12 Ideas to Bring Sophistication To Your Kitchen Island

Did you know that your cooking frequency will have a large impact on buying a home? A person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that you must have a good kitchen layout to encourage productivity and creativity in your cooking. Ideally, if the meals you eat are primarily made by yourself, you’ll have a space that’s big enough to house a kitchen island. Kitchen islands can double your counter space, storage space and entertaining space! There are lots of ways you can utilize your island to fit your family’s living style. Check out these 12 sophisticated kitchen island ideas and choose which is right for your family.

Box drawer kitchen island
Kitchen island with wooden box
Wood box kitchen island

Most kitchen islands focus on increasing your counter space and your storage space. If yours has shelves underneath, just waiting for a practical use, invest in some wooden boxes. They are a great option for holding produce like potatoes and onions or stashing away bags of chips. (via Inglis-Hall)

Kitchen island warmer

Is your kitchen the center of the entertainment scene in your home? Install a warming oven in your island that will become your best friend each time you have people over for dinner or even drinks. (via Anne Hepfer)

Double wide kitchen island design

Sometimes you come across a kitchen that’s extremely large but doesn’t use any space beyond wall space. Put in a double wide island for all the counter space you could ever need. It’s a great way to include a stove top without sacrificing countertop. (via Desire To Inspire)

Kitchen island trash storage

Who wants their trash cans glaring them in the face? Not me. Have a special cabinet put into your island to hide your trash away. This comes in handy especially if you have multiple bins for trash and recycling. (via Shades of Blue Interiors)

Concrete kitchen island

Concrete in the home is all the rage at the moment. If you’re still deciding how exactly you’d like your kitchen island to look, consider a concrete countertop. It will resist the wear and tear of cooking mishaps and age with flying colors. (via Style Files)

Kitchen island drink fridge

Have you ever lamented about all the cans and bottles taking up so much space in your fridge? Install a mini fridge under your kitchen island just for storing the drinks your family loves. It also makes it easy to offer drinks when you’re entertaining. (via Von Fitz Design)

Kitchen island pet spot

Pets do have their fair share of necessities. Give them a dedicated spot for treats, food and even their bowls at the end of your kitchen island. Add a basket for the brush and the leash and you’ll never be franticly searching before walk time again. (via Porch)

Kitchen island bench

When you have a family and a love for entertaining, it can be difficult to decide whether to put seats at your kitchen island or not. Opt for a bench that allows for after school snacks when pulled out and can then be pushed in for easy access to your taco bar. (via Roomble)

Spice storage kitchen island

Speaking of pull outs, the pull out spice racks on this island are absolutely brilliant. It’s a great way to use otherwise empty space and give you a whole lot of storage space someplace else. (via Creative Woodworking)

Kitchen island waterfall countertop

You really just have to love a waterfall counter. It creates such a seamless look in your kitchen, whether it matches the rest of your countertops or not! (via The Interiors Addict)

Dining table kitchen island

Maybe you’re wondering how to fit both a kitchen island and a dining room table into your space. The solution is to ditch the dining room table and just make your island a little bigger. You’ll discover that it makes serving supper a breeze every single time. (via Colour Saturated Life)

Repurposed dresser kitchen island

You know that even smaller kitchens can have an island. Using a temporary repurposed dresser gives you the storage and the counter space without being a heavy bulky piece taking up kitchen space that you don’t have to spare. (via Decozilla)