How To Reinvent Your Cozy Home With A DIY Farmhouse Mirror

Feeling like something is missing from your beautiful home’s decor? There’s lots of little details that we add with time which end up making a space feel more like home. So what else could your home need right now? Perhaps a farmhouse mirror.

City Farmhouse DIY Thrifty Pretty Driftwood Mirror found wood on Dune Rd WesthaptonView in gallery

You could put one in your entryway or in your bedroom and it could look lovely on top of bringing with it lots of other advantages as well. Here’s a few tutorials to check out before you get started on this project:

Beautiful DIY farmhouse mirror ideas

Old door turned into a mirror

Old door turned into a mirrorView in gallery

If you’re ever unsure how to get started with a project like this, look for inspiration in items that can be repurposed in order to help you. For instance, an old door turns out to make a great frame for a big mirror. Don’t worry about any minor damage or imperfections. These only make it look special and unique. Head over to sarahjoyblog to find out more details about this transformation.

Wood mirror frame made from scratch

Wood mirror frame made from scratchView in gallery

Of course you could just buy a mirror and that would be it but finding one that actually looks great is not as easy as you may think plus the good-looking ones tend to cost a lot. So what would be the alternative? Get an inexpensive mirror and don’t worry if the frame looks ugly. Get rid of the frame and keep only the mirror. You can then build a new and more beautiful frame for it out of wood. All the instructions can be found on theholtzhouse. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy.

An updated bathroom mirror

An updated bathroom mirrorView in gallery

Mirrors are super useful around the house and they’ve become a must-have item for some spaces like the bathroom for example. Can you even imagine a bathroom without a mirror these days? Chances are your bathroom already has a mirror but you might not really like the way it looks. Maybe it’s time you built a frame around it. Check out this inspiring farmhouse mirror update project from her-happy-home and see how much of a difference a simple wooden frame can make.

DIY panel mirror with an antiqued look

DIY panel mirror with an antiqued lookView in gallery

Aren’t panel mirrors just gorgeous? They definitely have a charm of their own and the fact that they’re not easy to get or cheap in most cases definitely makes them look even more elusive and special. Of course, you can always go the DIY route in such cases. This great tutorial from thenavagepatch explains everything you need to know about making your own panel mirror from scratch. It even gives some info on how to give it this antiqued look.

Farmhouse mirror refreshed with a new frame

Farmhouse mirror refreshed with a new frameView in gallery

When you’re in a hurry or you’re constrained financially just having a frameless mirror in the bathroom is a reasonable compromise. However, it starts to look worst by the day when you know it could be improved in so many different ways. So take matters into your own hands and give it a makeover. Building a simple farmhouse-inspired frame around it is actually a simple project. Learn more about it on simplybeautifulbyangela and find ways to make it your own.

Salvaged mirror makeover

Salvaged mirror makeoverView in gallery

Feeling inspired to give your own bathroom a farmhouse makeover? You don’t have to do it all in one day. Add little farmhouse touches here and there and eventually the whole mood will change. One of the projects you can do is giving an old mirror a makeover. You could use a salvaged window as a frame if the size makes sense. It would look lovely in a small powder room or a bathroom. Check out this tutorial from theweatheredfox for more details.

Rustic mirror frame made out of wood

Rustic mirror frame made out of woodView in gallery

Although it’s the actual mirror part that makes it useful, it’s usually the frame that stands out the most. That’s because the frame is decorative so it has to look good and to match the style and the type of mood that the surrounding area tries to create. With that in mind, a rustic mirror frame could look lovely in a lot of bathrooms, especially farmhouse ones. If you want to know how this beautiful frame was made, check out the tutorial offered on christinamariablog.

Screen door repurposed into a large mirror

Screen door repurposed into a large mirrorView in gallery

Doesn’t this mirror look absolutely gorgeous? It’s so simple and it has so much character you can’t help but fall in love with it. The best part about it is that it was actually a DIY project which means you could do something similar for your own home. Sure, finding an old arched door like this one can take a bit of time and even more time would take to find a mirror that fits inside. But once you get these two times everything starts to click. Check out the story behind this mirror on prodigalpieces.

Easy farmhouse mirror makeover using paint

Easy farmhouse mirror makeover using paintView in gallery

Some makeovers don’t involve making any structural changes and are actually super easy and inexpensive, like this one. This swivel mirror already had a beautiful wooden frame and all it needed was a coat of paint to look gorgeous. Getting this sort of farmhouse-inspired finish using paint takes a bit of practice but it actually quite easy. First, you clean the frame, then you rough it up a bit with some sandpaper and then you lightly paint it making sure to not be too thorough about it. A few finish touches with sandpaper will you this lovely distressed look. Check out interiorfrugalista for more useful tips.

Rustic wood-framed mirror for the bathroom

Rustic wood-framed mirror for the bathroomView in gallery

Putting a frame around your existing bathroom mirror can turn out to be less expensive than replacing the whole thing, plus it gives you an opportunity to add more charm and character to this room. This tutorial from tagandtibby shows you how to build a frame for a large bathroom mirror out of wood and how to give it this beautiful rustic look by applying a slightly distressed finish on it.

DIY driftwood mirror frame

DIY driftwood mirror frameView in gallery

If you have a bunch of driftwood lying around this would be a really great use for it. This is a type of mirror frame that ends up looking different in every single case so don’t let the differences bother you. Embrace the uniqueness of the design and be creative. To make a sunburst frame like this one you’ll need a lot of pieces of driftwood in different sizes plus a piece of heavy cardboard for the back. The tutorial from cityfarmhouse explains how it’s all put together.