Make Foiled Pillows for Fall

As I mentioned in this post, metallics are still hot this fall. It’s amazingly easy to add your own metallic elements to fabric. I’m going to show you how you can foil fabric to quickly make your own metallic throw pillows. Don’t worry of you don’t know how to sew….this project has no zipper and is perfect for beginners!

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall
DIY Make Foiled Pillows for Fall

Supplies Used to Make DIY Foiled Pillows:

  • Extra large white t-shirt
  • Deco Foil Hot Melt adhesive sheets
  • Deco Foil in various colors
  • Pillow Insert
  • Iron
  • Leaf shaped Dies
  • Needle and thread
Make Foiled Pillows for Fall - Materials

Step one: Use your die cutting machine to cut various leaf shapes from the Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive sheets. Follow the instructions that are on the package. If you don’t have a die cutting tool then you can trace and cut leaves from the sheets.

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall - Cutting machine

Step two: Cut the neck and sleeves from the t-shirt. You will have enough to make two 12 inch pillows.

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall - cut the neck

Step three: Place the die cut leaves with the rough side down on the fabric. Iron for 30 seconds. When the paper is cool, peel off the backing.

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall - die cut leaves

Step four: Place a piece of Deco Foil over the adhesive, and cover it with parchment paper (it comes with the adhesive sheets). Iron for 20-30 seconds. Wait until the foil is completely cool before you peel it off.

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall - iron on foil

Step five: Fold the ends of the fabric over to make an 11 inch square. Stitch along the edges, then flip the pillow cover inside out. Insert the pillow cushion.

I love how brilliant the foil is on the fabric! This finish is permanent and washable. I love my new accent pillows, and they make the perfect addition to my fall home decorating. With all the various dies available, you could easily make more throw pillows for any other holiday you like! Have fun crafting and creating for your home!

Make Foiled Pillows for Fall Project