get a label maker so you’re able to easily identify the exact part name and size that’s placed in each drawer.
    Plastic trays are also great – especially if you need to grab the screw you need when you’re not near your workbench. It comes in all sorts of sizes and you can pick the one that best suits the size of your toolbox. 
  • A tackle box also works well as a screw organizer. There are many variations of tackle boxes but ideally, you’d want to look for one that comes with removable tray tabs along with telescoping trays that’ll allow you to find your screws quicker. 
  • Another great way to store your screws is by placing them in clear mason jars. Perhaps the only vice of this method is that you’d need to make sure you’ve got enough space to store your mason jars properly. A great way to store them is by stacking them on top of each other or by building open shelves.

What is the best way to organize? 

There isn’t a best way to organize per se, as it really depends on what suits you best. To get you started however, we’ve put together some suggestions to jumpstart your organization process.

To start, you’ll want to gather all of your hardware into one place. Then, you’d need to assess all of your hardware to see what you’ve got before proceeding to declutter any excess hardware that may be broken or rusted. 

Once you’ve sorted through all your hardware, you’ll then go ahead and identify what types of hardware storage bins and containers you require. You’d want one that’s able to separate and compartmentalize the type of hardware that you have. 

If you’d want to store your air nailer fasteners properly, you can do so with steel ammunition boxes as they’ve got a watertight seal that’ll help with preventing corrosion.

Want to store your nuts and washers? Consider getting some curtain rings to display them on your pegboard. You can even add tape labels so you can identify them easily. 

Other ways you can organize your hardware include placing jumbo supplies into laundry detergent bottles and even using certain containers to hold your nails and lag bolts. 

How do I organize my tools DIY?

Similar to what we’ve mentioned earlier, the first step to organizing your tools is to go through them. Once you’ve got a good idea of the tools that you have, you can then go ahead and sort them into various categories. Then, go ahead and place similar items together. Once you’ve sorted everything, it’s then time to organize your tools properly. Here are some of our suggestions:

You’ll want to start by customizing storage pieces to fit the space. For instance, if you’d like you can go ahead and build a workbench that comes with specific storage spots for you to place your tools.

You can also build a tool cabinet if you’ve got any vertical space in your work area. With the tool cabinet, you can also add a pegboard so you’ve got sufficient surface area to hang all of your tools. 

If you prefer open-concept storage, consider installing a large slat wall system onto a blank wall. If you’d like, you can also place some hooks that’ll make it easier for you to hang your tools. You can also store your hardware inside bins or transparent plastic containers.

If you’re someone that struggles to keep your power tools in order, consider adding a mobile workbench. Try and build in as much space as possible so you can keep the top of your work surface clear.

For awkwardly sized tools, you can place them inside clear plastic totes. Before placing them on an open shelving unit, remember to label them.

How do you organize a messy shop?

If you’ve got hardware and tools tossed all over your shop, it’s time to organize them and get things in order.

  1. To begin, you’d want to take everything out of your shop and sort them into categories. Make a pile for the things that you’d like to toss.
  2. Then, go ahead and organize your shop into various zones. For example, you might have one zone for tools, another zone for your car supplies etc.
  3. Once everything has been split into various zones, it’s time to organize your items. To do so, you can start by building some workshop shelves. Doing so with lumber will allow you to get the exact dimensions that you need.
  4. If you prefer open shelving, go ahead and get some square storage cubes and proceed to mount them onto walls.
  5. If you’re on a budget, you can also consider stacking milk crates. Not only are they durable, it’s also not difficult to rearrange them in the future.
  6. Pegboards are also a fantastic way for you to organize your hardware, especially since it’s incredibly easy to set up and quick.
  7. If you need to organize your cords, consider coiling up each cord and placing them in toilet paper cubes and writing the descriptions outside of each cube.
  8. Finally, after you’ve organized everything, remember to maintain your organization – after all, you’ve spent all that effort! Make sure that you’re running through everything seasonally or monthly to make sure that you’re tossing out items that you don’t need. 

the experts point out, once an area is organized, it doesn’t take as long to clean it. 

Why should you use a hardware organizer?

Hardware organizers help you with organizing all your tools and items – saving you plenty of time. Most of these organizers come with a great deal of compartments or drawers for you to store all of your items. Once you’ve placed your hardware in storage, you can even label each of the drawers or compartments so you can get to them quickly. 

What to look for in a hardware organizer?

If you’re planning on purchasing a hardware organizer, there are a couple of things to take into consideration:

Figure out what type of hardware organizer you’d like. There are drawer-based hardware organizers where each of the compartments are in a drawer. These are the most common type of hardware organizers out there as they’re the most compact. 

Another type of hardware organizer is bin-based ones. Instead of coming with drawers, these come with cabinets. As these come with plenty of space, it’s great for storing larger items. Finally, there are hybrid hardware organizers which come with a combination of drawers and bins. 

If you plan on bringing your tools with you while you’re on the go, then you’d definitely want to look for a hardware organizer that’s portable.

Storage capacity is also key. The more storage your hardware organizer has, the more it’ll cost. If you’ve got large tools and hardware that you’d like to store however, it’s definitely worth investing in a hardware organizer. On the other hand, if you’re only storing small items, opting for a compact storage would be the better choice.

Bottom Line 

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and learned more about the various hardware organizers. If you’ve got plenty of hardware lying around, these are incredibly useful and will help you find your hardware easily. When purchasing your hardware organizer, make sure that it suits the hardware that you have. For example, if you’ve got larger tools that you’d like to store you’d want to purchase a hardware organizer that’ll be able to fit and carry the weight of those items.