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Garage Home Gym Essentials To Stay Healthy During Quarantine

No matter where you are in life, your health should always be a priority. There are many things that can affect your health, from the way you eat to the amount of stress you are under. But one of the main factors is the exercise you get.

Garage Home Gym Essentials

That’s why having an at-home gym is so important. It doesn’t matter how big or extravagant it is, just as long as you have one. Here is everything you need to know about home gyms to get your body moving

Garage Home Gym

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It doesn’t matter what life throws at us, a home gym is never a bad idea. You can workout when you want, how you want, and with what equipment you want. If you have a garage that’s not in use, you’re already a step ahead of the rest. 

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A garage home gym is the most popular type of home gym. You don’t even have to do much to it, simply add some equipment and get to work. You can cater to the type of exercise you want. Use it for lifting weights, tumbling, or karate practice!

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Not everyone needs the same type of workout, so a home gym can help you cater to your own needs. If you don’t want to lift weights, then don’t. Focus on cardio, or maybe space for Zumba workouts. The project was made by Schultzmiller.

Exercising During The Pandemic

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Exercising has never been more important than it has been this last year. Yet, fewer people are exercising than normal! But the fact is that, ironically, it can do its part in preventing the spread of COVID.

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Dr. Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England, said that “Losing weight can bring huge benefits for health – and may also help protect against the health risks of Covid-19. The case for action on obesity has never been stronger.”

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So why are gyms being shut down then? Well, Professor Jonathan Ball, a virologist at the University of Nottingham, explains this quite plainly.

“You do tend to exercise quite vigorously, that means that you can breathe rapidly and quite deeply,” he said. “Therefore, we’d expect that you could potentially produce droplets or aerosols that could go on to infect other people.”

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While some gyms are still open, they do require you wear a mask. This isn’t much trouble under normal circumstances. But when exercising, it’s important that you breathe freely. A home gym is an answer to all of our exercise problems. 

Home Gym Equipment

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If you don’t have a garage, don’t worry, there are still plenty of places you can put a home gym. What’s important isn’t where it’s at, but what is in it. If you want a standard home gym, you need to consider a few things. 

Before you begin, think about the type of workout you imagine yourself doing. Will you be doing more cardio or more strength training? Is your goal to lose weight, have fun, or just get in your daily thirty? 

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Weight equipment is the most popular type of home gym equipment. They are the home gym essentials of at-home workouts. Get a set of dumbells, barbells, and at least one simple machine with multiple purposes. 

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The second home gym essential is something to do your cardio with. Cardio is even more important than weight equipment because cardio affects your entire body. It strengthens your heart, lowers blood sugar, and keeps high blood pressure at bay. 

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Finally, the third home gym essential is something that keeps you in that gym. This could be a punching bag, a trampoline, or even a VR with your favorite workout game. As long as you spend the time in the gym exerting yourself, then you’re good to go. 

Best Garage Home Gym Equipment

Finding everything you need for your home gym can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the best home gym equipment out there! 

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

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No matter where you put your gym, an exercise mat is a must. These interlocking tiles give you a comfortable place to do situps, the plank, or just walk around barefoot. You can cover up to 144 sq ft with this set! 

Sportsroyals Dip Station

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Dips can strengthen the triceps, chest, and general upper body. They can also improve core strength. So getting a dip station can be beneficial to your general health. Every gym has one, so why shouldn’t yours? 

Everlast Punching Bag

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A punching bag can give you a full-body workout, as well as relieve stress. You can use it for MMA, karate, or just for fun. There isn’t a better sparring buddy than the one you never have to go easy on.

The Original Aerobic Step

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It can be easy to underestimate the aerobic step, but you really shouldn’t. It can strengthen your lower body, give you a cardio, and comes in three stages. If you start out on stage one, count yourself lucky, because you have somewhere to go!

TELK Adjustable Dumbells

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Dumbells are a home gym essential. They are needed for most workouts and can be used to give you a full-body workout. Getting adjustable ones to take up less room and still give you a wide range to work with. 

Marcy Weight Bench

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If you’re going to get dumbells, then you need a weight bench to go with them. The two are a perfect combo and dynamic duo that can make sure you can workout any body part efficiently and affordably. 

Beachbody Yoga Mat

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A yoga mat is another home gym essential. If you don’t want tiles, a yoga mat is perfect because it can be put away when you’re done. You can put one in your bedroom or keep one in the car, it’s so easy! 

Bionic Body Kettleball

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This Bionic Body kettlebell is both useful and attractive. A kettlebell can be fun to use and it can be used in many different ways. This one comes in seven different weights, from ten pounds to forty pounds.

Power Tower

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This multi-function power tower offers many different options. You can do dips, leg raises, pull-ups, and more. Read the manual for standard options or make up your own workout with this all-in-one tool.

Fit Simply Resistance Bands

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Fit Simply Resistance Bands are a great set of bands that offer five different resistances. There are plenty of exercise plans using only resistance bands, so the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, the colors are amazing! 

CAP Barbell

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Although you can live without barbells if you have a dumbell set, a barbell can add a lot to your workout. You can add more weight on a barbell than you can a dumbell. Plus, they are easy to balance and work your shoulders with. 

Bluetooth Rowing Machine

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This rower offers over a dozen settings and it’s all compatible with an app called MyCloudFitness. The app can measure watts, calories, time, distance, and more. It really is that easy and can add so much to any routine. 

Flybird Adjustable Bench

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A flat bench is perfect if you can’t afford much but want something that makes a big impact. But an adjustable bench is even better. The potential is tripled as there are that many more workouts you can do.

Sonic Boom Jump Rope

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Jump ropes are no longer just for kids. They can offer you amazing cardio and goals that you can actually achieve. Wear shoes with good shocks and get to jumping. You can’t beat this Sonic Boom jump rope. 

Sunny Health and Fitness Bike

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Riding a bike outside on a nice day can be relaxing, and a great workout. But you can’t always go outside or find a place to ride. That’s why recumbent bikes were invented. This one offers a lot of personalization to give you a great experience. 

Power Guidance Ropes

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Power ropes are an amazing addition to any gym. They can make a gym feel very professional and can give you a great strength workout and cardio. You can secure them to your floor and curl them up when you’re not using them.

TRX Suspension Training Set

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Here’s another set that can offer you a full-body workout. The set comes with a workout book that has over thirty workouts to choose from. So, you will never get bored! This may be the nicest suspension set on the market.

Olympic Power Cage

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There are over twenty exercises that can be done with this power cage. A power cage that will make you feel like an Olympic competitor. The cage is compatible with most other barbells and small equipment. 

Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Bar

Despite the way it looks, this pull-up bar is much more than just a pull-up bar. It hooks to any standard doorframe and can be put up and down with ease. It can also be sued for pushups as well as other exercises. 

NordicTrack Treadmill

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A treadmill is a necessity for any home gym. It can give you personalized cardio every day. This one comes with an interactive personal training plan. The treadmill is praised for being spacious and long-lasting. 

Ending Notes

Whether you’re trying to make it through the pandemic or need a long-lasting home gym, it’s time to start making plans. An at-home gym can benefit anyone. Building one for your family may be the best decision of 2021.