Interior and Exterior PVC Door Style and Material Explained

A PVC door is a cost-effective and easy maintenance solution for your interior and exterior spaces. It is an option that is a unique alternative to the standard wood and metal door options.

Exterior PVC Doors

According to the Mordor Intelligence industry report, there is a growing trend of usage of PVC doors and windows. There is an expected increase in the construction industry after the slowdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, the use of PVC doors is expected to rise over the next 5 years. Today, manufacturers create PVC doors with variable styles and even customizable options.

What is a PVC Door?

A PVC door is one made from polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride comes in both rigid and flexible forms. Today, rigid polyvinyl chloride is used to fabricate most doors that are on the market, though some doors are also standard PVC.

Rigid polyvinyl chloride is also known as uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Manufacturers create uPVC from PVC by removing two chemicals that make the PVC flexible: phthalates and BPA (Bisphenol A). The common name for PVC and uPVC is vinyl. Manufacturers in the industry use all of these terms to refer to the same products.

PVC Door Pros and Cons

PVC doors are popular throughout the world in residential homes and commercial buildings. The specific qualities of PVC doors mean that they will not work in every situation.


  • Weather and Sound Resistance – Vinyl doors are not susceptible to moisture and have good insulation properties to keep your home comfortable and quiet.
  • Cost – Purchase vinyl doors for less than comparable doors of wood or metal.
  • Maintenance – PVC doors do not rust, warp, or crack. These do not require the constant maintenance of wood or metal doors.
  • Fire Resistant – uPVC is a fire-resistant material.


  • Appearance – PVC doors do not have the texture and weight of natural wood or metal, so these doors have the same visual appeal.
  • Strength – Vinyl doors are not as strong as wood or metal doors of the same size.
  • Durability – uPVC doors will last for around three decades but will not last as long as a well maintained wooden door.
  • Style – Vinyl doors are not as popular, so the options for style and color are limited.

Types of PVC Doors by Location

What is a PVC Door?

Manufacturers create rigid PVC doors for both interior and exterior use.

PVC Exterior Doors

Exterior doors keep our homes safe from harsh weather, nosey neighbors, and intruders. Functional exterior doors must be durable, sturdy, and weather tight. PVC entry doors often mimic the look of real wood doors for a lower price. Homeowners can paint and customize rigid PVC doors to fit their style and taste.

There are different types of exterior doors including folding or bi-fold doors, French doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors.

PVC Interior Doors

Interior PVC doors are used in interior spaces. Interior PVC doors are popular with homeowners because of their low price, variety of styles, and moisture resistant material. Because of this, they are popular as bathroom doors.

Interior PVC doors are not as popular as exterior PVC doors, but there is still an impressive variety of options. There are interior pvc barn doors, paneled doors, French doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, and louvered doors.

Popular PVC Door Styles

Not every PVC door has become popular in homes. Here is a review of some of the most common styles and designs of PVC interior and exterior doors.

PVC Folding Door

PVC Folding Door
LaCantina Doors

PVC folding doors, also called PVC accordion doors, are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Homeowners utilize these moisture-resistant interior folding doors on closets in bathrooms to create large openings for easy access. Folding exterior PVC doors are popular patio door options for seamless indoor/outdoor entertaining.

PVC Sliding Door

PVC Sliding Door

Homeowners utilize PVC sliding doors for exterior spaces like patios. Sliding doors have the benefit of opening without taking up valuable floor space.

PVC Barn Door

PVC Barn Door

PVC barn doors are an alternative to the high-priced wood barn doors that are popular today. The lightweight design of the PVC barn doors and hardware make this door easy to hang.

PVC Entry Doors

PVC Entry Doors
Mainly Vinyl

Vinyl entry doors are popular with homeowners because of their low cost and easy maintenance designs. Manufacturers create them to resemble wood. Also, you can customize PVC doors with a paint color of your choice.

PVC French Doors

PVC French Doors
Heritage Windows and Doors

UPVC French doors are another popular interior and exterior door option for homeowners. French doors are more expensive than average doors. Therefore, uPVC French doors are a more cost-effective solution for this door style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are uPVC/PVC doors an eco-conscious choice?

This is a contested issue with supporters on both sides of the debate. According to some, PVC/uPVC doors are recyclable when you are ready to replace them. You can also look for recycled doors when you buy doors to reduce the need to create new PVC doors. In a 2006 study produced by California’s Environmental Health Protection Agency, they rate recycled PVC as a durable building material that is preferred to reduce landfill waste and the need to produce new doors.

There are further health concerns that uPVC/PVC doors emit harmful VOCs as they degrade in the hot sun. Vinyl doors also do not biodegrade and leach harmful chemicals into the soil when they are placed in landfills.

Are PVC door options customizable?

Yes. Because PVC is an easy and flexible material, some manufacturers have customizable options available. Also, these doors are quick to produce. Manufacturers may have shorter lead times for PVC doors than other material options.

What is the average PVC door price?

A standard vinyl entry door will cost from $800-$1400 including installation. A premium vinyl door will cost from $2,000-$8,000 with installation. The cost for vinyl interior doors runs between $200-$500.

Where can I find PVC doors near me?

Vinyl doors are available at local home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes. You will also find online retailers like Milgard and La Cantina that have more variety and style PVC door options.

Can I install a PVC door myself?

PVC doors are a good DIY option because they are lightweight and you can buy them prehung. A prehung door is one that comes with the PVC door trim and frame. This makes installing the door a more straightforward process.

PVC Door: Conclusion

Of all the available options for doors, PVC doors are among the least popular. New manufacturing styles and innovations in the material are creating more attractive and durable PVC door options for consumers. PVC doors are a great option if you are looking for ways to create cost savings and have a durable door for decades to come.