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The 10 Best BBQ Cover Ideas To Protect Your Grill Investment

When you purchase a BBQ, you want to keep it safe and protected from dust, moisture, water, and chemicals. This is essential if you want your BBQ to be at its best and stand the test of time. Thus, you need a BBQ cover. This cover will help to keep your grill safe and make it last longer.

BBQ Cover

The challenge now is how to choose the right BBQ cover. However, we have the right solutions for that in this article. Here, you’ll learn all the necessary things you should know about BBQ covers.

How To Choose A BBQ Cover

Are you confused about which BBQ cover is right for you? If that is the case, you’re in the right place at the right time. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a BBQ cover. These factors will guide you to select the best from the available options. The factors include:


There are several brands of BBQ cover in the market. You should research each of these brands to see which one has all the essential qualities you’re looking for in a BBQ cover. Check the material the BBQ brand is made of, and also check how thick the cover is. Some of the notable brands of BBQ covers include Weber, Char-Broil, Yukon Glory and Texas, Urban Gear, and Homitt.


The price of BBQ cover varies, and it largely depends on the quality of material you wish to purchase. If you’re looking for heavy-duty materials with a fully waterproof feature and high durability, you may be looking at a price range of $30-$70. On the other hand, if you don’t necessarily need a durable material, you can opt for a cheaper material that seeks around $20.

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BBQ covers are made of different materials suitable for various purposes. For instance, if you need a waterproof cover without considering flammability, you can opt for polyester material. However, due to polyester materials’ flammability, If they’re not the right choice for you and you instead prefer one that’s not flammable, you can go for a canvas cover. Unfortunately, the canvas cover doesn’t allow rainwater to slide off; instead, it soaks it up. Thus, they are not the best during the rainy season. Therefore, if you need a waterproof BBQ cover that is also not as flammable as the polyester, you should purchase a vinyl cover.


You can’t purchase a BBQ cover with a dimension smaller or larger than what you need. Thus, you must consider the size of your grill before you go shopping. If not, you might end up purchasing an oversized or smaller cover that will be unsuitable for your need. There’s different BBQ cover size; hence, you’ll find your choice in the market. To choose the appropriate size, first, measure the dimension of your BBQ before you visit the market.

Benefits of Using A BBQ Cover

Protect your grill against some natural phenomenon such as wind, rain, snow, and moisture that may cause corrosion.

Grill cover also protect your grill and BBQ from dirt.

If your grill is left uncovered, it’ll begin to attract pests and insects. The insects may lick your leftovers while the pests may begin to build their home in your grill. Both are unsafe and unhygienic. Keeping them away is one of the functions your BBQ cover is meant to serve.

Your grill may begin to fade in color due to prolonged sunlight exposure. However, with a BBQ cover, you can prevent such a reaction from occurring.

The bottom of your grill can serve as mini storage for Charcoal or wood. Your BBQ cover will protect them from rain and moisture.

It protects your grill from getting rust. Rust occurs when your grill is exposed to moisture, sun, and air. The grill cover will protect it from the first two, hence, preventing rusting.

Should You Cover Your BBQ?

Without beating about the bush, a straightforward answer to the question of whether you should cover your BBQ is yes! Not protecting your BBQ is not an option to consider. If you choose not to cover your BBQ, you’ll pay the consequences.

Now you may be wondering what consequences there are to pay. Not covering your BBQ can cause the BBQ to rust. Cleaning a rusted BBQ is stressful, and it may not regain its beauty again. More so, not covering your BBQ can result in health challenges. For instance, if you smoke your meat on a rusty BBQ, you may end up consuming some of the rusty parts, which are unsuitable for consumption.

What Is the Best Material For A BBQ Cover?

There are three significant materials for BBQ covers, and each is suitable for use depending on your need. These materials include Vinyl materials, which are waterproof and are the right choice during the rainy season. The second is polyester. This material is lightweight and can be used in different weather. It has a sturdy construction and can, therefore, be used for an extended period. Polyester is also chemically treated; hence, they’re resistant to water and sunlight. Canvas is the third type of material used for a BBQ cover. They’re also resistant to different kinds of weather, they’re tough and often made to be fireproof, and they’re cheaper than polyester material.

The three materials are incredible and suitable for different uses. This the best of these three materials depends on your need, and there’s no one cap fits all.

Are BBQ Covers Good or Bad

Even without seeking a professional’s opinion, it is logical to know that BBQ covers are not bad for any reason. The only reason anyone can refer to BBQ cover as bad should be because they need to be purchased. However, they’re affordable; thus, the price factor is not a reason to call them bad. Therefore, to hit the nail on the head, BBQ covers are in no way bad; they are good.

Should You Cover Your BBQ In the Winter?

Yes! It is essential to cover your BBQ in the winter. This is to ensure that your grill is effectively protected and kept away from the winter moisture. Such moisture may cause your grill to rust. More so, if you keep things like woods and Charcoal at the base of your grill, not covering them during winter might cause them to absorb moisture.

Best BBQ Covers

1. Fervor BBQ Cover

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This is a BBQ cover with built-in ventilation. It is specifically designed to suit your fervor unit. It is made of weatherproof materials; hence, it can be used all year round. If you’re looking for that one grill cover that can provide your grill with maximum protection all year round, you should opt for Deluxe Cover Suits Model IC450-S. You can get this product for $61.99

Deluxe Cover Suits Model IC450-S is a weather outdoor rated cover. It comes with a full-width ventilation grill, allowing the cover to breathe, keeping heat away from the grill. This product also has Velcro tabs that secure the cover. It features hook & loop fastener tabs that secure and hold down the lid. Deluxe Cover Suits Model IC450-S is made of Polyvinyl Butyl material; therefore, it is waterproof and can be used during the rainy season.

2. Premium Grill Cover – Fits Spirit® & Spirit® II 200 Series

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This Weber cover specifically made for those looking for polyester materials. It is, therefore, chemically treated to resist water and the effects of sunlight. It is made of quality materials, which is why it will stand the test of time. Premium Grill Cover – Fits Spirit II 200 Series is lightweight and highly durable. It is also more affordable than the Deluxe Cover Suits Model IC450-S. Thus, you can get it for just $59.99

Premium Grill Cover – Fits Spirit II 200 Series comes with a lifetime of customer support plus a three-year limited warranty. It is 100% polyester meaning it is waterproof. This product is Breathable and Al’s weather resistance. It comes with fastening straps that protect the cover from being blown away by the wind. With a weight of 7.5 lb, Premium Grill Cover – Fits Spirit II 200 Series is lightweight and can be easily carried without stress. Its overall dimension is 42’’ H x 17.7’’ W x 48’’ D.

3. Deluxe Grill Cover – Milwaukee Brewers Ball And Glove Grill Cover

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This is another weather resistance grill cover selling for $36.99. It is a sports licensed vinyl grill cover that can be used for most large gas grills. The interior of Deluxe Grill Cover – Milwaukee Brewers Ball and Glove Grill Cover is made of polyester, while its exterior is made of vinyl materials. This means it is lightweight and will prevent water from getting into your grill.

Deluxe Grill Cover – Milwaukee Brewers Ball and Glove Grill Cover have a Top to Bottom height of 35”, while its overall width is 68”. This product weighs 3lbs proving the fact that it is lightweight. It is weather-resistant and works perfectly for large gas grills. It is screened on one side, hence, protecting your grill from sun radiation. It also comes with Hook & Loop Fastener straps that keep it down on the grill and protect it from being blown off on windy days.

4. Griddle Grill Cover – Fits up to 36″

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If you need a grill cover with elastic, snap fastener, and you have $64.99 to spend, this is the right grill cover you should opt for. This product can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It has an inside hardcover which is either pink or white. Griddle Grill Cover is beautifully designed to work with Blackstone 36” Grill Griddle. It comes with bottom velcro straps that you can use to tighten your grill cover.

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Griddle Grill Cover has an overall dimension of 26’’ H x 36’’ W x 22.5’’ D. It weighs 3 lb. This product is weather and fades resistant. Its exterior is made of polyester material and has high impact poly resin, offering extremely durable buckles. It is 100% waterproof, thus, protecting your grill from moisture and water.

5. Premium Grill Cover – Fits 26″ charcoal grill

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Premium Grill Cover – Fits 26” charcoal grill is an affordable grill cover selling at $44.99. Its exterior is made of polyester materials, and it is an all-weather fabric with a waterproof feature. It has UV inhibitors, and its fabric is fade resistant. This product is Breathable and also water-resistant. It, therefore, protect your grill from rain and moisture. If you’re looking for an affordable grill cover with a fastening strip, this is the right product for you.

Premium Grill Cover is suitable for 26 Inch Weber charcoal grills. It has two handles made of ceramic, and it can be easily cleaned with a brush. This product is Breathable and UV resistant. Hence, with it, not only will your grill be protected from solar radiation, but it’ll also be safe from the effect of heat. Premium Grill Cover comes with a storage cover, which keeps the cover safe when not in use.

6. Charcoal Grill Classic Accessories Kettle Grill Cover Fits up to 30″

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Are you looking for a grill cover with tough fabric and water-resistance features? You just found one. Charcoal Grill Classic Accessories Kettle Grill protect your grill against snow, rain, sun, and dirt. More so, unlike some grill covers, this product won’t crack in freezing temperatures. It is weather-resistant and can be washed with warm water without soap. This product also comes with a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Charcoal Grill Classic Accessories Kettle Grill Cover is a heavy-duty BBQ cover featuring water-resistant backing. It comes with an elastic bottom hem that makes the cover stay firm on your grill. It also comes with air vents that reduce wind lofting. This design fits perfectly with kettle barbecue grills 30” DIA x 43”H (Large). Its exterior is also 100% Woven polyester.

7. AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover

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If you have a low budget for your BBQ cover, then this may be a perfect fit for you. AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover sells for $35.39. It comes with a laminated polyvinyl chloride undercoating; thus, you can worry less about rain sipping into your grill. Besides protecting against rainwater, it also protects your grill against snow and other outdoor elements like dust.

AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover is designed to have tough interlocking seams add strength. It is highly durable and will serve you for an extended period. It has a dimension of 74x28x46 inches (LxWxH). This product uses click-close straps; hence, it easily snaps around the grill. It is a 100% woven polyester fabric and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

8. king do way BBQ Grill Cover

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This Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover sells for $12.79. Its value worth more than its money. It is specifically made for those looking for an affordable BBQ cover. It comes with a handle and straps. King do way BBQ Grill Cover 58’’ is a large grill cover with a waterproof feature. It is UV resistant, tear-resistant, and windproof. This product is also highly durable and not easy to deform. It will therefore serve you for a reasonable period.

King do way BBQ Grill Cover 58’’ is made of quality materials; thus, it doesn’t fade quickly. It is different from most other BBQ covers because it has elastic straps on both sides. At the bottom of this BBQ cover, you’ll find adjustable elastic cords, which makes it firmer and ensure it is safe for use during windy days. If you need a grill cover that will keep your grill dry and secure, this is what you are looking for.

9. gulrear Waterpoof Grill Cover

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Gulrear Waterproof Grill Cover is a 58 Inch Outdoor BBQ Cover featuring Full-Height Waterproof Zipper Polyester. It is made of quality fabrics providing it with waterproof and dust resistant features. It offers all-weather protection. You can get this product for $29.99. This grill cover design is easy to install and remove without stress.

Gulrear Waterproof Grill Cover is water-resistant, durable, and keep your grill dry and warm during winter. It is made of thick, quality materials, and it has a fade resistance feature. This BBQ cover is made of high-density Oxford fabric, providing your grill with a longer lifespan. It has a dimension of 58 Inches x 24 Inches x 44 Inches (LxDxH); hence, it is suitable for most grill brands.

10. Classic Accessories Hickory Water-Resistant

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You can protect your BBQ with just $36.02 — the price of this fantastic BBQ cover. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty has a rugged outer layer. This BBQ cover also has a protective water-repellent feature plus buckled straps that keep the lid firmly in high winds condition.

Classic Accessories Hickory Water-Resistant 37 Inch Built-In BBQ Grill Top Cover comes with an adjustable elastic hem cord providing a tight and custom fit feature. It is a durable cover featuring padded handles, which makes installing and removal easier. It also has large air vents keeping moisture away from your BBQ.


After investing so much to purchase your BBQ, it is essential to also invest in BBQ covers. These covers sell at reasonable prices depending on your choice, and they’ll help to protect your BBQ and make it last longer. We hope that after reading through this information, you find a reason to get a BBQ cover today.