36e8 Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

This is not a strange kitchen like hear name 36e8. It is just a Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades designed by Daniele Lago.The kitchen is designed in typical Italian style with plenty of bright shades, lots of glossy finishes and yet very modern and minimalistic approach towards the shelves and the space available.The 36e8 is a spacious and modern kitchen, I like it very much.

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As you can see from these pictures, if your kitchen if large enough you can turn it into a very pleasant area not just for cooking, but also for spending time with the entire family. The colour of the furniture is amazing, as it combines tones of spring colours like green with brownish-orange shades that are specific to autumn and also with white. So we have a mix of seasons, but which are combined in a very inspired way so as to suggest perfect harmony. Match the furniture with a thick green rug and you will have the perfect play area for your child who is waiting for his mum to finish dinner.

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36e8 Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Everything is perfectly organized and neat, very easy to use and practical, but very good looking, too. All these features make this Italian kitchen a valuable asset for any home.