Add Charm to A Casual Space With Rustic Decor

Life today might be all about the latest conveniences but there is something about rustic decor that endures, no matter how high-tech our homes become. Perhaps it’s the use of natural wood, pleasing color palettes and upcycled vibe that appeals to so many people. Regardless, the style offers a wide range of options that can inspire entire rustic room or just the use of a few pieces to add a casual flair to a space.


Bedrooms that are styled around rustic decor have a homey, comfortable feel that is totally relaxing. A cozy bedroom by Bramble features a louvered headboard that is flanked by glass-doored cabinets with the same louvers at the bottom. The highly distressed panels behind the headboard add color and interest, and the finish is repeated on the side table. The setting is completed with a rustic chandelier that is perfect for mood lighting.

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Keep the bedding neutral to maintain a calm and relaxing vibe.

A second bedroom from Bramble is rustic but has a more refined flair thanks to a lighter color palette and a stately carved, yet distressed headboard. The bed also features side rails and a footboard, which adds to the polish of the decor. A plain neutral wall and a trio of rustic yet modern pendants completes the seven setting.

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Muted colors give the room a slightly more formal feeling.

Here’s a great example from Bobo of a dining room setting that is a little modern yet a little rustic. The table and chairs are done in natural wood and could be considered more modern thanks to the shape and profile of the chairs. The addition of some geometric pendants that have a little bit of a rustic edge and the buckets as a centerpiece give it just enough rustic flair.

Dining Areas

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Mixing the wood tones keep the feel casual and not fussy.

HT&D has a dining set that incorporates two elements of rustic design: The live edge wood on the furnishings and the use of benches instead of chairs. This is almost a picnic style of dining table, made modern with the silver base that is an unexpected contrast to the natural wood top. The setting is completed with the glitzy chandelier that is toned down with a set of metal rings surrounding the crystal fixture. The overall look achieved is still rustic with just a dash of bling.

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Combining unexpected elements can be effective in a space that feature rustic decor.

Fans of bistro style dining sets can also go for a rustic look with a set like this oval table and stools. The shape of the dining table, riveted edge and old-fashioned metal bases at each end are really attractive. The use of stools that are upholstered in leather and feature industrial-looking legs give the entire staff an upcycled quality.

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This set is an offbeat choice for a rustic dining area.


A bathroom arrangement from Bramble has plenty of rustic inspiration. First, the distressed wooden chandelier and the window wall in front of the vanity provide the dominant feel for the bathroom. The window could be done as a mirror and still achieve the same feel as long as the frame is distressed.  The chest style vanity with retro hardware is a perfect counterpoint.

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Again, the mix of wood colors is eclectic and casual.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate rustic decor in your home is to do it with lighting. As with furnishings, many options are available from ultra-rustic lighting fixtures to those that have a more refined air, but are still casual and feature rustic elements. Bobo’s rope covered chandelier has a bit of edge thanks to the old-fashioned bulbs that jut out in all directions, rather than just up or downward.

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Copper fittings add to the rustic appeal while their shape lends a modern flair.

Upcycling of materials is commonly found in rustic decor and this table lamp, also from Bobo, is a prime example. What was once a whisk attachment for an industrial bakery mixer is now a lampshade, surrounding the vintage style bulb. While many of these bulbs are old-style, the technology inside is still modern and uses an LED filament.

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The charming base has legs that look almost human.

Dovetail’s pendants, arranged in a linear fashion, are just enough to add a rustic touch to a casual or modern dining area. These could also bring a rustic flair to a kitchen island. The brushed metal bases are not shiny and have a bit of an industrial feel. They would work well with country chic pieces as well as an eclectic decor style.

The globe shape of the glass is different as many similar fixtures do not have a glass cover that extends beyond the metal.View in gallery
The globe shape of the glass is different as many similar fixtures do not have a glass cover that extends beyond the metal.

Another example of a rustic metal light fixture is this one by Bramble. A little rusty, a little aged, the pedant features an old-style bulb as well as an interior lining that looks like a vintage wallpaper print. The soft colors and delicate flowers are juxtaposed with the hefty metal exterior, which adds a lot of interest.

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This would be perfect in a bedroom, rustic sitting area, or even a bathroom.

Some rustic light fixtures are more ramshackle than others, as does this one. Hammered metal squares are roughly joined into a lampshade that hangs by a rusty-looking chain. Bramble’s design is fitting for a rustic or eclectic space where it can play off of other rustic items, perhaps softened by some delicate decor features.

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This fixture definitely has a recycled feel.

Another rustic style of metal pendant features a patinated exterior. Uttermost’s trio of pendants are all different shapes, creating a distinctive grouping. They also could be used individually or as a set of the same shape. Either way, the metal lends a bit of color to a rooms decor while till keeping a generally neutral palette. These could work with a variety of decor styles and are just a touch of rustic.

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The finish is what really makes these pendants.

These blown glass pendants feature somewhat of a traditional rustic style. The open shape, wire form on top of the glass and retro bulbs make these fixtures very adaptable to different decor styles. While the pulley-type of hanging mechanism is not delicate, these pendants could be incorporated into an eclectic space that has a lighter feel.

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Paired with other vintage items, these light fixtures would be very special.

Far more refined — but still rustic in its appearance — is this wood-beaded chandelier by Bramble. Devoid of any crystal, the rustic metal arms and distressed wood create an overall casual look. Wooden drops take the place of the usual glass embellishments and have just as much style.

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We can think of so many different spaces where this chandelier would shine.

Stools and Chairs

Adding some rustic seating to your decor is another effortless way to play up this style. A mildly rustic stool that features a woven top is good first step. It’s not distressed or overly primitive, making it an easy piece to work in with existing furnishings. Classic Home’s stools come in different heights and would be good as an accent or as counter seating in the kitchen.

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Rattan is a good choice for a sparing touch of rustic.

At the other end of the spectrum is Bella Rustica’s stool fashioned from a saddle. This is full-on rustic at its quirkiest. The stool is a wonderful accent seat or could be used more as decor: Just drape throw over the saddle and arrange it where it can serve as an eye-catching accessory.

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This type of piece is best used in a rustic or eclectic environment.

Frayed-edge upholstery has become popular, especially for dining areas where you want to have upholstered chairs but are still aiming for a very casual vibe. These white armchairs from Dovetail feature a textured fabric that looks almost like a slipcover. They are a perfect match for a natural wood table as shown here. Even with the frayed edges, the chairs provide a dose of rustic elegance to the dining room.

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Fabric like this eliminates worries about creases or wrinkles in the fabric.


More than anything else, furniture can transform your decor into a truly rustic interior. Using multiple small pieces or focusing on a large dominant piece can provide a framework for the room. Classic Home’s rustic bar is a charming piece that would anchor a family room or game area, with its distressed, coffered front panels. This style of furniture immediately gives a room a homey feeling.

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This is a hefty, substantial piece of rustic furniture.

This bar from Horizon Home is made to look rustic with metal fittings, a distressed patina, and stenciling meant to evoke an upcycled trunk or crate. Adding chairs that also have a distressed finish, but in a contrasting color, create a rustic bar setting with a casual aura that will allow family and friends to relax and enjoy.

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Old-style lettering adds to the appeal of this bar

Distressed finishes are a hallmark of rustic decor and large piece featuring the finish, such as this armoire, are fabulous. A substantial rustic piece anchors the room and provides a focal point. They can also include playful elements such as the lettering on the cabinet doors. Paired with homespun accessories, it is all you need to lend a rustic air to your decor.

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The large armoire is from Go Home.

Mismatched elements can also make a piece rustic. A tall dresser with an upcycled vibe from VIP Home and Garden features assorted drawers with different types of hardware. The eclectic style brings a casual element to the room and enhances a relaxed mood. It’s perfect for mixing with metal accessories and a bit of greenery.

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An extra-tall dresser is an unusual piece to add to a living space.

Heavily distressed finishes combine with very worn accessories like these pots are good for spaces that really want to play up the rustic vibe. Park Hill’s shelving has an old-fashioned shape and coloring that is heavily mottled. Even paired with everyday items, this shelf will be a major rustic focal point in any space.

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It looks like a piece you might find in a very old potting shed.

Even outdoor furniture can have a rustic appeal. This set looks like it is made from wood but actually is composed of a heavy resin that has been made to look like wood. It can withstand the summer elements and will blend with the outdoors when placed in a backyard or on a patio.

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Although this could be done with real wood, this is an easy-care option for the outdoors.

Smaller furnishings and accessories can be sprinkled throughout the home to inject a little rustic sensibility wherever needed. The wine rack table from Creative Coop is made of metal that has a country look and a natural wood top. Paired with the right accessories, it makes a charming and rustic vignette.

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This is charming enough to be a side table or a small coffee table.

While rustic decor generally maintains a neutral color palette, it does not have to. Distressed finishes come in a variety of colors and some pieces, like these from Horizon Home, incorporate several hues in one item. The mix of colors adds a pop to the space without sacrificing the rustic vibe. Used in a mainly neutral room, this kind of cabinet would immediately become the focal point.

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Both casual and colorful, these distressed cabinets are really great.


Trunks large and small are terrific additions to a rustic space because they usually have a worn and well-traveled feel that adds to their appeal. Even new reproductions are created to look like vintage pieces and can be nice accents for a rustic room. HT&D has one that features a play on stars and stripes, old fashioned hardware, and metal edge work,

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The design looks a little like the American flag, but without the traditional blue, it’s a little more versatile.

There’s nothing better than finding a truly authentic, rustic piece to feature in your decor. This trunk from Vintage Addiction is well-worn, distressed and has a spectacular lock accent on the front. Even better is the bright blue hue that has worn down to a sea green in places, along with the wooden wheels.

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This is a truly rustic piece that is an amazing find.

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Combine your decor goals and need for functionality all in one piece with a rustic table. All sorts are available, from basic distressed furnishings to more interesting artistic pieces. Jeffan has this marvelous coffee table made of wood slices that can be considered both rustic and global. The shiny chrome base makes it an appropriate piece for adding a bit of edginess to an otherwise casual rustic space.

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The wood slices really grab your attention.

Similarly, this table is made from what looks like ups cycled wood, but also features a shiny metal base that keep the piece from being a bit too rustic for some space. Here, the Light and Living coffee table is paired with some candle holders that have a contemporary edge to them, but depending on what you style it with, you can play up the rustic angle.

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This is perfect for a lake- or beach-side home.

A small rustic table like this from Uttermost is perfect for absolutely any space because it adds storage as well as a hidden serving tray. The irregular wood plank arrangement adds to the hand-hewn look and the color is so very natural. The neutral piece would complement a variety of existing decor arrangements.

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Adding rustic accessories like the metal-accented hurricane candle holder adds to the casual feeling.

A small distressed table in a classic shape will work in any space and adds an instant rustic element. Try incorporating some of these — from Light and Living — to accent any room in the home.

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Tables like these can be combined with all sorts of accessories.

Finishings that combine stone and distressed wood are also key elements you can include in a rustic decor setting. This storage table from Revelation features traditional drawers, a shelf and some sliding wood bins that are especially nice. Unfinished wood adds to the rustic allure.

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The inclusion of a retractable writing table adds to the functionality.

Accents and Accessories

The easiest way to inject some rustic charm to a space without investing a lot of money is to use accessories. By incorporating a variety of smaller pieces, it’s possible to change up a room and try out the rustic decor style. New pieces made to look old, vintage treasures, and DIY pieces can all play a role in rustic decor. These ottomans feature an old-fashioned print, homey proverb, and a burlap-style upholstery. Although they are new pieces, they provide a rustic vibe for any room.

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These are really fun for a family room.

Hand-carved candlesticks in a neutral color like these from Jeffan sit atop a global-style table, adding a rustic element to the setting. Paired with natural wood pieces in the room, as they are here, helps tie together pieces that might otherwise be at odds with one another.

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The neutral color of the candlesticks is a contrast to the table.

Sometimes a set of plain pottery pieces is all you need to add rustic flair to a space.  Here, three two-tone vessels sit atop a natural wood dining table from Moe’s and help carry through the rustic and casual feeling. Filled with wildflowers or left empty, the colors enhance the rustic and casual color palette.

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Try using multiples of the same rustic item for more impact.

Old-style clocks are fantastic for dressing up a wall in a rustic space. When choosing an accent clock for a rustic space, look for Roman numerals or ordinary numbers in an old school font. Crackled and distressed finishes, along with hefty clock hands all contribute to a rustic look.

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This selection is from Uttermost.

Accessories featuring wood or woodsy elements like tree bark are also perfect for rustic decor and are particularly popular right now. Whether you craft your own or purchase the pieces, use them in a number of spots in a room to inject a natural element and to tie the space together.

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A bark-covered bucket is perfect for plants or storage.

All of these examples show what a wide variety of elements rustic decor includes, which makes it easy to add this style to almost any home. From a collection of accessories to large, dominant furniture pieces, there’s a way to inject rustic appeal to your living space at any budget level.