Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse by Lord, Aeck & Sargent

Camp Twin Lakes is a site situated at Rutledge, Georgia designed by Lord, Aeck & Sargent. This site is used by more than 40 camping programs to treat the children having physical disabilities, illness or other such challenges. The camp also facilitates nature trails where one can travel around the camp on a wheelchair. The firm held a competition in lieu of designing the treehouse quickly.

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The competition was juried by the board members and the best design was selected from a group of campers who had designed an ideal treehouse including areas for playing and interacting, slides, swings, greenroof, trapdoors and accessibility of wheelchair.

Camp Twin Lakes Treehouse by Lord, Aeck & Sargent

The treehouse is located at the ends of the trail and allows children on wheelchair to enter through a curved boardwalk. After entering, they can get a view of the camp lake from 15 feet above the ground. The treehouse stands on wooden telephone poles stabilized by a system of concrete beams. The design includes a center spaces for environmental arts along with four side spaces to be used for camp’s drumming program, storytelling and other activities to be conducted for smaller groups, storage rooms and utility rooms. The whole design is known as the bird’s nest because of its overlook.

The main intention behind this design was to take the children outdoors. The treehouse also has ceiling fans and a mister system to cope up with the summer heat.