8 Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Make in An Hour

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Do you feel like you’re running out of time this year? Don’t worry! Here are eight fantastically creative and fun and pretty Christmas tree ornaments that you can make in an hour. Most of them don’t even require that much time. And they’re easy at that, which is a boost to one’s confidence, right? When something is easy? You can feel your stress level lowering already, can’t you? Check ‘em out:

An adorable DIY hot air balloon ornament (right) inspired by Restoration Hardware’s version (left). You can create this sweet ornament with pretty much just some glitter, paper, and string. You might think this isn’t Christmas specific, but I’d have to argue that the hot air balloon ornament would be a perfect addition to a Christmas tree with an eclectic vibe or one in a kid’s room.{found on thecheesethief}.

Kids christmas ball ornament
A festive and fun reindeer thumbprint ornament not only brings a personal touch to your tree, but it turns into a keepsake for years to come. And all it takes is paint and, well, a thumb. Although I suppose you could even cheat that requirement, if you had to, and use another finger instead.{found on littlebitfunky}.

Ball swirl
You’ll be amazed at how pretty and, well, artistically festive a little nail polish can look on your Christmas tree this year. Can you believe this pretty peppermint swirl came from nail polish? And you can do it, too. Just add water…kind of. Check out the full tutorial.{found on simplybeingmommy}.

Paper tree ornament
If you’re really crunched for time and need an ornament you can make in about ten minutes, look no further than this sweet folded paper ornament tutorial. All you’ll need is some paper in the color and pattern of your choice, some scissors and glue, and a bit of string (or twine, or yarn, or ribbon…you get the idea). Lovely!{found on site}.

Gold pinecone
No, there’s not a golden pine tree that bears golden pinecones. But you can pretend there is one after making these quick and easy pinecone ornaments! You just need some spray paint and ribbon…and a few pinecones, of course. Such a textural way to incorporate nature into your Christmas décor (while adding a little bling to boot).{found on site}.

YarnSantaMaterials IMG 1298
Remember yard dolls? Now you can create a yarn Santa to hang on your tree this Christmas. You’ll need a washer, some yarn, a red pom-pom nose, and some googly eyes, and you’re set.{found on site}.

Tree ornaments felt
If you’re after a more subdued, traditional, rustic look on your Christmas tree, these DIY ornaments will be right up your alley. And they are the epitome of “quick and easy DIY,” too. Grab some plaid fabric scraps in the color(s) of your choice and mount them into small embroidery hoops. Hang with red ribbon. This is a great idea for Scandinavian styled Christmas decor as well.

Twine wrapped ornaments 3
All you need for this twine-wrapped monogram is an MDF letter, some jute twine, and a bit of string to hang the thing when you’re done. The glitter berries are a nice touch, of course, so you could add that to your list of supplies, too. But this is such a simple and pretty way to personalize your Christmas tree, I love it.{found on becomingmartha}.

There you have it. Eight DIY ornaments you can complete in an hour or less. Now you have no excuses – get to it! And enjoy.

Merry Christmas!