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Keep Out The Water With A Garage Door Threshold

During inclement weather, there’s nothing worse than rainwater seeping into your garage and damaging all of the items that you’ve got in there. If that has happened to you before, it’s time to get a garage door threshold.

Garage Door Threshold

Not only will a garage door threshold prevent rainwater, leaves, dust or sand from entering your garage, but it’ll also minimise the chances of rusting occurring – which can be detrimental to the vehicles, tools and appliances that you’ve got stored inside your garage.

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Additionally, a garage door weather seal will also protect against cold air, drafts and snow. Garage door thresholds are also great to have if the floor of your garage is currently not level or your gasket strip at the bottom of the door has become worn. 

Do Garage Door Thresholds Work?

Do Garage Door Thresholds Work?View in gallery

In contemporary homes, garage doors have a dual purpose: they keep the contents of the garage secure and serve as protective shields for the house. Every home requires security and storage space, which is why garage doors are so necessary. Many homeowners have realized, however, that their garage doors are incapable of performing these two jobs.

For example, their doors don’t trap heat inside the garage, which results in higher energy expenses. Additionally, their garage doors are ineffective at keeping out moisture, snow, and leaves. This is when garage door thresholds enter the picture. However, do garage door thresholds function properly? 

Thresholds are a garage door component. However, how it operates is very dependent on the garage door. Therefore, if your garage door is not insulated or if the insulation has deteriorated due to age or use, the threshold has limitations.

Thus, the issue arises: why apply a threshold at all? To begin, a garage door does not automatically form an airtight seal. A gap is always kept open to prevent the door from rubbing against the floor when it is opened or closed. A threshold contributes to the closing of that gap.

Who Makes the Best Garage Door Threshold Seal?

Tsunami Seal 53050

The Tsunami door seal attaches to the garage floor, giving an ideal seal between the floor and the door. This product forms a tight seal around your garage door, preventing leaves, snow, and water from being blown beneath it by the wind. 

Additionally, if your driveway is slanted or your garage floor is not even and water is infiltrated underneath the door, this seal will create a 1/2-inch height barrier on the garage floor. Additionally, it will keep out unwelcome critters.

Eapele Garage Door Threshold

Made from soft rubber, this garage door threshold can easily be cut to the size you need. Designed for extreme weather temperatures, this is an excellent product for those of you who were often frustrated over water seeping inside the garage, being the perfect product for these kinds of applications. 

To install this threshold, you have to undergo four simple steps. The first requires cleaning the floor, making the required marking for installations, applying three rows of adhesive, and placing the threshold above the adhesive.

Best Garage Door Insulation Kit

Best Garage Door Insulation Kit

Garage door insulation is an excellent way to maintain a pleasant temperature in your garage space, allowing you to work, play, or simply hang out without freezing. This layer of insulation not only helps prevent heat loss, but also keeps cold air at a distance, keeping your car safe from the potential threats of cold winter air.

When working hand-in-hand with thresholds, these products do a great job in making sure warm air stays in and cold air stays out of the garage, so let’s have a look at the top three insulation kits that might be worthy of your garage door.

Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit

The Reach Barrier 3009 is great for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your garage during the winter and a cool temperature during the summer. 

It combines reflective metal on the back and front, combining it with laminated bubble layers to produce an effective barrier between your garage and the variable temperature outside. Eight pre-cut panels measuring 4 feet by 2 feet are included in the kit, making it the perfect insulating solution for conventional single-car garage doors.

Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation

This cheap insulation solution can help you save money with your purchase, but also with your heating bill in the long run. The insulation is supplied in a 4 x 10-foot roll that can simply be cut to fit your door using scissors or a utility knife.

It is designed with two polyethylene air bubble layers that aim at reducing heat transmission. Thanks to the reflective film, which is made from aluminum polyester, this particular insulating product will reflect heat away from the garage door, making sure it stays inside the room instead of escaping.

NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 

If you have a two-car garage, a regular garage door insulation kit will not provide enough insulation. Four 2 x 18-foot rolls are included in this two-car garage door insulation package. Additionally, this kit includes a utility knife for cutting the insulation to size, a squeegee to help you prepare the door for installation, and double-sided tape for attaching the insulation.

The R-value of this reflecting white foam core is 8, which means it can cool the garage by up to 30 degrees when dealing with hot summer temperatures. The insulation is easily installed with the double-sided tape and all the instructions needed for installation are in the package.

Top 10 Best Garage Door Thresholds 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a garage door threshold, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up 10 of the best garage door thresholds that we’ve found and will provide a detailed review of each of them. Additionally, we’ll also talk about how to go about choosing the correct height and length for your thresholds and the different types of thresholds available. 

Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal 

Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal View in gallery

This durable garage door threshold is made of rubber material and comes in two different sizes to suit your needs. It’s able to withstand extreme temperatures so you won’t have to worry about your garage door threshold racking or shifting in cold weather. As the material’s made of soft rubber, you’re more than welcome to cut it with a knife or a pair of shears to your desired size. 

This garage door threshold is incredibly popular as it’ll seal out drafts, rain, snow, dust, dirt, rodents, pests and more. It’s also easy to install, all you’ve got to do is cut it to the length you’d like, clean the floor well and proceed to stick it with liquid nails. Individuals that have purchased this garage door threshold like it as they mentioned that it’s easy to install, and also prevents rainwater from being blown under small gaps. 

Garage Door U-Bottom Weather Stripping Kit

Garage Door U-Bottom Weather Stripping KitView in gallery

Another fantastic garage door threshold, it’s U-shaped and comes in three different sizes that you can select from. In terms of material, it’s made with flexible rubber that’s both durable, waterproof and long-lasting. It’s able to withstand a variety of temperatures and comes with seven insulation layers that help to reduce sound while keeping you warm. Use it for either your interior or exterior door to keep moisture, dirt, cold air, and so much more out of your garage. 

The material used to make this garage door threshold is also non-toxic, and it won’t crack or shatter during high temperatures. Installation is also easy as there’s no screw or nail required. You can also easily cut the strip in accordance with your needs. As it’s made of heavy-duty professional grade rubber, you can be assured that it’ll last you for many years to come. 

Garage Door Threshold Seal 20ft

Garage Door Threshold Seal 20ftView in gallery

For a garage door threshold that provides you with superior water protection, you’ll want to take a look at this excellent product. Thanks to its unique design, it comes with a special raised edge that’ll make sure that your garage stays both water and debris-free. It also comes with a red safety strip, and you’re more than welcome to cut the garage door threshold to your desired length. 

Material-wise, it’s crafted from PVC rubber that’s water-resistant and will keep your garage dry. Additionally, this product also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know that you’re covered in case you run into any issues. You can also find your perfect thickness with this garage door threshold as it allows you to tear off strips to ensure you get the ideal water-stopping level thickness. This is a highly-rated product that customers have mentioned was easy to install and kept their garage door completely dry. 

Weatherproof Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal

Weatherproof Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold SealView in gallery

This garage door threshold comes with excellent durability as it’s made with flexible rubber that’s non-toxic and long-lasting. It comes in three different lengths that you can pick from, and the rubber is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Additionally, if properly installed you don’t have to worry about your seal cracking, breaking or shifting and it’ll also stop rainwater from being blown into your garage. 

Installation’s simple and the seal’s intentionally designed to be slightly longer to ensure that you’ve got the proper length to suit your needs. Like most other garage door thresholds, you can cut this one to fit your needs. It’ll also form a tight seal on your door and allow for a garage that’s not only quieter but also cleaner and dryer. Customers love this garage door threshold and mention that it fits right and is easy to install. 

M-D Building Single Garage Door Threshold Kit

M-D Building Single Garage Door Threshold KitView in gallery

If you prefer vinyl garage door thresholds, this will do the trick. The vinyl material is incredibly durable and will form a seal that’ll protect your garage against rain, draft, dirt, insects and more. It’s also easy to install as you’ll get your garage door threshold along with a tube of silicone adhesive with your purchase. 

Customers that have purchased this like the product and mention that it works perfectly. They also said that it keeps the water out and they appreciate that it comes with everything you need for installation – including directions for every step. They also like how this garage door threshold is made with excellent quality and kept their garage dry during storms. 

Weather Defender XL Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal

Weather Defender XL Garage Door Threshold Floor SealView in gallery

Need an extra-large garage door threshold? This is a fantastic product that’ll keep your garage dry with no issues at all. It comes in three different sizes that you can select from and includes adhesives. It’s also easy to install, and you’ll be able to keep water, leaves, pests and rodents out of your garage with no problems at all. This garage door threshold is also suitable for all door types, vehicle types, residential and commercial applications and more. 

Material-wise it’s made from eco-friendly PVC that’s both flexible and comes with a bright yellow safety strip. Additionally, features of this garage door threshold include anti-slip ridges for safety and black adhesive for your convenience. Customers like how it comes with instructions that are easy to digest, and mentioned that their garage floor had been kept dry ever since. 

Tsunami Lifetime Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit

PSviGTX1AhQView in gallery

For a garage door threshold set, this will have you covered. Upon purchase, you’ll get an entire kit that comes in three different colours of black, brown and gray. It’ll also do a great job at keeping out water, leaves, dirt, pests, snow and more. Thanks to the insulation on the garage door threshold, you’ll also be kept warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. It’s compatible with a range of doors from hinged doors to walk through doors and will help with minimizing energy costs. 

Installation wise, it’ll mount to your garage floor and create the perfect seal. It’s also great for sloped driveways or uneven garage floors as the door seal helps to add a ½ inch tall barrier to the garage floor. Customers have raved about this garage door threshold and mentioned that it kept their garage floor dry. They also said that it’s easy to install and is a product that they’d definitely recommend. 

Universal Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal

PSviGTX1AhQView in gallery

For a durable garage door threshold, you’ll want to go with this particular product. It’s made of durable black synthetic rubber that’s able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. Each purchase comes with five aluminum T tracks along with a rubber seal and screw kit. This particular garage door threshold is made of high-quality material and will suit garage doors of all sizes. 

Installation is relatively straightforward since your purchase comes with everything you need, such as aluminum channels and screws. If you’d like, you can also cut the seal to suit your needs. Use this garage door threshold to prevent water, wind and dust from seeping in. This particular product is recommended for steel or wood rollup doors, and you can be assured that it’s made with heavy-duty material that’s both long-lasting and durable. 

Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

PSviGTX1AhQView in gallery

This garage door threshold will take care of all the gaps. It’s great for uneven door gaps, and can also be used for your cabinets, beds, sofas and more. Since it comes with a self-adhesive, it’s incredibly easy to install. All you’ve got to do is measure the width of your door, cut it to your desired size, peel the back off the adhesive, stick it to the door and you’re good to go. 

With this garage door threshold, you’ll prevent heat and cold from escaping during the winter and summer. It’ll also reduce your electricity bill, and since the door bottom seal consists of two layers, it’ll also keep your room both cozy and quiet. This is a highly-rated garage door threshold that individuals have also used on the exterior doors of their house. They mentioned that it keeps spiders out and also stops drafts. They also love how easy it is to install and noted that they’ve not run into any issues with the adhesive. 

Vinyl Garage Door Top and Sides Seal

PSviGTX1AhQView in gallery

Lastly is this excellent garage door threshold that’s made of vinyl material. It’ll effectively keep out cold air, dust, leaves, moisture and more. It’ll also help to extend the lifespan of your door as it has a cushion that absorbs shock when closed. Even during colder temperatures, your garage door threshold will remain flexible, and it also comes with fasteners for easy installation. 

In terms of reviews, customers have mentioned that they love this product and recommend it. While it isn’t very aesthetic, customers like how it’s functional and said that installation was relatively easy. It’s also much cheaper in comparison to some of the other garage door thresholds and will still get the job done. 

How to Install Garage Door Threshold

Installing a garage door threshold is very easy and doesn’t require that many tools compared to other projects that people usually do around the house. Note that instructions may vary depending on the brand you’re looking to install, but we’re going to provide some general guidelines on how it’s done.

What you’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Threshold
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Adhesive 

Step One

Thoroughly clean the area where the threshold will be installed. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove everything from oil to mud.

Step Two

Position the threshold in the spot where you’re going to install it. Using a pencil, draw the outline of the threshold and then remove it to clear the working area.

Step Three

Apply the adhesive on the floor, staying within the outline you previously marked. It’s best to apply it in three strips of ¼ inches each. One strip needs to be in the center, and the other two, on the edges of the mark.

Step Four

Position the threshold carefully on top of the adhesive and firmly press it down when it’s in the correct place.

Step Five

Close the garage door and leave it like that for 24 hours, to make sure enough pressure is applied on the threshold so that it properly sticks.


How Do I Know the Correct Height for My Garage Door Threshold? 

To know the correct height, you have to measure the gap between the bottom of your garage door and the floor in a few places and take note of the largest measurement. Since it’s highly unlikely that your floor’s level, it’s a must to measure the gap at least three to four times to figure out where the most significant gap is. 

Once you’ve got the biggest measurement, another thing to consider is the level of protection that you require. If you tend to get storms in your area, you’d want to select a higher seal to help with keeping out water. 

How Do I Know the Correct Length for My Garage Door Threshold? 

To figure out the right length for your garage door threshold, you’d want to measure the width of the opening. If you need to, you can also easily cut the threshold to the size you require with either a pair of scissors or a hacksaw. 

What are the Different Garage Door Threshold Materials? 

With garage door thresholds, they typically come in two different materials – aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum thresholds are great if you’ve got a garage that’s storing large equipment as they’re incredibly durable. They’ll also minimize airflow and prevent any water and debris from entering your garage. 

Vinyl garage door thresholds, on the other hand, are a popular choice if you’re concerned about aesthetics. These thresholds come in a variety of colours with some even having a wood grain-like aesthetic. While they are durable, they can crack when exposed to high temperatures or weight; hence they’re not a great option if you’re storing heavy equipment in your garage. 

Bottom Line 

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about garage door thresholds and you were able to choose one that best suits your needs. Garage door thresholds are great to have if you’re looking to protect the items that you have stored in your garage. When it comes to selecting your garage door threshold, remember to check that it’s of the correct height and length, and comes in a material that suits your needs.