12 Fun Fall Crafts for Your Kids

As the weather continues to get colder, we begin to notice more rainy days in our week and every parent knows what that means. Kids running wild in the house because they’re bored and they’ve already played with puzzles and play dough and exhausted their half hour of video games. But before you go pulling your hair out over those crazies, scroll through these craft ideas that will keep little fingers busy during Fall showers. Then, on the next sunny day, take your kiddos on a nature walk and stock up on leaves and pinecones and acorns and sticks and whatever else they can find. Because you’re going to need a good Fall crafting supply for these 12 fun Fall crafts.

stamped pumpkins

When you have itty bitties, it’s tempting to count down the hours until naptime… and then bedtime. But there are some simple Fall crafts for them too! Break out the paint and use some apples to stamp some orange pumpkins on a page. It will be their favorite fridge art. (via Frugal Mom Eh.)

scarecrow magnet

Speaking of fridge art, how about this adorable little scarecrow magnet? With popsicle sticks, a little glue and some raffia, they can create a fridge friend who will become a favorite Fall decor piece every year. (via This Girl’s Life)

nature paper dolls

While coloring pages are an easy boredom fix, this little lady promises to be even better. Use the paper doll printables on the website (or draw your own!) and then let your kids use their nature collection to make them into fairies and fashionistas and best friends. (via Mer Mag)

wrapped sticks

Yarn plus twigs equal a rainy day craft where everyone can participate, from the two year old to the fifteen year old. You choose the yarn in Fall colors and when they’re done wrapping, display their creations in a vase on your coffee table. (via Babble Dabble Do)

3D tree

Tissue paper is an affordable and very versatile craft medium. Cut up some squares in Fall shades and let your littles glue them onto a paper bag tree. Don’t be mad when they want to hang it in their room and not on your fridge. (via She Knows)

leaf suncatchers

Do you remember when your mom used to laminate your projects as a kid? Now it’s your turn. Kids can use up those leftover tissue paper squares from the tree project above and make some pretty gorgeous leafy suncatchers. Because the sun will come out eventually. (via eHow)

fall nightlights

Depending on the ages of your kids, they might need a little help with this one. But they’re going to love having these Fall night lights to fall asleep to. It will make them smile knowing that they made them! (via One Artsy Mama)

stamped indian corn

Whether you’re looking for something simple to kill time or a kid’s craft to decorate your Thanksgiving table, this stamped Indian corn will serve for both. Gather up those large Legos and get your kids stamping. Even the little ones can participate. (via Crafty Morning)

beaded pumpkin

Pumpkin crafts are the best Fall crafts and this little guy is no exception. Made from beads and pipe cleaners, kids can make one for themselves, one for you and one for grandma too! (via Glue Sticks and Gumdrops)

wrapped pinecones

More yarn wrapping will never take you amiss, right? Use those pinecones and some colorful yarn to make some lovely decor for Fall. When you’re done wrapping, you can display them in a bowl on the dining room table. (via A Pretty Fix)

nature house

That’s just cardboard under there! The rest comes from your nature walk supply. Make this little house at the end of the season to one, use up the rest of your nature stock and two, get your kids house building skills primed for gingerbread houses. (via Kiddie Foodies)

leaf art

Need a Fall craft in a pinch? Send the kids to the backyard to collect some colorful leaves and you supply the paint. They might need an example but once you show them how beautiful patterned leaves can be, they won’t want to stop. (via Creative in Chicago)