14 Best Knobs and Pulls for White Kitchen Cabinets

When have you ever seen a set of white cabinets be tacky and outdated? I would hazard, never. That’s because white is always in style. Whether you have a sleek modern kitchen or a country bread-smelling space, white cabinets are always a safe choice. But if you think they might be too bland for your space, consider all your options for cabinet knobs and pulls that will match with white. The options are almost limitless! You can choose a knob or pull that matches the style you’re shooting for in your home and it will seem like you bought new cabinets instead of just replacing the knobs. Here are 14 knobs and pulls that will show off your white cabinets to their best advantage.

Black modern knobsView in gallery

Black and white is a classic combination since the beginning of time. So decking your cabinets in plain simple black knobs is a great way to update them without going crazy. (via Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.)

Duel rustic knobView in gallery

These gorgeous pulls are a little bit rustic, a little bit glamorous. On white cabinets, they are the perfect option for a chic cabin kitchen or even an outdoorsy batchelorette pad. (via Anthropologie)

Brass hex knobView in gallery

Brushed brass has been taking our Pinterest feeds by storm. It’s the new go to for any metal fixtures. Add these hexagon brushed brass knobs to your cabinets and it will look like you got all new cabinets installed. (via CB2)

Vintage blue handleView in gallery

Maybe your decor goal for your home is a vintage paradise. Opt for these pretty vintage handles that will bring both color and nostalgia into your kitchen. (via Anthropologie)

Geo wooden knobView in gallery

You might think that putting wood on wood is redundant. But putting these lovely cherrywood knobs on your white cabinets will give your kitchen a touch of midcentury modern. (via Etsy)

Gilded color knobsView in gallery

Some homes make it all about the art. That’s when you go for something colorful and maybe a little off for your white kitchen cabinet knobs. Like these beauties. (via Anthropologie)

black-silver-drawer-knobView in gallery

Black is so chic in any room of the house. Putting these sparkly black gems on your cabinets will make you want to replace all the knobs in the rest of the house too. (via Knob Lovers)

Leather stitch handleView in gallery

Yes, even bachelors need something to open their cabinet doors with. How about a leather handle that exudes toughness and gentlemanly flair? (via Anthropologie)

Brass cabinet pullView in gallery

It’s another brushed brass option because how can you not? These pulls are so simple in design that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add them. (via Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.)

Glided geometric knobsView in gallery

These knobs are a vision of art deco glory. Enough so that you might want to start collecting all the wonderful styles of the 1930’s. (via Anthropologie)

Copper modern pullView in gallery

I could write an ode to copper. But instead, I’ll just share this beautiful copper cabinet handle that will bring some serious bling into your kitchen. (via CB2)

Garden color knobsView in gallery

For the lover of knick knacks and flowers and color, here’s a set of knobs that will show off your love for the eclectic. Whether you choose one design or two… or four, your white cabinets will become the favorite part of your kitchen. (via Anthropologie)

Gilded agate knobsView in gallery

They make an agate version of basically everything nowadays. And I approve. The bright colors and gilded edge will give your cabinets a designer look without the big bucks. (via Etsy)

Black modern handlesView in gallery

They’re sleek and simple and black. Your modern kitchen will ask for nothing more when you’ve put these on your cabinets. (via Anthropologie)