How to Pick the Best Carpet for Stairs

There are a few considerations when choosing the best carpet for stairs. Warranties, stain resistance, materials, and thickness vary from one carpet brand to the other. The best carpets for stairs are also different in pricing and durability.

Carpet for stairs

Why Install Carpet on Stairs?

Installing a carpet to the stair has its set of benefits. Here are the main reasons to install a carpet on stairs.

  • Safety: Stair carpets keep kids, pets, and older adults from slipping and falling. They provide a better grip when walking up and down the stairs. Homeowners with weak joints get cushioning from the impact of falling.
  • Aesthetics: Most stair carpets are available in styles and patterns that blend with various interior designs. They decorate your home and make it feel elegant.
  • Better Insulation: During winter, stair carpets trap heat and warm your home. They also provide better cushioning and feel comfortable underfoot.

What to Look for in a Stair Carpet

There are a few pointers to consider when buying a stair carpet. While durability and warranties are essential, the right stair carpet depends on your budget and needs.

Carpet Material

There are different types of carpet material. The carpet material determines its overall longevity. Nylon is the most durable material, while wool carpets are the best natural option.

Most homeowners opt for nylon carpets because they’re cheaper and mold-resistant. Other carpet material types you’ll want to consider include polyester, triexta, and olefin. Each carpet material has its perks and downsides.

Stain Resistance

It’s best to pick the most stain-resistant stair carpet if you have kids or pets around. Nylon is the most stain-resistant carpet material. It doesn’t allow spills to get through the carpet fibers. You may also want to pick a darker color. Darker carpets are ideal for staircases since high-traffic areas trap dirt and debris.

Carpet Pile

Stair carpets come in different types of carpet piles. The most common are loop pile and cut pile. Loop-pile carpets have yarns that aren’t exposed, making them last longer. For this reason, they’re ideal for high-traffic areas such as the staircase.

Carpet Density

Density refers to how close the fiber strands are at the base of the carpet. The total number of fibers also determines the overall density. Carpets with a higher density tend to perform better under pressure. A carpet density of 5,000 or higher should suffice for areas with high foot traffic.


It’s worth comparing the warranty terms of different stair carpet brands. The carpet warranty should guarantee quality, appearance, and texture retention. Manufacturers of high-end stair carpets may offer a limited lifetime warranty.

It should also cover issues like abnormal wear and tear and stain resistance. Some brands may not cover carpets installed on stairs. Check if the warranty remains valid after installing the carpet in a high-traffic area.

Top Carpet Brands for Stairs

1. Anderson Tuftex

Stair carpets from Anderson Tuftex have dependable warranties. The brand also sells pet-proof carpets. It has durable carpet options at different price points. The nylon fiber carpets are tightly woven to withstand high foot traffic.

Tuftex uses 6,6 nylon which is suitable for all stair types. There are lots of design styles and colors to choose from. You can select from a range of neutral colors that blend with all interior decor designs.

Anderson Tuftex carpets are also known for their thermal resistance. They retain the indoor warm air much longer. Carpets from this brand resist pet hair and are fade-resistant.

2. Mohawk Flooring

The SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk is ideal for stairs. Mohawk claims its carpets last three times longer than nylon options from other brands. SmartStrand carpets are easy to clean, odor-resistant, and have built-in stain protection.

They’re also suitable for homeowners with pets. The carpet fibers are made of corn sugar, making them environmentally friendly. SmartStrand comes with All Pet Protection & Warranty.

The warranty guarantees stain resistance against spills. Depending on the style, Mohawk carpets cost between $1.50 to $8.00 per square foot. Their solid resistance against stains makes them a worthy option for stairs.

3. Newton

Newton uses select independent retailers to sell its flooring solutions. Its carpets are low-VOC certified, with over 150 varieties to choose from. They’re also CRI Green Label Plus certified. Some of the carpet types include cut and loop, loop, frieze twists, woven, and tufted.

Most of Newton’s carpets are made of solution-dyed polyester. The material resists fading and stains. Newton carpets are available at competitive prices. They cost between $2.00 and $3.75 per square foot.

Solution-dyed polyester carpets are suitable for stairs since they have dense fibers. While the brand offers low-cost carpeting options, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

4. Proximity Mills

Proximity Mills sells a variety of carpets and carpet tiles. Each carpet collection features about 5-10 different styles. It’s easy to find a stair carpet that blends with your interior design.

Like Newton, all its carpeting options are low-VOC certified. To make its carpets durable, Proximity Mills uses 6.6 nylon. The material feels soft underfoot and bounces back after constant compression. Carpets from Proximity Mills are stain-resistant.

You can choose cut-pile, patterned, looped, cut-and-loop, residential, or commercial carpet types. The brand also sells solution-dyed polyester carpets, which are more fade-resistant. Proximity Mills carpets cost from $3.00 to $8.00 per square foot, depending on the retailer and type.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets vs. Stair Runners

A carpet runner will help accessorize the space if you have hardwood floors. Stair runners are easier to install, while wall-to-wall carpets require professional installation. Luxury carpet runners are cheaper if you’re on a strapped budget.

They also add a pop of color and harmonize your home decor. Wall-to-wall carpets are better at noise dampening and create a warm, cozy feeling. They’re also available in many fiber options, including nylon, wool, polyester, and polypropylene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What carpet color hides dirt the best?

Dark brown is among the best carpet colors for hiding dirt. It conceals dirt and powder better than lighter brown. Earth tones are worth it if you want a pop of color while hiding stubborn stains and dirt.

What carpet density is best for stairs?

A carpet with a minimum density cushion of 6lb should suffice. You should also consider installing a carpet with a maximum thickness of 7.16″.

Which carpet pile is best for high-traffic areas?

Low-pile carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas. They can be made of all fiber types. It should have a high density if you want one that hides dirt and debris.

Choosing a stair carpet suitable for high-traffic areas is a safe bet. There are lots of options available that offer a blend of comfort and durability. Residential stair carpets also come in different styles, making them easy to complement your interior design.

Pick a synthetic option over wool if you’re looking for a high-density carpet. Plus, check whether the manufacturer specifies if the carpet is best for high-traffic areas.