12 Bedroom Ideas for Girls That Don’t Like Pink

Are you tired of hearing how every girl should own pink things? Are you a girl who has always felt obliged to wear pink skirts, play with pink toys, and have pink room decorations?

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Then we have a few amazing bedroom ideas for girls that don’t like pink for you to consider!

Is Pink the Only Option?

According to color psychology, different colors can influence our behaviors, feelings, and moods. Pink, for instance, is considered a soothing color associated with felinity and kindness. But not wanting your room decorated in pink is totally ok.

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When people think of pink, they immediately think “childish” and “girly”. While there are soft shades of pink that one could find pleasant, the deeper and brighter shades can be very aggravating.

Aside from this misconception that every girl should own pink things (from toys to clothing), there’s also the matter of finding it difficult to decorate a bedroom in other colors. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

The Psychology Behind Pink

Pink is an extremely conflicting hue. Its significance varies significantly depending on the context and culture in question. Pink is typically a female color in the Western world.

Numerous products marketed to girls make extensive use of pink to signify their intended gender. This stark distinction, however, was not always the case and is not ubiquitous. Pink is connected with male characteristics in other cultures, such as Japan.

Pink, like red, is associated with love. While red is associated with passion, pink is associated with gentleness. It is a love that is concerned with being acquainted with one another, with being cautious and thoughtful. This is a color that symbolizes a kind of love. Because it is connected with nurturing, it is used for not only romantic love but also familial affection.

It is a relaxing hue for most people. It is not aggressive in the same way that red is, but rather conveys a sense of security and vulnerability. Pink has a calming effect in tiny amounts, But when overused, it can cause annoyance and encourage thoughts of weakness, particularly among men.

The soft tone is often associated with childlike sweetness and innocence, seeming naive or stupid at times. Pink is a hue associated with sensitivity and youth.

To suggest that someone views the world through rose-colored glasses implies that they view it with an excessive amount of optimism. Pink is a color linked with hope, yet it may also be connected with a refusal to face the harsh parts of reality.

Girls Room Colors That Are Not Pink


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With rich navy accents and soft minty walls, you may create a charming eclectic atmosphere by combining refreshing mint green with different pastel hues. Mint is a pretty versatile color because it’s cool, relaxing, and fairly neutral. This shade instantly revitalizes any room and pairs beautifully with dark or light flooring as well as white-colored or dark wood furnishings.


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A purple bedroom for girls is the ideal contrast to pink and offers a fanciful mood straight out of fairyland. The use of harmonized tonal colors creates a tranquil atmosphere in this specific fairyland. With a few drops of complementary color for contrast.

A splash of color contrast is ideal for one or two prominent pieces of furniture. Consider rich gold accent pieces or eye-catching teals. Consider bright red accents or red and white checkered bedding and pillows to make a statement.


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Lime walls provide an exquisite backdrop for vibrant colors, rich textures, and patterns. This bedroom decor is brimming with good energy and the vivid colors are not overwhelming. Making it ideal for your young girl.

Muted Yellow

The soft yellow hue that pervades the entire space creates a charming and peaceful haven for your young daughter.  This straightforward yet appealing bedroom decor is devoid of any childlike graphics. Especially if you choose elements that are more suitable for a teenager’s room, such as large wall mirrors.


With sherbet-inspired embellishments and crisp white furnishings, an adorable antique girl’s room is a nursery dream come true.  Peach is a frequently neglected shade of pink that is both attractive and versatile. It is complementary to lavender, aqua, and other pastels. This lovely shade is both comforting and warm, and it never fails to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Green is an absolute must-have if you’re looking to decorate a nursery. Known for being relaxing and stimulating, green helps ensure a restful night’s sleep. Green is a fantastic balance color for infants.

Utilize a variety of green hues for your walls and furnishings. By blending green with gray and brown, you may bring the relaxing effect of nature in the comfort of your child’s nursery.

Nature tones will be extremely beneficial, particularly for calming babies and lulling them to sleep. Additionally, because people are a part of nature, spending time surrounded by natural hues makes us feel at ease and pleased.


You can always choose a neutral color scheme because it is a timeless option. The trick is to combine several tones to create the illusion of coziness. Instead of white, which is difficult to keep clean and is also a tiring hue on its own, you can utilize easy-to-use cream tones.

If feasible, paint at least one wall in dark brown tones to create a more relaxed ambiance. Gray is a popular choice for paint in girls’ bedrooms. It gives the ideal modern design for children’s bedrooms. Gray is particularly well-suited to white coffee-toned furniture. Additionally, neutral hues complement large oak furniture perfectly.

Teal + Black + White

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This is a time-honored color pattern for female bedrooms. You can have fun creating a lovely atmosphere by combining various black and white designs with flashes of mint or teal.

This combination has been used in nurseries but can also be used when decorating master bedrooms, indicating that it is appropriate for a wide range of ages. This combination works better when the room is predominantly black and white, with the teal serving as an accent hue. Additionally, painting the walls of the bedroom in a light hue makes the entire space airy and bright.

Coral + Turquoise

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Alternatively, you can combine coral and aqua, or salmon and teal, whichever you choose. This is my absolute favorite color scheme for girl’s bedrooms.

Why? Because you can’t avoid falling in love with the contrast of the coral’s vivid, lively mood and the turquoise’s peaceful, restful vibe. It transports you to a sunny summer day at the beach. Because these two colors are opposed on the color wheel, they produce a natural visual contrast that is attractive to the eye.

There are plenty of excellent options for turquoise and coral bedding and accessories available. To bring the design to life, paint the furniture or the walls in a vibrant coral or a peaceful aqua. Then, incorporate a neutral that unifies everything, such as a crisp white.

Gray + Lavender

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If your adolescent daughter is a fan of lavender, you may want to explore a gray and lavender color scheme similar to this bedroom design. It creates a calming and friendly ambiance while maintaining a feminine aesthetic. The usage of metallic surfaces or decor imparts an industrial vibe to the room, which is certain to add attention.

Black + White

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When it comes to designing a girl’s bedroom, monochrome hues are most likely not the first option that springs to mind. Even if this isn’t a common color scheme for a girl’s room, it does allow your imagination to run wild when it comes to patterns. So the playfulness of the room lies in the zebra lines, polka dot patterns, or geometric shapes you add to the decor.

Consider painting a wall or closet door with blackboard paint for added fun. Any color you choose will work well with black and white. If you utilize this hue in interchangeable goods such as pillows, bedding, and toys, you have the option of changing the color of the room at any moment.

Non-Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas

Play with colors

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Image from craft-o-maniac

Numerous children desire a rainbow-colored bedroom.  If your daughter adores pink but does not necessarily want everything pink, keep the floors, furniture, and walls neutral and then go wild with the accessories, small pieces of furniture, and bedding items. Another fun element is a crazy-bright accent mural, which works well in a child’s space.

One of the best things about decorating rooms for girls is that you don’t always have to settle for a single color. As you can see in this example, it’s the tiny colorful items that bring joy and visual appeal to the space.

Lavender Bedroom

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By Design Interiors, Inc. shows us just how lovely and soothing an all-lavender girl’s bedroom can be. With different shades of lavender, the bedroom is designed with clean and chic elements; following a glam style that plenty of girls will appreciate. The glass nightstand is combined with a glass vanity, perfect for teenagers that love to spend time putting makeup on.

Light Teal and Gray

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Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID is here to prove that a girl’s bedroom can be decorated with gray tones without feeling gloomy. In fact, combined with a light shade of teal, everything about this bedroom feels so feminine. It’s the little details that also make the difference, such as the silver glam throw pillow, the fluffy gray throw blanket, and even the glass chandelier and bedside lamp.

Light Lilac Bedroom

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Thank you, Carpet One Floor & Home, for inspiring us with this beautiful girl’s room decor that uses a light shade of lilac for the wall, making everything looks so feminine and delicate. As you can see, there is a little dash of green sprinkled here in there, with most of it coming from the view granted by the large windows.

Shared Bedroom

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Credits go to Lakeside Living Design, LLC for showing us that if you have children sharing a room, you can make both of them happy with the double-chroma design option. Even if the predominant color is blue, you can still see some pink in the one of the loft bed areas. This type of setup will give both your children the opportunity to choose their favorite color and embed it in furniture, curtains, and bedding.

Rainbow Bedroom

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The dynamic vibe of this little girl’s bedroom is enhanced by the use of fun patterns and a strong color scheme. Throughout the area, using white creates the ideal contrast and maintains the room feeling energetic and bright. We absolutely love how these colors blend together and create such a playful sleeping area, with plenty of positive vibes to enjoy.

Accent Wall

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If your girl wants to feel like a princess, she doesn’t necessarily need a pink bedroom to make it happen. In fact, everything about this Victorian-inspired bedroom brought to you by Julianne Kelly Interiors is just gorgeous.

This beautiful blue accent wall has an intricate floral design that’s reminiscent of the age of elegance and corsets, with a bunch of other room details that girls are bound to love: from glossy throw pillow cases to plush toys that decorate the drawer tops.

Peachy Nursery

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This peach nursery setup is here to show you that not all little girl’s rooms have to be pink to feel girly. In fact, as long as you choose the right items and colors, you can always give it that feminine and delicate vibe. The dotted wallpaper is definitely an adorable touch and something that fits so well inside a nursery.

Bright Bedroom

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Regardless of the colors of choice, a girl’s bedroom is often flooded by natural light, and white or light-colored furniture will often attract more of it inside the room. Even if there is no pink abundance in the room, there are still feminine elements that make the setup look gorgeous, such as the teddy bear-shaped mirror, the floral rug, and the large mustard yellow bows that hold the curtains open.

Soothing Gray Nursery

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I know that gray isn’t a color that people normally associate nurseries with, but it is actually an excellent choice. It has a neutral vibe to it, has a soothing effect for both the mother and the baby, and it goes so well with a variety of other colors you may want to infuse in the nursery through tiny objects, such as toys or hanging pom poms.

Black & White Striped Walls

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Black is something that not a lot of people expect to see in a girl’s bedroom, but this example right here breaks the barriers once again. The combination of black and white stripes on the wall makes the room appear taller and works really well when paired with a variety of colors.

The teepee in the middle of the room creates this adorable fort that’s excellent for playtime. Alternatively, when your little one has sleepovers, there’s all that room underneath the loft, behind the curtains with the animal prints to enjoy.

White Bedroom

White BedroomView in gallery

Whether it’s a nursery or a girl’s room, you can never really go wrong decor-wise if you opt for white as the predominant color. Whenever you want to add a touch of vividness to the room, you can opt for several accent pieces that add color to the decor, be it throw pillows, curtains, toys, or furniture pieces. This is a picture most likely from a nursery, but this combination could also work for a toddler or a teenager’s bedroom.


What colors can I use in a girls’ room besides pink?

You can use literally any color your girl likes. Some of the most recommended alternatives to pink include lilac, beige, teal, black and white with some color combinations, mint, and others.

What size is a child’s bed?

A toddler/cot bed usually measures 27.5 x 55 inches, while a small single bed measures 30 x 75 inches.

How should I decorate my daughter’s room?

If your child is old enough to be a part of the decision-making process, it’s always a good idea to ask them about the colors and decorations they’d like to see. When decorating the room, you want to focus on playfulness as well as practicality. So choose comfortable seating, make room for their playtime, and make sure you have storage to put away all her toys.

The Verdict

Having a girl that doesn’t like pink doesn’t really make her any less feminine. Because the color of one’s choice doesn’t always define their gender. We know that choosing the right color combinations for girls that don’t like pink can be troublesome, so hopefully we’ve provided you with some on-point suggestions on viable alternatives.

What color ideas would you choose besides pink? And for more helpful décor guides check out our best modern décor ideas for kids rooms!