Creative Ways To Make Your Home Gym Inviting & Productive

Whether you are trying to get in shape before your New Year’s resolution is totally out the door, or you would just like a home gym in your home, it can often be a challenge to design one. Staying motivated to exercise is easy for some but when you have a home gym, being productive is essential. If you have been trying to find creative ways to make your home gym inviting and welcoming to work out in, use these ideas to guide your design.

home gym entertainment
Design your home gym for productivity

Make your home gym personal:

Most home gyms all comprise of many of the same elements: free weights, cardiovascular machines, and a few mirrors. Although, what makes a personal home gym is one that you will want to return to are the personal touches. Are you a sports fan and have some cherished memorabilia from your favorite athletic team? Display game jerseys in framed shadow boxes, collections of golf balls, autographed game balls and athletic artwork in your home gym. Each of these touches will be unique to the homeowner but will help inspire you to work harder at you workout and will keep you coming back time after time. Artwork with athletic or inspiring photography can work well for wall art to bring in personal touches.

home gym personal awards
Personalize your home gym with collectibles

Set up your favorite entertainment:

If you are an avid sports enthusiast you know how much more enjoyable it is to exercise with good entertainment to accompany your workout. Whether you like to watch television, listen to music, or even workout to a DVD, you will need to consider what audio and visual equipment you will need. Many home gyms utilize flat screen televisions mounted in a central location for the majority of the room to view.

home gym entertainment
Gym room featuring natural light through big windows

Other homeowners prefer to buy cardiovascular machines that include a television capability within the machine themselves. Remember to design your home gym by the workout lifestyle you and your family enjoys.  Keep in mind glare from adjacent windows on a television screen when planning the perfect location for a wall-mounted variety.

home gym mirrors
Create the ideal home gym with entertainment and mirror options
home gym materials
Choose your favorite materials for a personalized home gym

Design your home gym with inspiration in mind:

Many homeowners are inspired by a gorgeous view and being able to connect with the outdoors and nature. Yoga and other meditation activities can be designed with a picture window or inspiring natural materials like wood, water, and metals in the decor. Many home gyms have mirrors to reflect your workout but also help make the room look larger. Wall mirrors from floor to ceiling are the most popular, and often make you work harder!

home gym views
Windows can lend great inspiration to your gym routine

Your home gym should be a place to feel productive and geared up for a great workout. Use creative ideas when designing your home workout room. From personal touches and inspiring views, to installing the perfect audio visual equipment, create a home gym you love returning to regularly.

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