LeafFilter Gutter Protection Services Review 

Installing gutter guards from LeafFilter helps prevent the danger of water damage. Overflowing gutters are often a result of clogging. Flooding or cracking arises if there’s no mechanism directing water from your basement.

Companies vary in pricing, reputation, and coverage. It’s best to know if LeafFilter suits your guttering needs before making an in-home appointment.

LeafFilter Gutter Protection: An Overview

LeafFilter Gutter Protection

LeafFilter is a gutter service company founded in 2005. Its gutter guard technology is one of the most popular in the U.S. The brand sells quality micro-mesh gutter guards that prevent debris from clogging gutters.

They do gutter replacement and installation. You get color options that suit your home exterior and roofing. While there are some negative reviews, the brand has an A+ on BBB. The company resolves most complaints.

LeafFitler’s Coverage

It’s available in 43 states and has a team of skilled professionals. LeafFilter also renders its services in Canada. The home improvement company isn’t available in New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and Hawaii.

LeafFilter Pros and Cons


  • Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Can replace old gutters if needed
  • Micro-mesh technology


  • Requires professional installation

LeafFilter Gutter Protection System

LeafFilter’s gutter guards ensure there’s no water damage to your home. Its three-piece patented system keeps falling debris from clogging your gutter system. Gutter guards from LeafFilter need professional installation.

Professional installation prevents voiding the warranty or blunders that lead to high repair costs. The 275-micron micromesh screen comprises stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion. Micro-mesh gutter guards resemble screen guards but feature a compact design.

Micro-mesh helps block small debris from clogging your gutter system. LeafFilter claims that even shingle grit can’t pass through its patented gutter guards. LeafFilter also installs a uPVC Frame that shreds any debris on the gutter guards.

A built-in pitch gives it the right angle for shredding debris while directing water down the downspouts. Hidden structural hangers reinforce the gutter guard to the fascia board.

The LeafFilter Installation Method

During the in-home inspection, LeafFilter’s experts check for signs of water damage. They check for basement flooding, roof leaks, rotting fascia boards, and foundation damage.

You may incur the cost of installing new gutters if the old ones malfunction. The professional will seal the seams and adjust the pitch before installation. Through surface tension, water passes through LeafFilter into the gutters.

The team also pitches your guard flush to reduce maintenance and avoid tampering with the roof shingles. The micromesh system accommodates the weight of tree twigs, leaves, and pests.

Installing LeafFilter’s gutter guards might take a few hours or a day, depending on the scale of the project. LeafFilter’s team also installs gutters if yours are malfunctioning or beyond repair.

LeafFilter Review: Pricing

Pricing varies based on location. Other factors include your home’s size, number of stories, roof’s linear footage, and more. You also need to know whether your existing gutters need a repair service. Whether you need new gutters and downspouts also impact the final cost.

Homeowners pay an average of $15 to $45 per linear foot for installation. Installing an entire LeafGuard gutter guard system costs between $2500 and $6300. Enter your zip code on the brand’s website to get a quote. Senior and veterans are eligible for discounts of up to 10%.

There’s room to negotiate once one of LeafGuard’s representatives inspects your home. The estimator on LeafFilter gives you a quote based on the number of stories and your home’s square footage.

LeafFilter’s Financing Options

Besides seniors’ and veterans’ discount offers, LeafFilter has a unique financing option. They partner with Well Fargo to offer homeowners a flexible repayment plan.

Customers don’t pay interest if they repay in full within 12 months. You must purchase at least $500 within the promotional period to qualify for the no-interest plan.

LeafFilter’s Warranty

The warranty guarantees that there won’t be any hidden costs once the homeowner gets a free estimate. The customized quote is valid for one year. There won’t be any price changes during this period.

LeafGuard’s patented 275-micron steel mesh guard comes with a transferable warranty. Installing its gutter guards increases your home’s resale value. Besides the transferable guarantee, all its gutter services include a one-year workmanship warranty.

The warranty doesn’t cover damage to your roof substrate or fascia boards during installation. Structural modifications on the roof or damage from nature voids the warranty.

LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet

LeafFilter and Gutter Helmet are dependable gutter protection companies. It can be challenging to choose the most suitable option for your gutters. Read this comparison guide before choosing the most reliable brand for their guttering needs.

LeafFilter Review: Our Take

LeafFilter’s transferable lifetime warranty makes the gutter guard a worthy investment. Future repair and replacement costs are low with the 275-micron micromesh filter. The patented model has an aluminum and stainless steel build.

It’s an ideal gutter guard for a new installation as it resists rust and corrosion. Getting a quote from LeafFilter helps you compare estimates with other companies. While products from LeafFilter need professional installation, the company guarantees quality workmanship.