15 Cute DIY Birdhouse Design Ideas

If you think birds are cute and you also like coffee this project is just perfect for you. It’s a cute little birdhouse that you can make out of a repurposed coffee can, something to hang from the branches of a tree in your backyard and for the local birds to call a home.

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The materials that you’ll need for this project:

  • 2 pieces of ¾’’ wood board scraps (square in shape and measuring at least 4 ½’’)
  • 2 ½’’ thick plywood pieces (at least 6’’ x 9’’ each)
  • ¼’’ dowel (8 ½’’ long)
  • finishing nails
  • 11 oz coffee can
  • hooks
  • wire or chain

How to make the birdhouse:

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Step 1: Cut the two square ends

If you’re using scrap wood pieces for this project you first need to cut them to size. Start with the two square-shaped end pieces. Cut them so they measure 4 ½’’ on each side.

Step 2: Locate the entrance hole

One of these two square wood pieces will need to have an entrance hole in it so the birds can actually get inside the house. Locate this spot using a ruler. Place the ruler diagonally connecting two opposite corners and a draw a thin pencil line, then mark a spot that’s 3 7/16’’ from one of the corners.

Step 3: Drill the hole

Now that you marked the spot where you want the entrance hole to be, take your drill and actually make the hole. Make it the appropriate size for the type of birds that you want this house to be used by.

Step 4: Drill holes for the perch

Clamp together the front and back boards and mark the spot where you want the perch to sit. Measure 1 ¼’’ from the same corner that you chose earlier and mark the spot with a pencil. Then drill a ¼’’ hole all the way through the front pieces and most of the way through the back one making sure you don’t goo all the way through.

Step 5: Measure and cut the roof panels

The next thing you need to do is prepare the two pieces of plywood that will make up the roof of the birdhouse. They’re not both the same size in this case. One measures 5 ¾’’ x 9’’ and the other one is 6’’ x 9’’.

Step 6: Connect the roof to the square boards

Now that all the components are prepared and ready to go, it’s time to put them together. Nail the roof pieces to the front and back boards allowing the larger roof piece to overlap the smaller one at the top. Also make sure to leave enough roof between the front and back panels so you can insert the coffee can.

Step 7: Prep the coffee can

First you should clean and dry the coffee can, removing any labels or dirt. If the edges are very sharp then you should do something about that too, like cover them with some tape. After that drill two ¼’’ holes in one side of the can for drainage and two more ¼’’ holes on the opposite side for ventilation.

Step 8: Insert the can

Take your coffee can and place it between the front and the back boards. Then insert the dowel through the perch holes which you drilled earlier.

Step 9: Add the chain

The last step is to attach the hooks and the chain or wire that lets you hang the birdhouse. Attach these to the roof in two places so that the birdhouse stays level.

Some more adorable DIY birdhouse ideas:

Simple birdhouse with a flat roof

Simple birdhouse with a flat roofView in gallery

In addition to looking super cute this birdhouse from dreamalittlebigger is also really easy to make. It’s all made out of wood and you can potentially use some leftover pieces or reclaimed boards if you have any. The roof is flat and connects to one of the side panels giving the birdhouse a fun and asymmetrical look.

Birdhouse with license plate roof

Birdhouse with license plate roofView in gallery

This cute birdhouse is made of cedar wood except for the roof which is actually a repurposed old license plate. The plate was bent at an angle to fit perfectly on top of the house’s frame and it’s just slightly larger than the frame which creates these little overhangs on all sides. Check it out on runnerduck.

Crescent moon birdhouse

Crescent moon birdhouseView in gallery

You can get super creative with the design and shape of a birdhouse and you don’t need to feel limited by any architectural style because well, this is just a birdhouse. With that in mind, take a look at this whimsical design featured on hertoolbelt. Don’t you just love the crescent moon shape and that adorable decorative door?

A contemporary birdhouse

A contemporary birdhouseView in gallery

Another idea is to find inspiration in some of the beautiful buildings that architects design all over the world and to mimic the style on a small scale in the form of a birdhouse. A contemporary birdhouse for example could look something like this, with a floating and slightly angled roof and a minimalist facade. Check out the tutorial for this on builtbykids.

Tiny log cabin with a green roof

Tiny log cabin with a green roofView in gallery

This project goes beyond what you would normally expect a birdhouse to look like. That’s because it’s not just an ordinary box but an actual miniature log cabin. It even has a green roof with grass growing on it. It looks magnificent and it’s a lot of fun to make as well. Head over to instructables to learn all about it.

Simple rectangular birdhouse

Simple rectangular birdhouseView in gallery

The birds don’t really care about the design so if you don’t want something super detailed, a simple birdhouse like the house featured on outlawgarden would do just fine. This one has a basic rectangular form, a flat roof and a hole in the front for the birds to fit through.

Cute three-bedroom house for birds

Cute three-bedroom house for birdsView in gallery

This little birdhouse is big enough to become the new home of three pairs of birds and each one can have their own separate room. It’s basically a miniature three-bedroom house. It’s also compact overall and doesn’t take up much space plus you can easily hang it on the side of the house. Check out the tutorial for it on beautifulbritain for more details.

A birdhouse with an oversized green roof

A birdhouse with an oversized green roofView in gallery

With this project you can combine two cool outdoor accessories into one. This is a cute little birdhouse but it’s also a planter in the form of an oversized green roof. It’s a really cool and interesting way to add more life and color to a garden or a backyard. Check out this idea on friendsschoolplantsale for more info.

House-shaped bird feeder

House-shaped bird feederView in gallery

In case you like to see birds coming and going when you’re out in the garden or the backyard but you wouldn’t really want them to call this place their home, consider a bird feeder instead of a birdhouse. This one is really cute and shaped like a little house, with a pitched roof and everything. You can find the tutorial for it on ana-white.

Birdhouse with a tiny front deck

Birdhouse with a tiny front deckView in gallery

If you want to keep this project simple than stick with the classic birdhouse shape with plain flat walls, a pitched roof and a hole in the front. You can give your design a bit more character with just a few little details like a roof overhangs or a tiny deck at the front for the birds to rest on before going inside. You can find these plans on 100things2do along with a tutorial.

Bluebird bird houses

Bluebird bird housesView in gallery

These matching little houses were made for bluebirds but they’d be just as good for lots of other bird species in your area. Also, the design is simple enough to be easily modified if you feel the need to make any changes to it. Check out thediydreamer to see how these birdhouses were made from scratch and follow the instructions if you plan on building something similar.

A birdhouse made from an old clock

A birdhouse made from an old clockView in gallery

The old-school decorative desktop or wall clocks are actually quite similar to birdhouses, not to mention that cuckoo clocks are actually meant to mimic birdhouses in every way. With that in mind, check out this inspiring transformation of this old desktop clock into an adorable and spacious house for little birds. You can find the story on sadieseasongoods.

A bird cabin with a covered deck

A bird cabin with a covered deckView in gallery

If you want to give a couple of birds the opportunity to move into a solid permanent home and to live in style, what better way to do so what by building them their own little log cabin? Instead of actual logs you can use tree branches and you can even add a little covered deck on the side so the birds can have a place to sit and keep an eye on the surroundings during the day. You can find the tutorial for this bird cabin on instructables.