The Best Carpets for Pets

The best carpets for pets are suitable for high-traffic areas. They’re also stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Pets tend to shed, scratch on surfaces, and drool. Carpets that aren’t pet-proof may wear and tear in no time. Installing a durable carpet prevents claw marks and scuffs.

What is the best cat friendly carpet?

Are Carpets Safe for Pets?

The common concern with carpets for pets is allergies. Some carpet materials are prone to trapping dust and pet dander. They may also worsen the condition of pets suffering from asthma.

Carpets are also known to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds affect a pet’s neurological system. Plus, they cause skin, eye, and nose irritation. To counter these concerns, pick a carpet with a low-VOC rating.

Low VOC carpets aren’t associated with an unpleasant odor or breathing and allergy problems. Consider a carpet material that prevents pet stains from soaking through. Keeping the pet carpet dry also protects it from mold growth.

Top Carpet Brands for Pets

The best carpet brands for pets vary in price, warranties, ease of maintenance, and more.

1. STAINMASTER PetProtect Textured Carpet

Lowes bought Stainmaster in 2021. The STAINMASTER PetProtect Textured Carpet is a pet-proof carpet made of nylon fibers. Stainmaster’s SuperiorSD™ nylon fiber is solution dyed to make it stain-resistant. The stain protection protects it from fading.

The carpet isn’t sensitive to peroxide-based cleaning agents. Cleaning pet accidents shouldn’t be challenging. The manufacturer’s label also has more about the most suitable cleaning products.

Stainmaster Pet Protect carpets reduce pet odor. You’ll need to install this brand with a moisture barrier carpet cushion. It helps prevent accidents that lead to the unpleasant odor from soaking through.

To reduce the vacuuming time, the carpets from Stainmaster use anti-static proprietary technology. The feature on this 12 square feet carpet makes vacuuming pet hair much easier.


  • FHA-approved and CRI Green Label-certified
  • Easy to get rid of pet hair
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Variety of styles and patterns
  • Limited warranty available


  • Premium pet carpets aren’t available

2. LifeProof with Petproof Technology Carpet.

Mohawk Flooring manufactures LifeProof carpets. The pet-proof carpet is sold exclusively by Home Depot. LifeProof with Petproof Technology carpet comes with a lifetime pet-stain warranty. Homeowners also get a 25-year wear warranty.

It features a higher carpet rating than most other carpets in the same category. The carpet’s high rating makes it stain-resistant. LifeProof comes in many designs, colors, loops, and patterns. It’s a cheaper alternative, ranging from $1.8 to $7.19 per square foot.

Blending nylon and polyester fibers makes LifeProof wear resistant. Home Depot uses subcontractors who offer a free installation service. The carpet is FHA, and CRI Green Label Plus approved, making it a low-VOC option.


  • Over 100 LifeProof carpet designs
  • Mid-range price tag
  • Wear resistant fiber
  • Free installation


  • Only available at the Home Depot

3. Proximity Mills.

Proximity Mills features a proprietary design on its machine-washable, pet-proof carpets. It has a collection of 22 carpets. Some of its pet-proof carpets are ideal for DIY installation. You won’t need glue or tack strips during installation.

Carpets from Proximity Mills are also low-VOC certified. They’re ideal for pets and kids with allergies. Their carpets are made of 6,6 nylon. The carpet material is durable and stain-resistant.

Some carpets from Proximity Mills are solution-dyed to make them fade-resistant. Depending on the material, prices range from $4 to $8 per square foot. Its price-to-performance ratio accords the brand with many positive reviews.

The carpets also include a 20-year warranty, regardless of the material. Besides being low-VOC, they’re CRI Green Label Plus certified.

  • Pros
  1. Mold-resistant
  2. Easy to install
  3. Affordable and easy to clean
  4. Impressive warranty


  • Installation may need an underlay

4. Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet.

SmartStrand is a carpet from Mohawk with built-in stain resistance and soil protection. Mohawk uses natural polymers to make the carpet. The fiber on this pet-proof is made from renewable plant-based ingredients.

It doesn’t absorb moisture, and the carpet has a warranty covering all pets. Mohawk SmartStrand is odor resistant, and the construction withstands crushing or matting. Its Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield makes the carpet easy to clean.

The stain protection doesn’t wear off in high-traffic areas. Installing the SmatStrand on a 200-square-foot space may cost around $1,825 on the high end. Since it doesn’t absorb water, the carpet is mold and mildew-resistant.


  • Softer than nylon
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Stain resistant


  • More expensive

5. Newton.

Newton Flooring has several pet-proof carpeting options at competitive prices. It sells low-VOC carpets, which are easy to clean. While it sells pet carpets at low prices, the quality meets industry standards.

Besides being low-VOC, all the brand’s carpets are CRI-certified. There are several color options and design styles for homeowners to choose from. Its high-pile carpets consist of materials that withstand high-traffic areas.

Newton’s carpets feature twisted, patterned loops and tip-sheared styles. Most carpets from Newton Flooring are either made of 6,6 nylon or solution-dyed polyester. While both materials are pet-proof, solution-dyed polyester is better at stain resistance.


  • Low-VOC certified
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Newton uses hard-wearing materials


  • The brand’s carpet backing isn’t waterproof

6. Anderson Tuftex Pet Perfect Carpet.

Pet Perfect Carpet by Anderson Tuftex is a pet-friendly carpet with solid stain resistance. The carpet is easy to clean, durable, and reduces pet hair and odor.

It’s also bleach and fade-resistant. The Pet Perfect carpet is durable without compromising on comfort. It feels warm and soft underfoot. You can choose from different styles, patterns, and sand colors.

There’s also a warranty to guarantee its longevity. Anderson Tuftex carpets are made of nylon with built-in stain protection. They’re more expensive than SmartStand or Proximity Mills.


  • Built-in stain protection
  • Resists pet hair
  • Outstanding comfort and durability
  • Easy to maintain


  • Pricier

What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Carpet

There’s more to consider besides price and color when choosing a pet-proof carpet.

Stain Resistance & Longevity

Pet carpets made of 100% polypropylene are the most stain-resistant. High-end carpet brands sell pet-proof options with built-in stain resistance. A pet-friendly carpet should keep its appearance over time. Pet urine, mud, and stains from accidents should also be easy to clean.


Check the manufacturer’s warranty conditions before making a purchase. The warranty should cover common forms of carpet damage like crushing and matting. You should also read the fine print to know what voids the warranty.

Carpet Construction

The main carpet piles are cut and loop. Loop pile carpets have fibers tucked from the bottom and looped back in. As the name suggests, the fibers of cut pile carpets are cut, upright, and exposed.

Unlike loop pile carpets, cut piles aren’t prone to pet claws or loosening of the fibers. Cut-pile carpets tend to be more pet-proof than their loop pile options.

Pet-Safe Fiber Material

Pick a fiber material that isn’t prone to pet damage. The most common carpet materials are nylon, olefin, wool, and polyester. Nylon is the most durable and doesn’t keep stains or odors.

It resists stains and moisture and is best for high-traffic areas. Pick a low-pile carpet since it has short fibers and doesn’t trap pet hair and dander.

Carpet Padding

There are three main carpet underlays: foam, rubber, and fiber. Each manufacturer specifies the proper padding for your carpet. Adding an underlay increases the carpet’s lifespan and makes your pet feel more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are low-VOC carpets?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals in carpets and other items that lead to poor indoor air quality. A low-VOC carpet emits fewer VOCs.

What’s the softest carpet material?

Wool is the softest natural carpet material. Nylon is the softest synthetic option and is cheaper than wool.

What carpet type is the most comfortable for dogs?

High-pile carpets are the most comfortable for dogs. But, their long fibers trap pet hair and dirt. Consider installing a medium-pile carpet to balance comfort and easy maintenance.

What’s the best carpet to have with cats?

Polyester is ideal for cats. It’s soft, stain-resistant, durable, and cost-effective. You should also go for a cut-pile option instead of a loop-pile.

Besides preferences, the carpet material, stain, and odor resistance are worth considering. Choose a darker color as it tends to hide pet stains. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, pick a carpet made of nylon or olefin.

Under regular use, a well-built carpet should last ten years or more. When buying a pet-friendly carpet, compare the installation costs of different carpet brands.