DIY Fall Crafts – Fun And Easy Ideas For Everyone

Fall is once again making its presence noticed and soon the trees will start shedding their colorful leaves and the whole landscape will change. With it, the ambiance in our homes changes too.

DIY Fall Crafts

Suddenly the space feels cozier and we find ourselves thinking of all sorts of charming little projects that embrace the bountiful autumn beauty and all things related. You can find below our top favorite fall crafts for this year.

When Should You Make Fall Crafts?

Before we start showing you all the amazing crafts you will love making this fall season, it’s important to discuss when you should be making fall crafts. Most fall crafts are decorations for the season; therefore they should be made before the season begins. Considering that fall begins in late September, early October, this means that you should start crafting fall crafts sometime in August or early September.

Who Can Make Fall Crafts?

Maybe you don’t consider yourself much of an artist, and that’s okay. For most of the fall crafts on this list, you don’t need to be talented at crafting. These are all straight forward crafts that anyone can make. Some are even simple enough to bring your kids in on! Just be sure to read all of the instructions for a particular craft before you begin, and you will do just fine!

Real Leaf Garland DIY Fall Craft

What Materials Do You Need For Fall Crafts?

Fall crafts are generally characterized as such because they use materials that can only be found in nature during the fall season. For example, you are usually only able to find multi-colored leaves, pinecones, and acorns in your yard during the fall. See the list below for more ideas of the materials you will need to complete fall crafts.

Materials Needed For Most Fall Crafts:

  • Pinecones
  • Pumpkins
  • Multi-colored Leaves
  • Acorns
  • Hay
  • Twigs
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Squash
  • Burlap
  • Faux Birds
  • Plaid Ribbon or Material
  • Corn/Corn Husks
  • Apples
  • Twine

What Can You Do With Fall Crafts?

The main reason most people make fall crafts is to decorate their homes for the holiday season. After all, there is nothing like some pumpkin and leaf décor to remind you that it is your favorite time of year! As you go through the following list, consider where you will put the craft when you are finished with it. If you don’t think it will go well in your house, then think about possibly making it as a gift for a friend or family member.

How Do You Make a Homemade Wreath?

How Do You Make a Homemade Wreath?

Wreaths are decorations that have long been associated with the fall and winter seasons. They are always a great addition to your front door and let the whole neighborhood know you are ready to celebrate! And the good news is, they are also one of the easiest fall crafts to make!

Step 1: Choose a Base

Although you can make your own wreath base, it is best to purchase one at the store. This is what makes the wreath making process so easy. There are many options for bases, typically a Styrofoam or wire one will work best.

Step 2: Wrap Your Base

Now that you have the base, you’ll need something to wrap around it to make a wreath. You can use faux pine branches to make a more traditional wreath, twigs, or even yarn if you want something that is quick and easy.

Step 3: Add Decorations

For this step, it is best to have a hot glue gun as you will probably need it to add decorations to your wreath! You can add any sort of fall materials to your wreath, from small plastic pumpkins to leaves, or even acorns from your yard. Anything that is fall themed can go into your wreath! Don’t forget to add a bow or special decoration in one corner.

Step 4: Add a Hanger

After gluing all your decorations to the wreath, it’s time to grab some ribbons and make a loop at the top of your wreath so you can hang it. Some people have a special wreath hanger on their door that the wreath can sit directly on. If this applies to you, then just skip this step!

Step 5: Hang Your Wreath

Let your wreath dry completely (24 hours is recommended) then you can hang it on your door. Happy fall!

The 35 Coolest Fall Crafts Everyone Will Enjoy

1. DIY Rustic Fall Craft Sign

DIY Rustic Fall Craft Sign

Welcome the new season with a rustic sign which you can display out on the porch or inside your lovely home. The entryway seems like a perfect place for it. You can make it out of a piece of reclaimed wood and you can try freehand letters to give it more character.

2. Fall Craft Beaker Leaf Vases

Fall Craft Beaker Leaf Vases

Aren’t autumnal leaves just wonderful? They’re like pieces of art made by nature.

Put some on display in your home so you can enjoy them every day. These glass beaker vases would fit anywhere and don’t really need to be customized in any way to look beautiful.

3. Fall Themed Wall Hooks

Fall Themed Wall Hooks

You can also add other little hints of autumnal charm throughout your home with things such as these leaf and pumpkin wall hooks. Add these to the entryway as a way to spice up the decor a bit and to add some color to the decor. You can also make something cute and similar for the kitchen or the bathroom.

4. Cute DIY Fall Craft Pumpkin Candles

Cute DIY Fall Craft Pumpkin Candles

Fall brings us among other things a bunch of unmistakable and iconic scents which we’ve learned to associate with the season itself. Bring those scents into your home and get enveloped by autumn’s warm embrace. One of the things you can make is this cute cinnamon pumpkin candle which you can keep for yourself or offer as a gift.

5. Fall Scented Potpourri DIY Craft 

Fall Scented Potpourri DIY Craft 

Speaking of fall’s beautiful scents, you might enjoy making some stovetop potpourri using things like cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and rosemary. You can put it in glass jars which you can place on shelves or mantles.

6. Fun Leaf Foiled Pillows

Fun Leaf Foiled Pillows

These foiled pillows with a fall-themed design would be a nice addition to the living room, bedroom, or the outdoor patio where they can change the decor and the ambiance while also being useful. You can make the leaves using deco foil in various colors.

7. DIY Metallic Pumpkin Centerpiece

DIY Metallic Pumpkin Centerpiece

Fall centerpieces are some of the most popular projects during this period and there are a lot of different ideas and designs you can try. One option includes metallic pumpkins and a large candleholder which kind of looks like a small pillar. Some decorative leaves placed around it complete the design.

8. Unique DIY Acorn Eggs

Unique DIY Acorn Eggs

Another cute idea is to make some acorn eggs which you can place in a bowl and turn that into a centerpiece for the dining table or the living room. The project is simple and the supplies needed for it include plastic eggs, jute twine, spray paint, and glue. They really do look like giant acorns, don’t they?

9. DIY Brass Fall Craft Wreath

DIY Brass Fall Craft Wreath

Wreaths are very versatile and also very popular decorations. For fall, an interesting option is this brass and copper tack wreath.

It stands out in a way that isn’t overwhelming even if it is very eye-catching indeed. The secret is the simplicity of the design so avoid adding ornaments or a big bow because they’d only be distractions from the actual centerpiece.

10. Faux Metal Centerpiece

Faux Metal Centerpiece

Pumpkins are also incredibly versatile and this faux metal leaf centerpiece shows one way in which you can use them in your projects. To get this look you’re going to need an unframed mirror, some metal crafting sheets, leaf shaped die cuts, and adhesive and that’s just to make this tray which you can then fill with little pumpkins and candles.

11. Simple DIY Fall Wood Rounds Wreath

Simple DIY Fall Wood Rounds Wreath

This fall wreath with wood rounds is one of our all-time favorite projects. It’s so simple and so charming you can’t possibly resist the temptation of wanting something similar for your own front door.

For the wreath form itself, you need a bunch of wood rounds with bark edges and some glue. The burlap bow at the bottom is a very nice added touch and looks great in combination with the wood.

12. Funky DIY Pumpkin Terrarium Fall Craft

Funky DIY Pumpkin Terrarium Fall Craft

Another cool project that we really like is this fall pumpkin terrarium. There are a lot of ways to customize this but we really like the little pumpkins of different shapes and colors and the way they look on the green moss. You can also add more items such as a few leaves and maybe some little ornaments too but try not to make it look too busy.

13. Large DIY Decorative Candle

Large DIY Decorative Candle

One candle and a glass bowl can mark the start of a really great fall project. You can place the candle inside the bowl at the center and then fill the space around it with things like cinnamon sticks, pinecones, rope, or beans to create a lovely effect. You can even play with different colors to create layers.

14. Root Vegetable Garland

Root Vegetable Garland

Another original way of embracing fall and its bounty is by making a garland out of root vegetables. This can actually be a perfect little project for Thanksgiving. The most important thing is to have a food dehydrator so you can get all the moisture out of these vegetable slices. Check out the project on Compost and Cava.

15. DIY Chic Fall Craft Wall Display

DIY Chic Fall Craft Wall Display

Want something that you can display on a wall? This lovely seasonal project from hunker would be a perfect idea. The supplies required for it include a copper pipe piece, yarn, floral wire, faux flowers and dried branches, transparent tape, a hammer, and a single nail.

16. Fall Craft Pitcher of Flowers

Fall Craft Pitcher of Flowers

A vase filled with seasonal flowers can also be a nice option. After all, these things never really go out of style but you can give yours more character by using a pitcher instead of a regular vase.

Some terracotta spray paint can really change its look. Check out Bliss Makes to find out more about this project.

17. Create a Fall Tablescape

Create a Fall Tablescape

Now that you have some ideas for what you can do to bring autumn’s charm into your home, you can combine some to create a unique Thanksgiving tablescape that everyone will love. Try to work with different textures, colors, and materials to get a wholesome look. You can find more inspiration on Bliss Makes.

18. Post Painted Pumpkins Fall Craft

Post Painted Pumpkins Fall Craft

Love pumpkins but don’t want real ones sitting out on your porch? Craft these post pumpkins by Crafty Lady Lindsey. All you will need for this craft are pieces of a wooden post or other blocks of wood that you can sand down to a smooth surface. Then, paint the post in any design you would like.

In the example, they are painted in orange or white, and some have spots. To add the finishing touch, you’ll glue pieces of a large stick with twine around it to the top to make the stem. Such an easy craft, but the result is absolutely adorable!

19. Easy DIY Tied Bandana Fall Craft Wreath

Easy DIY Tied Bandana Fall Craft Wreath

Sometimes, even taking out the glue for a project just seems like too much! When you want an easy project with absolutely no clean up, it’s time to make this tied bandana wreath from Mom Home Guide.

Just grab a wreath form next time you are at the craft store, and pick up a few bandanas (you can even use old ones you have lying around the house!) Cut them into wide strips, then tie them around the wreath form. Add an embellishment like a flower or ribbon in the corner and you are done!

20. Real Leaf Garland DIY Fall Craft

Real Leaf Garland DIY Fall Craft

Wondering what to do with all those dead leaves in your yard? Follow these instructions from Celebrate and Decorate to create a real leaf garland that you can hang from your window sills and porch railing!

Even though this may seem complicated, it’s actually really simply as you’ll just be using a plastic needle and some yarn to string the leaves together. Tie it to your railing with some plaid ribbon to complete the look!

21. DIY Fall Craft Leaf Bowl

DIY Fall Craft Leaf Bowl

Maybe you made the above leaf garland but still seem to have a plethora of leaves lying around your home. That’s when you should pull out this easy DIY fall craft from Made With Happy and make a few of your very own leaf bowls. Kids can help with this project, as it follows the same basic principles of paper mâché. You’ll be blowing up a balloon, then allowing your kids to dip leaves in glue and lay them on the balloon. Of course, they’ll need supervision, so this is definitely a great opportunity for every family member to make their own leaf bowl!

22. DIY Decorative Wine Cork Pumpkin Fall Craft

DIY Decorative Wine Cork Pumpkin Fall Craft

Wine corks tend to pile up around the house. You can’t quite bear to part with them, but at the same time, you aren’t sure what to make with them. Well, this fall, make these adorable wince cork pumpkins from My Gourmet Connection.

They make great decorations for around your home, as well as adorable gifts for the season. Plus this is a great excuse to drink more wine.

23. DIY Fall Craft Cinnamon Stick Candle 

DIY Fall Craft Cinnamon Stick Candle 

Nothing says fall like a home that is filled with the scent of cinnamon! Make your very own cinnamon stick candles following these instructions from The Best Vinyl Cutters.

This easy fall craft is so simple, it only has two steps—no really, you’ll be done in a jiffy! The instructions call for an unscented candle, but if you are feeling adventurous, feel free to grab another scent—just be sure it goes with cinnamon!

24. Acorn Decorative DIY Picture Frame

Acorn Decorative DIY Picture Frame

Part of decorating your house for the season is being able to keep your pictures up, while also sprucing them up to suit the season. Do this easily with this easy fall craft for an acorn picture frame outlines on 320 Sycamore Blog. This project is cheap if you can gather acorns from your yard, but for those that can’t, don’t fret, as most craft stores will sell faux acorns this time of year.

25. Mason Jar Lids DIY Pumpkin Fall Craft

Can you tie twine? Then you can do this next easy fall pumpkin craft. Start by saving all your mason jar lid bands (or buy a bag at the craft store).

Once you have about 14, spray paint them orange, then tie them together with twine. Use another piece of twine, and a cinnamon stick for the stem. Find the full instructions for this project and additional ideas for how to customize this project on The Country Cook.

26. Adorable DIY Yarn Pumpkin 

Adorable DIY Yarn Pumpkin 

Yarn crafts are the best. Not only are they cheap, but they are also very simply to make. Decorate your table with these adorable yard pumpkins from Not Quite Susie.

Although they may look complicated, they don’t involve any sewing—just the tying of some yarn! Then fill a bowl with them for a table decoration, or hang them on some twine to make garland. You can even just leave them out as toys for your children to play with!

27. Leaf Mason Jar Fall Craft Candle

Leaf Mason Jar Fall Craft Candle

Have some leaves and glue leftover from making the aforementioned leaf bowls? Don’t let the kids leave the table just yet! Instead, grab some mason jars and have them glue some leaves to these as well.

Let them dry, then tie some twine around the top. Put a tea light or candle in the middle and prepare to be awed by the beautiful candle you just made. You can find an outline of the entire project on Spark and Chemistry.

28. Cute Ombre DIY Fall Craft Pinecones

Cute Ombre DIY Fall Craft Pinecones

Pinecones are great unless you look outside and find there are way too many of them in your yard. Next time you are outside, collect a bunch and make these cute ombre pinecones from Whimzeecal using a few different shades of the same color paint. After they dry, you can place them in a bowl on the table as decoration, or along a bookshelf or mantel.

29. Festive DIY Corn Vase Fall Craft

Festive DIY Corn Vase Fall Craft

Remember how you glued the cinnamon sticks around the candle to make the cinnamon stick candle? You’ll use the same idea to make this awesome festive corn vase from Woman’s Day.

Simply grab some ears of your favorite colorful corn, and some of the twine you’ve been using for all of the aforementioned projects and you are in business. You can additionally choose to accent the vase with a ribbon around the middle like in the example, or even a simple twine tie will suffice.

30. Kid-Friendly Painted Acorns

Kid-Friendly Painted Acorns

This next easy fall craft is the perfect one to put your little ones in charge of. First, have them collect some acorns, or pick some out at the craft store. Then grab a few colors of paint (fall colors work best) and let them paint to their hearts content!

When dry, these can be put in a jar, placed in a bowl, or even glued to a picture frame. Get an idea of what these will look like when finished on Home Stories A to Z.

31. Nature Friendly Pinecone Bird Feeders

Nature Friendly Pinecone Bird Feeders

As the plants in nature begin to die, birds everywhere will be searching for food wherever they can! Help them out by making these pinecone bird feeders from Freebie Finding Mom. All you have to do is scavenge for some pinecones in your yard or at a park, then use peanut butter to attach some bird seed.

Hang this pinecone craft out in your yard using some twine, or set them on a bird friendly landing spot. Kids will absolutely love helping with this project and watching out for all the birds that come to visit your yard!

32. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Candles

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Candles

If someone in your household loves pumpkin spice lattes, then you absolutely must make these homemade pumpkin spice candles from Martha Stewart. Although making candles may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually as easy as mixing all of the ingredients then pouring it into the right jar!

Remember the leaf mason jars you made earlier? Those would be a great place to pour in this candle mixture!

33. Fancy DIY Spray Painted Fall Craft Bottles

Fancy DIY Spray Painted Fall Craft Bottles

Drinking a lot of wine to make the cork pumpkin decorations mentioned above? It’s time to do something with all of those empty bottles!

Rather than tossing them in the recycling bin, grab some paint and turn them into fancy centerpieces. You can find this easy fall craft explained in Homey Oh My, but don’t be afraid to use other colors of paint besides just gold!

34. Plucked Apple Chalkboard Fall Craft

Plucked Apple Chalkboard Fall Craft

Although you may not realize it, fall is apple picking season! So if you have a bucket of apples in your house (or even if you don’t) craft this super cute plucked apple chalkboard by A Night Owl Blog to set right next to it.

You’ll be using a wooden plaque, chalkboard paint, and some felt for this project. Besides letting the paint dry, this project only takes a few minutes—meaning it’s very easy to make extras to give out as gifts to friends and family.

35. DIY Pumpkin Spice Fall Craft Soap

DIY Pumpkin Spice Fall Craft Soap

Pumpkin spice is the preferred scent of the holiday season, and for those that aren’t embarking on the above candle making adventure, consider instead making this pumpkin spice soap from Happiness Is Homemade. And the best part is, this easy fall project will truly only take you ten minutes to make and you will be left with some amazing smelling bars of soap to put in every bathroom in your home.

Fall is certainly the best season to spend some time crafting, after all, what else are you supposed to do when the weather starts to get cold? No matter which of these easy DIY fall crafts you pick from this list, you can guarantee that you, and your kids, will have an amazing afternoon making some of these cute fall decorations! And don’t forget to take this opportunity to make a few extra to give as gifts—because a certain gift giving holiday is right around the corner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can Kids Do Fall Crafts?

Kids can absolutely participate in fall crafts! Of course you will need to find one that aligns with their ability level, but you will be surprised by what all kids can do. Sometimes even just helping you pick out where the decorations on a wreath go is enough to make them feel like they contributed!

When Should You Decorate for Fall?

is appropriate to put up fall crafts as decoration any time after the weather has begun to get cold—typically around early or mid-September.

What Does a Fall Wreath Smell Like?

Fall wreaths will smell like whatever you put into them. If you use real pine, it will smell like pine. Add a stick of cinnamon, and it will smell like cinnamon.

Can You Make a Fall Wreath With Flowers?

Fall wreaths can definitely be made using flowers. You will want to stick to flowers that can be found during the fall season, like sunflowers, for best results.

Fall garland for porch

When Should You Remove Fall Decorations?

Fall decorations should generally be removed after the Thanksgiving holiday and replaced with Christmas decorations. But for those that have specific Thanksgiving decorations that are different from your fall ones, you will want to change them out sometime in mid-November.

Are Halloween Crafts Considered Fall Crafts?

Halloween crafts are generally considered to be a very specialized form of fall crafts. That being said, these crafts should generally only be made and displayed during the month of October.

Are Thanksgiving Crafts Considered Fall Crafts?

Thanksgiving crafts are typically grouped with fall crafts, but they are a more specific form. Fall crafts that fall in the Thanksgiving category should only be displayed during the month of November.

No matter how you look at it, fall crafts are the perfect way to spend a chilly autumn evening in the comfort of your cozy home. Whether you decide to craft with friends, or maybe family, the easy DIY fall crafts on this list are the perfect place to get started because they truly are crafts anyone can make. So grab your friends, and your craft supplies, and start making some awesome fall crafts to decorate your home for the season.