9 Spooky, Scary Halloween DIYs for the Family

Halloween is creeping in and it’s time to decorate the house. If you’re a fan of the crawling, spooky and scary parts of this fun holiday, then you’re probably a fan of  every “haunted” aspect of Halloween. So, sit back, relax and take a look at all of these amazing DIYs you can do with the family!

1. Tortured Candles.

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Grab some white candles and a red candle to get to work. You’ll need carpet tacks to make the candle look “tortured” and drop some melted red wax onto the white pieces for a “bloody” finish.

2. Rotten Pumpkin Face.

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Watch out, this project can get a bit messy, but the kiddos will love it! It’s a papier mache project for those with lots of creativity and imagination.

3. Skeleton Silhouettes.

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Sometimes a silhouette can be the creepiest thing you can create for the house. Especially, if it glows in the dark at night! Put your cutting skills to the test with this one!

4. Crazy-Eyed Pumpkins.

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Funky little mouths and a space big enough to fit in some plastic eyeballs, these pumpkins have a creepy personality all their own. The kids will love them and they’re easy to do!

5. Spider Crawling Wreath.

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Easy as pie, this wreath will not only be fun to create but a great way to welcome your trick-or-treaters at the door! Plastic spiders and fabric scarps and practically the only two ingredients.

6. Yuck-Filled Terrariums.

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Mason jars or any other glass containers, cotton or spider web decor and some plastic bugs or even a mix of red paint and water are some of the special ingredients used to make some creepy, gross mantle or windowsill decor.

7. Hand Candles.

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All you need is a latex glove to make this happen. I’d let the kids watch you do this since you’ll be working with hot wax, but it’ll still be a super fun piece of decor for your Halloween party!

8. Moldy Table Runner.

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Do you know how to do a bit of dip-dying? Because that’s all it takes to create a dirty, moldy table runner for your Halloween centerpiece!

9. Ghostly Neighbors.

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This will take a bit more time and a bit more creativity but you’re family will have an amazing time imagining how their ghostly friends should look and adorn the yard!