Alphabetic Bookshelf

Designed by Kayiwa, the AAKKOSET is a beautiful storage system and a library with alphabet letters and typographical errors.It can be used for books, CDs and magazines.It is available in black, blue, red, white etc.. It is useful in more ways than you might think at first sight. Indeed, its primary purpose is to store things you usually place on shelves like books and magazines and even toys or decorative items, but this time this original bookshelf will help your kid get used to the letters of the alphabet.

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And if you will help them practice now and then, they will soon be able to learn the letters of the alphabet in order and also associate the sound of the letter with the image. Also, if you have many books you can try and sort them each under the first letter of the name of the author, using the shelf letters as a system of categorizing the books, for example place a book written by Mark Twain in the letter “T”. Or place the other objects in the corresponding slots – D for doll or T for teddy-bear. I think there are endless possibilities for you to play with this amazing shelf.