Your Best Options When Choosing A Bathroom Door Type

Bathroom doors are often overlooked when, in fact, they actually play a very important role in the room’s interior design and the ambiance created inside. Because this is a utilitarian space, the focus in mainly on functionality and everything that’s decorative occupies a secondary position. The door combines the two categories, its size and function allowing to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing or stimulating in some way. Below you can find a short description for a series of door types we find suitable for bathrooms.

Charming barn doors

Blue Sliding barn doors for bathroomView in gallery

Sliding barn doors can make any space feel welcoming and cozy and this includes the bathroom. They come in a variety of designs and can adapt to a variety of decors. A particularly wonderful idea is to use barn doors to separate a bedroom from its en-suite bathroom.{found on wisemanandgale}.

Space-saving pocket doors

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Pocket doors are making a comeback and their defining characteristics makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms. Because they don’t swing open but rather slide into the wall when opened, pocket doors allow you to save floor space in the bathroom, making more room for other functional features.{found on garretcordwerner}.

Simple panel doors

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This is the most commonly used type of interior doors and you can recognize a panel door by the square or rectangular patterns it features. They can range from a single large panel to several small ones. Their simplicity, popularity and versatility allows them to look natural in a lot of settings.

Classy French doors

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French doors hang on hinges at each side of a door and they swing toward each other meeting at the center. They can be used in a lot of different settings and they can adapt to a variety of styles. Although they’re not very popular in bathrooms, they can become a focal point for this space allowing it to stand out.

Glass panel doors

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This type of doors feature a piece of glass in place of a panel and this basically gives the door a window. Such a door can have one or multiple glass panels arranged in a pattern. This one features a series of 5 rectangular windows.

Single glass panel for bathroom doorView in gallery

A single large glass panel can also be used in which case the door would feature a wooden frame and a glass core. The glass can be frosted to offer more privacy or the door can feature a curtain that covers the glass window.

Frosted glass doors

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Frosted glass is often used in bathrooms in the form of shower enclosure panels or doors. The glass maintains an airy and spacious look and its texture keeps the room private. Frosted glass doors can feature a variety of styles and can open and close in a variety of ways.

Stained glass doors

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Stained glass panels can be a part of a door’s design, offering it a unique look. French doors are a popular option. The stained glass panel can make up most of the door’s structure but a door can also have several small panels arranged in a distinctive pattern.

Doors with curved design details

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Most door types leave plenty of room for customization and, as a result, a lot of variations appear. One example includes interior door designs that feature curved details such as decorative panels and windows.{found on jbanksdesign}.

Doors with built-in mirror panels

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Both the door and the mirror are must-have features in any bathroom so why not combine them? A door with a built-in mirror can be a practical option when space is limited or when the layout simply allows it.{found on atmoscaperdesign}.

Doors as mirror frames

Framed mirror door on the bathroomView in gallery

Mounting a mirror on the bathroom door is one thing but integrating a full-height mirror in one is quite different. The door, in this case, would function as a mirror frame that swings open to allow access in and out of the room.{found on lelandinteriors}.

Doors that conceal the passage

Doors that conceal the passageView in gallery

If you want to hide the bathroom, consider concealing it behind a set of doors that are part of a larger wall unit. The doors that allow access to the bathroom would simply look like another set of closet doors.{found on st-arch}.

Sliding panel doors

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Because they don’t swing, sliding doors are commonly used in areas with limited floor space. They’re a less common option for bathroom because they require a large opening. This makes them suitable for spacious bathrooms.

Shoji screens

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If you’re planning a Japanese or Asian-inspired décor for the bathroom, consider using Shoji screens instead of regular doors. They’re similar to sliding doors but have a few unique particularities in terms of materials used, structure and design.

Transparent glass partitions

Transparent glass wall and door for bathroomView in gallery

When separating the bathroom from the master bedroom is not a matter of gaining privacy in either of these spaces, there’s no point in using solid partitions such as walls or doors made of wood. However, you need to keep the moisture contained so partitions are needed. Transparent glass is a viable option in such cases.{found on morphinterior}.

Playful chalk doors

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Want to add a playful touch to your bathroom? How about painting the interior panel of the door with chalkboard paint? You can then customize and personalize it in lots of quirky and fun ways. You can even let everyone who uses the bathroom leave a message on the door.

Brightly-pained doors

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Another way to make the bathroom door stand out, regardless of its size, style and design, is through color. Paint the door an eye-catching shade such as red, yellow or green and use similar color accents in its interior décor as well.