7 Ways To Have Fun With Knobs!

It’s a simple piece. It’s a subtle bit of style. It’s an easy way to breathe life into an small, unsuspecting space. What is it you ask? They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And you use them every single day for several different things and in several different ways. It’s a knob of course! And o the fun you can have with knobs!

1. Desks.

Door handle

Spruce up your desks with a bit of extra pizazz. Choose some knobs that enhance the style and create your own personal touch on the piece! And then all you have to do is switch them out with the normal ones that can with the desk! It’s an easy way to bring in color and surprise to your own little nook.

2. Laundry Closets.

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Even though it may be your least favorite space in the house, you can still try to brighten it up a bit. Aside from keeping your laundry closet neat, organized and painted in your favorite spring color you can also add these little jewels to the space. It’s an easy fix to a drab area!

3. Closet Drawers.

Door handle

Whether you keep your chest in the closet or by the bedside, you can easily bring in some unique twists and turns with the knobs. Jazz up this functional furniture piece with one perfect choice or a variety of different picks! Trust us, even if you decide on six different original knobs, it’ll look sensational!

4. Kitchen Cabinets.

Door handle

Even your kitchen can adorn these little cuties. Again, they’re easy to install (as long as you find the correct ones for the space) and you’ll have a great time picking out just the right ones. Make sure you find something that inspires you! Your pantry will thank you for it later.

5. Wall Collages.

Door handle

Knobs don’t have to go on doors or drawers. You can also DIY yourself something to hang on the wall! Whether it’s artistic or functional, like a necklace holder …. they’re quite charming when hung in the right ways!

6. Bathrooms.

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Whether it’s to personalize a cabinet for each person or to hang up the towels like your necklaces, you can use fun knobs for a variety of ideas in the bathroom! Use something bathroom-esque like pieces of coral, seashells and bright colors or just use a combination of anything and everything you love.

7. Bedroom Doors.

Door handle

Make a statement every time you walk through the door. Find something big, bold and with a lot of personality and switch it out with the plain, dull doorknob the room came with! So long shiny golds or bland brown, say hello to style!

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