How To Design and Decorate Your Dream Bathroom

One of the major mistakes we make when decorating our bathrooms is considering this space purely functional and utilitarian and not taking into consideration the fact that dream bathrooms are more than that. They’re designed as extensions of the living spaces and the bedrooms and their designs are perfect blends of functional and aesthetic features. You don’t necessarily need the help of a professional interior designer to make your bathroom look chic and stylish. It’s enough to broaden your horizon and to think outside the box. Today we’re showing you a few dream bathrooms which include certain key design elements that you too could make the most of.

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One way to make a contemporary bathroom stand out and look elegant is by limiting the tiled surfaces to just a few key areas. Instead of a tiled floor consider using wood instead for a warm and more sophisticated look.

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Another piece of advice we can give you is to pick your bathroom color scheme carefully. Think of what you’re trying to achieve through color and which nuances would best help you reach that goal. If you’re going for something dramatic, consider dark color tones like this beautiful shade of blue which is wonderfully complemented by the light-colored floor tiles.

Modern dream bathroom with porceilan accentsView in gallery

Take advantage of the architecture of your bathroom and emphasize key design features such as a high ceiling or a full-height window. You can do that in all sorts of different ways so choose the methods based on the type of design and ambiance that you want your bathroom to transmit.

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Invite nature into your bathroom. There are many different plants which thrive in humid environments and need little natural light to stay healthy which means you could turn your bathroom into a fresh oasis in no time.

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Many beautiful bathrooms inspire with their simplicity. A minimalist bathroom can be small and it would still look airy and spacious. Also, a bathroom interior design that’s visually light and simple allows you to include certain extra features without making the space look cluttered. A good example is this grey bathroom which includes a comfy pouf.

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Many beautiful bathrooms are decorated with potted plants. You should pick your bathroom plants based on how much you have in there as well as on the visual impact that you want them to have on the whole room.

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As you can see, there are no clear rules which can tell you how to decorate a dream bathroom. It’s all subjective and linked to a series of unique particularities of each bathroom. For example, an element which could define this room’s interior decor is the wall-mouted mirror.

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Speaking of dream bathrooms and mirrors, you can also consider giving up the common wall-mounted mirror which usually sits above the sink in favor of a large full-height mirror which lets you see yourself from head to toe.

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We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that dream bathrooms often look spacious and have little furniture and accessories. Such bathroom designs rely on materials, forms, textures and finishes for looking sophisticated and stylish.

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There’s also the matter of color which needs to be taken into consideration when designing and decorating a bathroom. Certain colors such as blue or green are definitely well-suited for this type of space but they’re also overly popular in a certain sense. It can be interesting to explore some of the less common option. A gray bathroom, for example, could look exquisite in a minimalist way.

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For a lot of us a dream bathroom would include elements which are normally not found in here. A good example is this bathroom which has a hanging chair a cute little side table next to it.

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Obviously, a hanging chair such as this one takes up quite a bit of space so you might not be able to comfortably fit it into your own bathroom. In such a case you can look for alternatives. Perhaps you’d like to have a small pouf or an ottoman in your bathroom or maybe a vintage-looking chair would look nice in there.

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Another idea worth exploring is to somehow make the walls in the bathroom become the focal point of attention for the room. This can mean you can expose the concrete beneath the paint or that you can cover the walls in interesting-looking tiles. Other options are available too.

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One of the main characteristics of a dream bathroom is often the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside. You can ensure that by treating the bathroom as a sort of extension of the living room. instead of cold tiles give it a wooden floor and use warm materials and soft textures throughout.

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Marble bathroom surfaces can greatly influence the way this space looks. A marble backsplash or counter can easily become the focal point of the room if paired with other materials, finishes and colors which remain neutral.

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It’s important to make the most of the space available, even in the case of a large and spacious bathroom. Focus on maintaining a light and open look and on using the room efficiently. A corner bathroom vanity, for example, is almost always a great idea.

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Think of a theme for your dream bathroom. An idea can be to look for inspiration in nature and to furnish and to decorate the room with reclaimed wood, tree trunk slices and colors and symbols inspired by this universe.

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How is the lighting in your dream bathroom? Ideally you should include several different types of fixtures, each with its own role. The bathroom mirror should have light coming from both sides, not from above. Sconces, floor lamps and hanging pendant lamps can be used in the rest of the bathroom.

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Even if there’s a lot of furniture in a bathroom it’s still quite easy to maintain a light and open look throughout the room. One solution is to opt for wall-mounted vanities and cabinets which look lightweight and make the floor space seem larger.

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Some dream bathrooms are not even actual bathrooms at all. By that we mean that they’re not separate rooms but rather part of a bedroom’s floor plan. It’s usually the tub which is often in the actual bedroom which the rest of the functions are separate.

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Many different things can serve as focal points in a dream bathroom. The bathroom backsplash is one of them. A marble one doesn’t really need any help to stand out. It doesn’t hurt, however, to highlight its beauty with a strip of LED lights.

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Analize each element in your dream bathroom in relation to the other things present in the space. Ultimately there should be a harmonious relationship between all these elements. Isn’t it beautiful how well this oversized mirror, the floating counter and the storage module complement each other here?

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If you want the emphasis to be on how airy and bright the bathroom is, then light is probably the best color option. The bathroom could have a white resin floor, a glossy white vanity, white fixtures, white walls and just a few hints of accent color here and there, enough to break the monotony of the decor.

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On the other hand, a dark color scheme can be a great option too, especially if you want the bathroom to look sophisticated and also a bit dramatic. You can complement the dark colors with light, pastel tones or with metallic accents.

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Every bathroom needs a mirror but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to just one. Your dream bathroom could use mirrors are wall decorations. There are actually a lot of cool ideas which can be implemented in such a decor.

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If the space allows it, a dream bathroom might have a design that looks a lot like that of a living room, especially when it comes to furniture. There could be a wall where the vanity is the equivalent of the media center and the wall mirror the equivalent of the TV.

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Black and white is a timeless combo, always stylish and elegant and always full of potential and incredibly versatile. It’s no wonder you can picture your dream bathroom in black and white with so much ease.

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A good way to make a bathroom look and feel more welcoming and comfortable is by opting for wallpaper instead of tiles. Use this strategy in combination with others to design your dream bathroom.

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Keep all the bathroom furniture off the floor in order to create the impression of a large and open space. This applies to the vanity, the storage cabinet and even the toilet. This also gives you more options when selecting the rug for this room.

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At one point we mentioned LED light strips. They’re very versatile and very useful and they can be used in a lot of cool ways in bathrooms as well as in other spaces. One option is to install LED lights to the underside of a wall-mounted bathroom vanity to provide some faint and pleasant accent lighting.