Best Carpet Installation Companies

The best carpet installation companies vary in cost, warranties, and coverage. Hiring a carpet installation company that sells and installs carpets may be cheaper. Homeowners also access discounts and various carpet material options at different price points.

carpet installation companies

Why Hire a Carpet Installation Company?

While DIY installation is cheaper, hiring a team with expertise has more perks.

  • Installation Guarantee: Hiring a carpet installation company reduces poor installation problems. Using a licensed installer guarantees minimal chances of carpet fraying at doorways or wrinkling. Most companies also fix any issues that come up within the first year of installation.
  • Professionals Use Specialty Tools: Installing a carpet requires tools like a loop pile cutter and seam roller. DIY installation may not work out well if you don’t have the right tools. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise. Hiring a professional helps reduce the chances of poor installation.
  • Lower Overall Cost: Carpet installation companies charge by the square foot. The cost includes padding and installing the carpet. You won’t need to purchase the tools. DIY installation is also time-consuming if you’re on a tight schedule. Installing your carpet using a professional will make it last longer.

Top Carpet Installation Companies

The best carpet installation companies are licensed and offer warranties for their services.

1. National Floor Direct

National Floor Direct offers direct-to-consumer carpet installation services. Its services are available nationwide. The brand doesn’t have physical locations to make cheaper services feasible.

It has several carpet types for various residential needs. The installation service includes padding and moving furniture. Homeowners get a $150 discount when they book the installation service online.

National Floor Direct also has active special offers at checkout. Eligible customers can qualify for its flexible financing options. You can fill out the estimate form on its website to get a quote. The company’s customer service is also a useful option.

What Sets It Apart: The offers free next-day carpet installation services to northeastern U.S. customers.


  • Next-day installation
  • Special discount offers
  • Lowest possible price guarantee
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No extra charges for furniture moving and padding


  • No online estimates

2. Luna

Luna is known for its 110 percent “low-price guarantee.” The brand offers an installation warranty to guarantee its customers quality workmanship. Founded in 1958, the company offers all kinds of residential flooring services.

Its services are available across all states in the United States. Like National Floor Direct, the brand offers next-day installation. Most of its carpet types are pet stain-resistant. Homeowners who book its services online get a $150 discount.

If you’re a pet owner, there are lots of stain-resistant carpeting options to pick from. The carpet installation company offers a 2-year warranty on its services. It’s also free to set up an in-home appointment.

What Sets It Apart: Its 110 low-price guarantee promises to beat all its competitors. If not, the brand refunds its customers 110 percent of the price difference.


  • Live chat support
  • Offers a 2-year installation warranty
  • Next-day installation for in-stock carpets
  • Pet stain-resistant carpet alternatives


  • Not available in all states

3. Empire Today

Empire Today is a worthy carpet installation company with a wide range of flooring options. The brand has over 75 locations across different states. It works with licensed installers and sells high-quality carpets.

Customers can schedule an estimate via phone or online. Its price estimates are transparent. The brand’s services include a 1-year installation warranty. Since Empire Today doesn’t lease showrooms, its services are cheaper.

Empire Today provides its customers with a free in-home estimate. The installation cost includes getting rid of your old flooring and moving furniture. Homeowners can request the free on-site estimate via phone or online. There’s also a live chat option on the company’s website.

What Sets It Apart: Empire Today has over 75 locations, and its carpets are of high quality. The company also does commercial carpet installation.


  • Next-day installation
  • Free in-home estimates
  • 1-year installation warranty
  • Offers residential and commercial installations


  • Warranty is limited to one year
  • Not available in all states

4. The Home Depot

Home Depot has a wider service coverage than most of its competitors. Besides its nationwide service area, the company offers a lifetime labor warranty. The Home Depot is a home improvement store also offering carpet installation services.

It has over 2,000 locations in the United States. Customers get one of the best installation warranties in the carpeting industry. The Home Depot offers free installation if you purchase a carpet worth more than $499.

All its local contractors are licensed and insured. A lifetime labor warranty from Home Depot also covers them. The warranty backs seaming and installation. On average, the installation cost will range from $1 to $5 per square foot, depending on the carpet type.

What Sets It Apart: The Home Depot has a wide service coverage. Its carpet installation services also come with a lifetime labor warranty.


  • Live chat support is available
  • Lifetime labor warranty
  • Insured and licensed professionals
  • Online estimate scheduling


  • Next-day installation isn’t available

5. The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys are the go-to brand for all your outdoor carpeting needs. It sells and installs artificial turfs for low and high-traffic areas. There are lots of turf designs to pick from, and most are pet-friendly.

The landscaping company has several locations, but its services vary by location. Customers get an estimate upon request. Its outdoor carpeting services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Plus, its team of professionals is happy to help choose a suitable turf material for your needs. The Grounds Guys offer transparent pricing and free on-site estimates.

What Sets It Apart: The Grounds Guys is the most reliable when it comes to outdoor carpeting. The company installs pet-friendly turfs and carpeting options for different foot traffic needs.


  • Several turf types are available
  • Multiple locations nationwide
  • Offers services to residential and commercial customers
  • Low-maintenance turf options


  • Not available in all states

What to Look for in a Carpet Installation Company

Besides the brand’s service area, warranty, and customer support, there are other factors to consider.

1. Scheduling Timelines

Most carpet installation companies require customers to schedule an appointment. Professionals will come to your home, take measurements and issue an estimate.

The best brands offer next-day installation services and free estimates. Hire a company whose pricing model is transparent so you can determine the upfront costs.

2. Experience & Credentials

Consider hiring a company that has been in the carpet industry for a long time. Make sure to find out more about their previous work. The best companies have positive reviews online. They also have a gallery of their preceding projects.

Companies with less experience and credentials tend to charge less per square foot. Hiring such companies may lead to poor workmanship. You may end up incurring more carpet repair costs.

3. License and Insurance

Hire a company that works with licensed and insured professionals. Carpet installers trained by the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI) are more dependable. A company that’s both licensed and insured tends to be more credible.

Most reliable carpet installation companies share access to their license and insurance. Hiring an insured company will keep you from liability in case of injury or damage.

4. Cost & Financing

Look for a company whose installation services are within your budget. The best carpet installation companies offer free in-home estimates. Some brands offer financing options with flexible repayment terms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What’s the average carpet installation cost?

For a 200-square-foot room, the installation cost would range from $700 to $2050. The carpet material options vary in price. They cost between $2.50 and $10 per square foot. The carpet padding should cost around $0.60 per square foot.

What are the common carpet problems?

Matting and crushing are some of the common carpet problems. The pile fiber and weight also wear over time under high foot traffic. Discoloration may happen if the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight.

How do I estimate carpet installation?

Measure the length and width of the room. Next, multiply the numbers to get the square footage. If a room is 20 by 40 feet, you’ll need to install 800 square feet of carpet.

How long should my carpet last?

The lifespan of a carpet ranges from 5 to 15 years. A carpet’s overall longevity depends on the material and padding. Installing the carpet in a high or low-traffic area is also worth considering.

The best carpet installation companies are known for quality service delivery. Consider hiring National Floor Direct, Luna, and Empire Today for next-day installation services. Hire The Home Depot if you want the best warranty terms. Pick Empire Today if you want to check out a wide range of carpets.