Be Sentimental And Have A Farmhouse Kitchen Table In Your Home

Farmhouse interiors are all about the simple details and about making the best out of what you already have. It’s a great style to explore when you don’t have a big budget and want to change the way your home looks. There are lots of great ideas to explore. For example, there are tons of ideas you can use in the kitchen. Have a farmhouse kitchen table, a farmhouse sink or light fixture.

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A simple rectangular table would be perfect as this isn’t an ornate style

The kitchen table doesn’t need to include any specific details. Basically any simple table would do. But in order to really revive the farmhouse spirit, the table should be made of wood.

Traditional dining tables are also great choices. Just give one a quick makeover

So reuse an old table, give it a fresh coat of paint or re-stain it. It doesn’t have to look perfect. In fact, all the little defects make it unique. You know those old traditional tables your grandparents used to have in the kitchen? Get one of those but don’t cover it with anything.

A farmhouse kitchen table can also complement a modern kitchen
You can customize the table with your favorite color of paint
Choose some chairs to go with the table and you’ll have a cozy dining area
A rustic table with a dark finish and matching chairs
Since the table could replace the kitchen island, you can have one with built-in storage
The distressed finish and the turquoise give this table a rustic look
If you prefer simple designs, then a solid wood table like this one is for you
A tall kitchen table can serve as a bar, prep space and breakfast table
Add a rustic touch to your contemporary kitchen for contrast
A mix of modern and traditional, featuring a table with elegant ornate legs
Explore the farmhouse style and use benches instead of chairs
The base of this table is really beautiful and has a sculptural design
A farmhouse dining space with everything positioned just right

Feel free to customize your kitchen table. Pick a color you like and give it a makeover. If you want, you can only paint the legs and for the top choose a special treatment to make it more resistant. Of course, no paint at all would expose the raw and also look interesting. Having a table in the kitchen is pretty much just like having a kitchen island but without the extra storage. It also eliminates the need for a separate dining area.

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