LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet: Top Differences to Consider 

Both LeafFilter and Gutter Helmet offer gutter protection services. They offer remedies to gutter-clogging problems. Determining which suits your needs best can be challenging.

Each company has its perks and downsides. There are things to look at before choosing a gutter protection system. Factors like price, gutter compatibility, and warranty are worth considering.

LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet: An Overview

LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet: Top Differences to Consider 

Gutter Helmet and LeafFilter are notable brands in the gutter protection industry. Each company uses a different technology in manufacturing its gutter products. Both sell patented gutter protection systems.

They have many locations across the United States. They also have positive customer reviews and outstanding BBB ratings. LeafFilter gutter guards have a micro-mesh design. It helps filter tiny debris that is difficult to block with standard gutter guards.

The micro-mesh gutter guards fit over the top of existing gutters. But, Gutter Helmet features a reverse curve or surface tension design. Its gutter guards have an aluminum build.

Guter Company LeafFilterGutter Helmet
BBB RatingA+A+
CoverageAvailable in Canada and 43 states (except New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and Hawaii)41 States. Not available in New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Nevada, and Vermont.
Years of Operation1740+
InstallationProfessional installationProfessional installation
Gutter Guard StyleMicro-mesh screenReverse curve system
MaterialStainless steelAluminum
PricingFree QuoteFree Quote
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LeafFilter Gutter Features & Services

LeafFilter Gutter Services & Features

LeafFilter is a notable brand that sells gutter screens. The company was founded in 2005. It has skilled professionals and offers gutter installation and replacement services.

Its gutter protection products come in a wide range of colors to suit your home’s exterior. The micro-mesh technology blocks even shingle grit and tiny debris. LeafFilter’s gutter guards help prevent water damage. Clogged gutters lead to overflowing. It causes the foundation to crack and flood.

LeafFilter offers competitive pricing and discounts to its customers. There’s also room to negotiate if you need its professional installation services. LeafFilter’s gutter guards consist of three elements:

  • Internal gutter hangers: Internal hangers give the gutter guard system a suitable pitch. Having the right pitch encourages a quicker flow of rainwater. They reinforce the gutter guard and keep it intact during stormy weather. Internal hangers also give your gutter guards the right angle for shredding debris. They also help direct water down the downspouts.
  • Micro-mesh screen: It’s made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The 275-micron mesh screen isn’t prone to rust or corrosion. It prevents insects, pine needles, and tiny debris from getting through.
  • uPVC frame: It supports your micro-mesh screen to adjust the angle for blocking debris. The uPVC frame doesn’t fade, rust, or corrode.

LeafFilter’s team of professionals conducts an in-home inspection before installation. Installation can take a few hours or a day. It depends on whether the project is labor-intensive.

LeafFilter Pros & Cons


  • Reliable micro-mesh technology
  • Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Wide service coverage
  • Financing options available
  • Quick installation


  • A bit pricey
  • Requires splash guards in the corners

Gutter Helmet Services & Features

Gutter Helmet Services & Features

Gutter Helmet has a sturdy resistance against heavy rainfall. The brand installs an aluminum reverse curve gutter guard. The gutter guard prevents debris buildup from clogging your gutters. It’s lightweight and requires professional installation.

Thanks to its patented nose-forward design, the system lets debris fall to the ground. It comes with heavy-duty mounting brackets for added reinforcement. All the brand’s technicians are factory-trained, certified, and insured.

The team of professionals conducts an assessment of your roof before installation. They can help realign your gutters and fix issues that lead to clogging.

Gutter Helmet Pros & Cons


  • Triple lifetime warranty
  • Many color options
  • Compatible with most gutter types
  • Ideal for oversize gutters


  • Only available at authorized dealers

Warranty Terms

LeafFilter offers a transferable warranty on its patented 275-micron steel mesh guard. Its installation services include a one-year workmanship warranty. To guarantee a lifetime of warranty, Gutter Helmet offers a Triple Lifetime Warranty.

The warranty registration is quick and easy. Its performance guarantee states that your gutters won’t clog. The Gutter Helmet system requires professional installation to prevent voiding the warranty. The warranty covers issues that result from a manufacturer’s defect.

You can make a call in case the gutter protection system malfunctions. Gutter Helmet’s product’s PermaLife™ coating guarantees a pleasing appearance. It also doesn’t rust.

The Gutter Helmet’s warranty lasts longer. Same as LeafFilter, the warranty is transferable. To transfer the warranty to the next homeowner, you’ll need to make a formal registration. The registration process should be within the first 45 days of the sale of the property.

It’s worth noting that LeafFilter’s lifetime transferable warranty has some limitations. It doesn’t cover damage caused during installation to gutters, roofing substrate, or fascia boards. Incidental damage from ice dams and structural changes to the gutter void the warranty.

Ease of Installation

Both need professional installation. It helps prevent pricey mistakes or voiding the warranty. LeafFilter promises to install its gutter protection system within a few hours or a day.

The time frame depends on your roof’s square footage. While both reduce the need for gutter cleaning, they need regular maintenance. Technicians from both brands do an in-home assessment before installation.

After the free inspection, homeowners schedule an installation day. Both LeafFilter and Gutter Helmet work with bonded and insured licensed professionals.

Customer Support

Authorized dealers from Gutter Helmet offer after-sales support. Both companies have dedicated customer service hotlines and are available on major social media platforms. They feature A+ BBB ratings, and most online reviews are positive.

LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet: Pricing

LeafFilter Cost

It’s challenging to determine the exact cost of installing a gutter protection system from LeafFilter. You’ll need to schedule an in-home inspection to get a quote. LeafFilter calculates the total cost depending on your roof’s square footage.

The free quote from LeafFilter includes labor costs and the purchase price of its gutter protection system. LeafFilter’s technicians also inspect for other issues affecting the final cost.

On average, the installation cost ranges between $14 and $45 per linear foot. Depending on the size of your home, you’ll pay anywhere from $2,500 to $6,300 for installation. Seniors and veterans get a 10% discount on the cost of installation.

LeafFilter’s Financing Options

LeafFilter, unlike most other gutter protection brands, offers a flexible financing option. The company is in partnership with Wells Fargo to offer a unique repayment plan. Homeowners won’t pay any interest if they repay in full within 12 months. To qualify for the no-interest plan, you must make a minimum purchase of $500. It should be within the promotional period.

Gutter Helmet Cost

Gutter Helmet doesn’t have a fixed price on its gutter protection product. You’ll need to schedule an in-home inspection to get a free quote. The installation team will inspect your gutters, roof, and fascia boards.

The inspection helps assess other factors impacting the final installation cost. Other cost factors include the number of stories and type of roof. The gutters’ length and the number of corners in your home are also worth considering.

LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet: Our Take

If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, LeafFilter would be the most effective option. The gutter protection system enhances the flow of rainwater. Consider Gutter Helmet if you’re looking for more suitable warranty terms. Both are easy to install and resist debris buildup.

LeafFilter is ideal for homeowners who need a flexible financing option. Its micro-mesh technology is also more effective at preventing ice dams. LeafFilter and Gutter Helmet have wide coverage and outstanding BBB ratings.