4 Creative Ways Of Personalizing Your Workspace

It’s important for your workspace to be comfortable and pleasant in order to allow you to be productive and efficient. If you don’t feel comfortable in your office or work area than you’re most likely to get distracted and to depressed. It’s why personalizing your workspace is a great idea of remediating that problem. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration.

1. Personalized wall decorations.

How to personalize your office

Since you need your desk space for work-related items, this leaves the wall as the most likely place where you could place some of the items that remind you of home or of your favorite hobbies, destinations, etc. find some items that reflect your personality and hang them on the wall above your desk. This way you’ll always be facing something that you love.{found on site}.

2. Personalized, hanging clipboards.

How to personalize your office

If you want to personalize your workspace but to also keep it practical and functional, then you could try something similar to these decorations. These are hanging clipboards with printed backgrounds. They are a great way of keeping your notes off the desk but still at eye level and the best thing is that you get to choose the print, color and pattern for the background.

3. A framed bulletin board.

How to personalize your office

Another very practical item for the office or workspace is a bulletin board. It’s a great way to keep all your photos and notes nicely organized and it’s also something that gives you the opportunity to get creative. For example, choose a colorful frame and include, among notes and other work-related items, some of your favorite photos.

4. Light up your desk!

How to personalize your office


Additional to all the above-mentioned ideas, you could also light up your workspace with a strand of lights. It’s a classical decoration and it’s also a nice way of highlighting this space. You don’t have to get extra creative. Just hang the lights on the wall and let them be. It’s not much but it could really cheer you up.{found on site}.