20 Everyday Wood-Laminate Flooring Inside Your Home

Wood-laminate flooring is the less expensive choice when compared to its counterpart, hardwood. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not as beneficial for the home or less stylish, in fact, it’s a great option for homes all over. And today, we’re showing off 20 everyday examples of wood-laminate flooring and how to incorporate it inside your home! Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Chic Entryway

Laminate floor entryway

This chic entryway is filled with bold, wood-laminate flooring and we’re swooning for its overall poshness. It’s versatile when it comes to style but fits right into a modern and traditional space that still feels very homey.

2. Rustic Home Office

Rustic home office floor

You can even find laminate flooring in a more rustic style. And when paired with a girlish-glam home office, you get a fun mix of design themes that are full of interest and texture.

3. Cozy Bedroom

Cozy bedroom with laminate wood floor

Check out this light wood-laminate flooring from Home Depot. It creates a cool, casual essence inside this eclectic bedroom and we’re loving that easiness coziness of it all.

4. Neutral Kitchen

Neutral kitchen wood floor

Here’s a relaxed kitchen full of neutral, brown tones and it’s finished off with a spotless, wood-laminate floor that pops and contrasts with the cream cabinetry.

5. Youthful Living Room

Youtful living room with laminate floor

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, do some research on gray wood-laminate flooring like you see here in this youthful and trendy living room. It creates a foundation that’s so much more fun and interesting!

6. Weathered Dining Room

Weathered Dining Room

This space has a very traditional feel but with the addition of this weathered, wood-laminate flooring you get an entirely new perspective not the classic family dining room.{found on lumberliquidators}.

7. Cultured Guest Bath

Bathroom with laminate tiles

This guest bathroom has so much to love about it. Styled with a hit of World Market flair and finished with the freshness of beautiful, laminate flooring; it’s a wow-worthy corner of the house.

8. Glam Kitchen

White kitchen with laminate floor and marble island

There’s something really special about the overall look and feel of this charming, girlish and a punch of glam kitchen. And this light, laminate floor choice helps to grant ht illusion of the room being even bigger and more delicate.{found on poetinteriors}.

9. Beach Living Room

Beach Living Room

This living room has a certain beachy vibe about it, especially with the addition of this thicker, whitewashed wood laminate pieces creating the foundation.{found on spinndev}.

10. Farmhouse Great Room

High ceilings dining room with laminate floor

Laminate flooring can come in larger, plank pieces like the ones seen here. This farmhouse-styled great room is such a great piece of inspiration for family homes.{found on lintonarchitects}.

11. Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchen accents

Even your contemporary, retro-inspired kitchen could use some sheen and shined laminate flooring to top off the look. And the lighter choice here keeps the room more open in feel.{found on galkohomes}.

12. Eclectic Living Room

Ecletic living room design

If you have more of a funky, eclectic taste in home decor, then this space may give you some beautiful inspiration. Laminate floors can resemble real hardwood quite well!

13. Country Kitchen

Country kitchen wood floor

Of course, your country kitchen could use some wood floors and you get definitely find laminate versions in a more rustic, farm-like fare. We are loving the dark contrast down below.

14. Happy Living Room

Happy Living room design

This upbeat and bright living room would make anyone smile. And it’s bottomed out with a classic, wood-laminate flooring that really makes the entire space shine.{found on stylingspaceshomestaging}.

15. Natural Bedroom

Wood floor on wall above the bed

How about a bedroom full of natural textures, tones and decor pieces? This space is capped with an ash-colored laminate flooring that we absolutely love and compliments the vision perfectly.

16. Classic Dining Room

Classic room with black accents and wood floor

Black and white is a timeless color pairing, which is what will happen to any room your decide to decorate with the duo. It becomes timeless, but it also becomes stylish with some gray, wood-laminate flooring.

17. Snazzy Playroom

Snazzy Playroom

How gorgeous is this playroom based simply on the beauty of the flooring! Luckily, if you want to do something more inexpensive with your floors, laminate choices are plentiful!

18. Vintage Kitchen

Kitchen highlighted by wood laminate floor

Your vintage kitchen can be highlighted by some wood-laminate flooring as well. Just look at this easy style that ties into the old-age spirit.

19. Modern Living Room

Modern living room with grey accents

This is a white oak laminate floor and we’re drooling over it’s contemporary charm and beauty. It fits right into the modern style of this living room as well.

20. Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchen floor

Here’s another wood-laminate floor that’s filled with unusual color tones. It’s a mix of natural, light wood shades and a swirl of gray too. Which is such a beautiful brighter to this hazy, cottage kitchen.