Top 33 Creative Bookshelves Designs

Here I come again with a post about creative bookshelves. The idea came into my mind when I was surfing on the internet and saw a huge amount of unusual bookshelves, some made by well-known designers and some made by simple people who had an idea and put it into practice. In the next few lines I am going to show you the most creative bookshelves that I think worth watching and if you are a DIY enthusiast you can use this material to make your own unique bookshelf.

There is also a deeper reason for me doing this post. I absolutely hate mass production and tend to incline more towards personalized items that mean something, that have a little story behind them and I like to know that somebody built that particular item with care and dedication knowing that will be appreciated at its full potential. So take a look and prove me right!


This first original bookshelf idea features a graphical representation of four stacked teacups. This unique design has a huge impact in the environment thanks to the bright colors inside the cups but also for the storage space that varies from one cup to another. The modern look is complemented by a nice playful tone.Available for 675$.

2.Tree Bookcase.

This tree-like bookcase will definitely break the monotony from a classical interior. It is made by single-cast plastic and can be both used against the wall or in the center of a room, allowing access on both sides to the “tree branches” where the books are.{found on site}.

3.Pallet bookshelf.

The pallet frenzy people would love this unique way to create a personalized bookshelf. Very popular among DIY enthusiasts, pallets can hold books or a great diversity of decorative objects with absolutely no problem. Wood makes them neutral and suitable for any environment. Their rough edges and worn look could make the difference by standing out in a boxy interior.{found on here}.

4.Boat bookcase.

One guy though of transforming this old wooden boat in a bookcase. Did he succeed? I would like to think so because it has the right height and plenty of space for things to be put in there. The boat stands out and looks great thanks to the wonderful natural wood and let’s not forget the “element of surprise”; nobody has seen something like it.Available for 200$.

5.Alphabetic Bookshelf.

This alphabetic Bookshelf has been already presented on our site. For more details about the idea click here.

6.Natural tree branch.

Sculptural pieces, as we can see here are not only about the looks, they can be functional as well. See this natural tree branch? Well somebody thought that this can make a great bookshelf. The trick is not to ask very much from it because this looks great as it is and putting too much on it will ruin its essence.{found on site}.

7.Circular-shapde bookcase.

This bookshelf looks very much like the wheel of fortune. Placed around a large circular-shaped window that marvelous bookcase will catch your attention every time your look is pointed towards the surroundings. Almost like numbers on a big town clock, that bookcase reminds you that you have a long way down until finishing all those books.{found on site}.

8.Plumbing bookshelf idea.

Well, this is interesting! Industrial but subtle, this  intricate piping bookshelf idea works great in an interior that says a lot about its owner ; rebel, not caring about what people say answering only to himself. In a way this sinuous bookcase symbolizes triumph through knowledge.{found here}.

9.Acrylic bookshelf.

If your books mean more to you than a simple “word-carrier” and you want them on the spot light, this clear acrylic bookshelf allows you to do just that. In an unique way, functionality is combined design and the result is a decorative ensemble that exposes your most intimate thoughts and passions.{found here}.

10.Read-unread bookshelf.

For those of you that are more pragmatic and love measuring their effort or their progress now you have a really original way of doing it. Read/Unread balance can be seen at any given moment and you can act accordingly. The great thing about it is that looked from the philosophical point of view the quest for knowledge never ends and new books can be added in those leather straps.{found here}.

11.Funny Bookshelf.

Have you seen those text boxes in the comic books, or the graphical representation of someone thinking of something? Well we did and obviously we are not the only ones. This bookshelf was made for fun. Check it on our site here.

12.Lieul bookshelf.

Ready for a modern note in your living room? These bookshelves look like a snake crawling on your walls. Guess what they have “swallowed”? Check this out!

13.Ying & Yang Bookshelf .

Are you a fan of Asian beliefs? This Ying & Yang Bookshelf will keep the balance between good and bad characters in place while looking marvelous in your living room.

14.Check bookshelf.

If you think that you have seen them all, “check” again. This very original bookshelf is called Check and although we have all seen it on paper in this version this bookshelf is a premier. This design illustrates your love for design and shows the world that you are open minded. Books – check!{found on site}.

15.Invisible Bookshelf.

Some prefer elaborate bookshelves some just want their books and nothing more. For them there are some special concealed bookshelves units that are mounted on the wall and like you see in these pictures. I simply love it and I like the cool floating effect. Are you ready for some magic? Because your books are!Available for 11$.


The WisdomTree is a quite interesting bookshelf concept. It was designed for those who see beyond the book and seek for knowledge and emotions. It features an organic shape with storage spaces that vary both in shape and size. Enjoy the fruit of knowledge grown from a sinuous organic “plant”.{found on site}.

17.Four degrees bookshelf.

Math and science are interconnected, but not in fashion or design. This was my general idea before seeing this. “Four degrees” is a bookshelf that uses math and gravity to keep your books in place. Although the shelf leans on a 4 degree angle with all the books in it your decision regarding buying one should be pretty much straight forward.{found on site}.

18.Fireplace and bookshelf.

What have in common books and fire? They both burn! Well, not in this combination. Check this to see how Helios manages to do it.

19.Religion bookshelf.

This unique bookshelf challenged my imagination for a little bit. It is based on a nice juxtaposing concept featuring religious books and a carved shape in the thick wooden shelf where the books are placed for a superb decorative effect.{found on site}.

20.USA bookshelf.

The map of the USA take an entire wall just to be displayed, a bookshelf with that particular form is something else. Check our site to see how each state is a unique compartment for book storage.

21. Round bookshelf.

Have ever imagined a book shelf with seating inside? Please click here to see a nice round bookshelf with a little twist.

22.Rope bridge shelf.

This bookshelf is based on the simplest civil engineering item: a rope bridge. The strings pass through the perforated wooden sections and held together at each end by a metal support. This unique shelf behaves like the original bridge so you will have to be careful because it swings.{found on site}.

23.Kids bookshelf.

This particular bookshelf idea has been inspired by the kindergarten shelves. Funny looking objects and toys sit next to bright colored books. See our site for a funny bookshelf that looks like a tree.

24.Skateboard bookshelf.

We have seen here very creative ideas of bookshelves, this one features skateboards. Using the old worn skateboards that you or your son abandoned in the attic to build a bookshelf might just be the best thing that could ever happen to them. Did you get it DIY’er?

25.Elastico bookcase.

The elestico bookshelf holds books together with its natural properties. It can be easily mounted on any wall, and it’s functionality can’t be contested by any one. If you like modernism that much, this piece will provide you the necessary monotony breaker.{found on site}.

26.Feltstool bookshelf.

This next idea incorporates a stool, bookshelf and a table. I would see this piece working very well in a dorm room where the free space is scarcely. I like the multifunctional things and this piece can be used to store your books while you and your mates play some computer games.{found on site}.

27.Rolling bookshelf.

This new “wheel of knowledge” wants to be a revolutionary way of storing books. Made out of polypropylene and available in a great variety of colors this 122 cm in diameter rolling bookshelf will literally rock and roll your books.{found on site}.

28.Split bookshelf.

The new wall arts are not that hard to understand they focus either on minimalism and abstract forms either wants to blend style with functionality. This next idea of a bookshelf is called split box shelves and we can see why. The interesting fact about this piece is that really works well filled with books.{found on site}.

29.Unusual bookshelf.

If you like to arrange your books on categories, from tall to short, horizontally or vertically, this next bookshelf is not for you. Called the chaos theory for books this will scramble your books every time you pull one out. Are you ready for this kind of bold statement in your room?{found on site}.

30.Pack of dogs.

This funny looking bookshelf tends more towards play and joy than functionality but I like the design and I can’t agree more that this “pack of dogs” will keep my books safe and probably exactly where I left them.{found on site}.

31.Vintage tbles bookshelf.

In matter of revolutionary creativity I would like to think that this particular piece fits the profile. Made out of two vintage tables cut and secured against the wall sets an example of style, elegance and functionality.  I could see this piece in any modern interior among infinite white walls.{found on site}.

32.Cardboard bookshelf.

A full scale cardboard bookshelf is probably a little tricky to make but the effect is tremendous. It looks really good and is really functional. Don’t put plants on, though, it might get wet and the whole thing is ruined. If you’re not confident or sure about how it would look check out this entire cardboard office presented on our site a few months ago.

33.Yule bookshelf.

Last but not least this marvelous bookshelf is a wonderful acquisition for every interior. I have saved it for the end because this Yule bookshelf optimizes the room space using more the upper part of the room. This is a genuine proof that style, functionality and creativity can be mix into something amazingly beautiful.{found on site}.

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