Furniture and Art Combination by Jon Brooks

Many times those who design the pieces of furniture are also artists and they have a special vision on things and then they use this vision in their works, showing their inspiration in the things they do, they design. Jon Brooks is the perfect example of such an artist, as he creates unique pieces of furniture that reflect his visions, too. Look at this sphere stool or this original contorted ladder or the unusual combination of chair and ladder instead of back rest. Or the unique support for the candles, the menorah. He combines in a fortunate way craftsmanship, inventiveness and poetic art.

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Most of all I admire his ability to use the the elements inspired from nature and turn them into components of his furniture creations. All the twisted branches of the ladder and of the chairs remind you of the tree branches and everything seems so natural , even though unusual. It’s like walking along a deserted beach or in the  woods.

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