Decorating With Chevron All Around The House

First let’s answer the question that everyone is dying to know. Even though you’ve seen it everywhere and I’m sure plenty of times uttered the words, “That’s cute,” at the very sight of it. So, what exactly is chevron? Well, chevron looks kind of like stripes but has a bit more charm. The zig-zag pattern adds more personality than its more simpler sister stripes!

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And this funky, pop-worthy pattern comes in a variety of different ways and can be used in a variety of different rooms around the house. Well, it can be used all over the house if you’d like!

Kitchen modern backsplash

Just like stripes, chevron has the ability to give length and add a lot depth to rooms. Try using it on the walls to give the illusion of lengthier ceilings and bigger rooms. If you feel really creative, try painting your hardwood floors or using a chevron rug to do the trick. Using this pattern on the floor will definitely bring personality to the room and a lot of depth.

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If you want to try out this eclectic pattern without committing to it for that big of a project, try them out on some accessories around the house. My favorite? On the linens! It’s a quick way to spruce up the bedroom by adding a fun comforter or pillow cases, and same goes for the living room by adding some throw pillows in the mix with bright colors. Don’t forget about the curtains either. Remember, just like stripes, chevron will add length to the windows and more texture. Use fun colors for the kids room or keep it classy with black and white. Upholstering some chairs may be another fun project to take on too.

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You can also hide chevron in some even more surprising places. Use the pattern on light switches for something fun, on your kitchen plates, on office lamps or even on the nightstand. These types of homey accessories brighten up the small, nooks & crannies of the house without overwhelming the room or yourself. Try them out and see how you like it … then if you do … take on the bigger projects! Have some fun, be creative and don’t be shy when it comes to chevron. It’s been around for ages but is busting at the seams with popularity right now.