Christmas Stair Decorations – Beautiful Ideas To Spruce The Holiday

Christmas is a wonderful holiday which everybody loves. We wait a whole year for it to come and we can’t wait to start decorating our homes.

christmas stair decorations
Incorporate lights into your design but don’t make them the stars

Everything has to be festive and perfect and no corner of the house is forgotten. We decorate the windows, the ceilings, the walls and, of course, the staircase. Decorating the stairs is very important.

Christmas Décor History

Christmas Décor History
A playful and eclectic approach featuring a combination of bold and subtle colors

Today we can’t even imagine what Christmas would be like without all the colorful and festive decorations that we’re so familiar with like the Christmas tree, wreaths, string lights and so on. But Christmas wasn’t always this colorful and bright.

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees with string lights started after World War II but the inspiration for it is actually going back to the 1800s when Christmas trees were decorated with candles as a symbol of hope.

It was none other than Thomas Edison who displayed the first electrically-lit Christmas tree in 1882. The tree was in the home Edward Johnson who was the vice president of the Edison Electric Company and was placed on top of a motorized box that spun the tree around so everyone could admire the 80 red, white and blue blinking lights it was decorated with.

During the 1950s outdoor lighting started to become popular. 1950 was the first year when there was enough electrical power for this since the war and everyone took advantage of it. During this period there were also Christmas decoration competitions sponsored by electric companies which encouraged more and more people to decorate their homes with lights.

A few types of Christmas decorations perfect for the stairs

Christmas decorations perfect for the stairs
If you prefer something simple and more modern, try hanging colorful decorations with simple shapes

If you have a staircase it would really be a waste not to decorate it and make it look festive for Christmas and for other occasions throughout the year as well. So how can you actually decorate the stairs? Here’s a few ideas:

Festive wreaths

Wreaths go with everything. You can hang them on doors, walls and even staircases. It could look nice to hang a wreath from the post at the bottom of the stairs or to have several displayed across the railing.

Classic garlands

Garlands are perfect for staircases because you can drape them over the railing or place them at the base of the banister as a way to frame the stairs and to put an emphasis on its shape and overall design.

Tree ornaments

You can also decorate the stairs with some Christmas tree ornaments like hanging globes, stars and so on. This is a great idea if you happen to have some extra ornaments that you don’t plan on putting in the tree anyway.

String lights

It wouldn’t really be Christmas without having sparkling string lights everywhere. A great spot for them would be the staircase. You can wrap the lights around the handrail, incorporate them in a garland or just drape them over the stairs like a waterfall.

Cozy candles

If you want to create a warm and cozy vibe in your home while also making it look festive for Christmas, candles are a great resource. Have a few sprinkled on the steps or grouped up around the banister at the base of the staircase.

Custom Christmas DIY decorations

Custom Christmas DIY decorations
If you don’t like Christmas lights, try incorporating candles into your design

Don’t want any of the typical Christmas decorations you find in stores? Make your own ornaments and display them around the house. When it comes to Christmas staircase décor a nice idea can be to make a felt garland.

Snowy decorations

Christmas feels magical when there’s snow outside but we don’t all get to enjoy that. What we can however make sure of is that we make the inside of our home look magical by decorating it with snowy ornaments, like a frosty garland draped over the staircase for example.

Holiday plants and flowers

There’s actually quite a few different plants and greenery types that we associate with Christmas. One of them is the poinsettia shrub. Its bright red flowers are commonly used in Christmas floral displays and decorations.

Christmas presents

Nothing is more festive than actual Christmas presents. Make these a part of your Christmas staircase décor and have a few cute present boxes just sitting on the steps. They can be real presents or they can just be empty wrapped boxes.

Marquee lights

You can also make your staircase pop and look festive with marquee lights either as an alternative to string lights or an addition to them. The marquee lights have a vintage vibe and always look festive.

Hanging stockings

Stocking of all kinds are a staple of Christmas décor and you can display them in all sorts of places. Typically they’re associated with fireplace mantels but you can also add stockings to your Christmas staircase décor.

Festive ribbons

You can always count on ribbons to make festive decorations look better. Add a colorful or patterned ribbon to your staircase garland or use some ribbon to make cute bows which you can hang from the railing.

How to make a staircase garland


If for some reason you can’t find a garland that you like or that fits your staircase, just make your own. You can start by getting yourself a fairly simple and basic garland that you can then improve and decorate with your own favorite ornaments.

You can use things like baubles, pine cones, cute bows and all sorts of things that you think would suit your style and would look good on the garland. Use zip ties to attach all these ornaments to the garland.

  • First go ahead and unfold the garland and attach it to the top of the staircase banister using a cable tie. Do the same for the bottom and add a few more ties in between to hold the garland in place.
  • Then fluff up the garland and make it look nice and full so you have a good base to add all the decorations to. The next step is to wrap the string lights around the garland.
  • Once the lights are in place, start adding the baubles and all the other decorations. Make sure to spread them out. Use more cable ties to attach them to the garland.
  • When you’re done with all the ornaments you can also add a large bow at the bottom of the staircase just to frame the garland and to make the banister look festive.

If you want to see how all of this is done check out the video tutorial shades by Liza Prideaux. It’s lovely, simple and on point.How long should you keep your Christmas decorations up?

Deciding when the Christmas tree and the rest of the Christmas decorations should be taken down and stored for next year is a matter of personal preference. This depends on a variety of different factors.

It depends on how much you love Christmas and how festive you are as a person, it can also be a question of faith or just a practical matter.

If you want to follow tradition then take your Christmas decorations down on the 12th night of Christmas. This is a tradition that goes back to the Victorian era. However, the date can vary based on how you’re counting the days.

Another option is to keep the trees and the rest of decorations up until the start of February. This is mainly a Catholic tradition which was kept until the 19th century. February 2nd marked the end of the holiday. The tradition comes from the new testament where there’s a chapter describing Jesus entering the temple in Jerusalem on this date.

If you’re not really a fan of dragging out Christmas then take out the decorations on New Year’s Day. The logic behind this decision is that Christmas ends at the end of December, before the start of a new year.

Each of us is free to chose how long we keep out Christmas decorations up, when we put them up and when we take them down. It’s a matter of personal preference and we should respect the fact that everyone is different.

38 Beautiful Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas 

Just a little bit of greenery

Staircase christmas deco 003

Something simple like this can look lovely in a modern setting. There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations, especially if there are lots of them all throughout the house. The stairs can simply be adorned with a little bit of greenery and that’s enough to give them a festive look. Check out onsuttonplace for more inspiring ideas like this one.

Green garland with string lights and red ornaments

Staircase christmas deco 003

Here’s something similar but this time with a bit more color. This beautiful Christmas garland looks gorgeous in combination with the staircase which is white with stained wood treads. The lights are not just for show as they also serve a practical purpose and they draw attention to the staircase when it’s dark. The red and white ornaments are hanging a bit lower than the garland itself which creates a really nice visual effect. Once again, check out onsuttonplace for more ideas.

Garland with rustic pinecone decorations

Staircase christmas deco 003

Consider crafting a beautiful Christmas garland yourself, one that perfectly fits your staircase railing. You can make it out of things like magnolia and boxwood leaves and branches and you can add some pinecones and a few other ornaments to it as well ribbon or fabric for a bit of added texture. This one looks chic and bohemian and you can find out more about it on attagirlsays.

Evergreen staircase garland and bundles of bells

Staircase christmas deco 003

You can skip the bright colors and go with a simple evergreen garland for the staircase railing and the way in which you can make it stand out is by incorporating string lights into the design. Here you can also see that there’s a few extra ornaments and this beautiful bundle of bells at the bottom of the stairs. It’s a lovely Christmas staircase design featured on keystoinspiration.

A beautiful combination of pine and eucalyptus branches

Staircase christmas deco 003

Here you can see a combination of pine and eucalyptus which looks very beautiful and gives this garland more texture and a full and lush look. The garland is nice and long, draping over the posts at the bottom of the stairs and it’s not decorated with any sort of ornaments except for the simple bow. That’s quite refreshing. Check it out on keystoinspiration.

The classic red and green staircase garland look

Staircase christmas deco 003

Red and green are the colors of Christmas so if you’re going for a traditional, old-school kind of décor you can put these two colors together and easily make it happen. A garland like this one is perfect for the staircase. It has plaid ribbons and string lights that make it eye-catching whether it’s day or night.

A perfect way to light up the staircase for Christmas

Staircase christmas deco 003

Speaking of string lights, they can be the highlight of your staircase around Christmas and garlands make it really easy to incorporate them into the décor. This one adds a magical touch to the space around it and you can see it matches the style of the Christmas tree as well. Check out chrissymarieblog for more inspiring Christmas décor ideas.

An ornate Christmas staircase fit for a mansion

Staircase christmas deco 003

A grand staircase is basically asking for a majestic redesign before Christmas. You can always rely on garlands to look nice and you can go with one that looks full and has plenty of details on it as well as some lights. At the bottom of the stairs you can also decorate the posts in a similar style to make a statement. Here’s an example of how you can decorate such a staircase for Christmas in a traditional style. {found on linlydesigns}.

Colorful Christmas ornaments dangling from the staircase

Staircase christmas deco 003
If you prefer something simple and more modern, try hanging colorful decorations with simple shapes

The staircase is already an eye-catching feature in a house or apartment so by decorating it we only make it stand out more. There are lots of things you can use for this purpose.

Christmas staircase ornaments that match the house’s style

Staircase christmas deco 003
Red and green is a beautiful color mix which represents Christmas

The perfect accent lighting using Christmas garlands

Staircase christmas deco 003
Christmas lights will make anything look magical and beautiful

Stylish golden accents that match the staircase’s color palette

Staircase christmas deco 003
Here, the golden decorations match the color palette beautifully

A traditional Christmas staircase design that looks extra welcoming

Staircase christmas deco 003
Go with something more traditional to create a welcoming a homey décor

A simple garland made of real Christmas tree branches

Staircase christmas deco 003
The green garland with red accents looks wonderful on the white staircase

Let’s start with the basics. How about a garland made of real Christmas tree branches? You can wrap it around the guardrail and then add a few finishing touches. You and your guests will get to enjoy the beautiful smell of winter as you walk up the stairs.

Darker red accents to match the wooden staircase

Staircase christmas deco 003
The materials and finishes of the stairs asked for darker colors

Using vibrant colors to make a statement

Staircase christmas deco 003
Use fewer colors to create a stronger visual impact

Custom staircase garland with rustic ornaments

Staircase christmas deco 003
Hanging pinecones and green garlands will create a more rustic look

A green on green combo for a fresh vibe

Staircase christmas deco 003
Sometimes simplicity is the key to an elegant design

A lush green garland that spirals down the stairs

Staircase christmas deco 003
Incorporate lights into your design but don’t make them the stars

Something simple but nevertheless eye-catching

Staircase christmas deco 003
A lush and very beautiful staircase décor with few but elegant elements

Christmas stair decorations that blend color and texture

Staircase christmas deco 003
The colors and textures of the decorations match the décor beautifully

An elaborate Christmas scene that makes the stairs blend in

Staircase christmas deco 003
You can think beyond simple garlands and create a more elaborate design

Turning a Christmas garland into a staircase handrail

Staircase christmas deco 003
The decorations can also be placed on the staircase wall

Staying within the Christmas theme through matching colors

Staircase christmas deco 003
Create a cohesive décor and use the same type of decorations throughout the house

Something fresh and vibrant to complement the Christmas tree

Staircase christmas deco 003
The contrast between the different shades of green is subtle but interesting

Christmas stair decorations inspired by the existing décor

Staircase christmas deco 003
Take inspiration from the your home’s interior décor and style

Cute little details that add charm to the staircase décor

Staircase christmas deco 003
Think simple but don’t ignore the wow-factor

A nostalgic Christmas garland that brings back memories

Staircase christmas deco 003
A traditional staircase décor that takes you back to your childhood

A quirky garland featuring unexpected ornaments

Staircase christmas deco 003
A playful and eclectic approach featuring a combination of bold and subtle colors

Matching the Christmas staircase décor to the style of the house

Staircase christmas deco 003
A rich staircase décor which complements its silhouette and design

Bright pops of color for a sunny and cheerful vibe

Staircase christmas deco 003
An simple interior design asks for a simple and chic holiday approach

Mixing in a little bit of orange with your evergreen decorations

Staircase christmas deco 003
The orange bows match some of the other accent details

Transitional staircase decors that blend two styles

Staircase christmas deco 003
A combination of traditional and modern décor ideas

A very subtle Christmas staircase décor for minimalist homes

Staircase christmas deco 003
The very subtle and simple staircase décor preserved the minimalist look

Going the extra mile with additional decorations on the stairs

Staircase christmas deco 003
If you don’t like Christmas lights, try incorporating candles into your design

Deck the stairs with giant snowflakes

Staircase christmas deco 003
The white snowflakes look very chic and cute on the white guardrails

A staircase garland that looks great and smells amazing too

Staircase christmas deco 003
A delicious staircase décor which incorporates fruits and fresh colors

A little bit of everything for an eclectic vibe

Staircase christmas deco 003
Garland and colorful globes

If you’d rather not have to deal with all the needle which will be falling as they dry up, you can use other types of decorations. For example, you can create a rustic décor by hanging things like pinecones and burlap bows and garlands on the handrail. The usual decorations that usually go in the Christmas tree can also be used here. Of course, don’t forget about the lights. At night, the décor will become magical.