Top 11 ways of turning pallets into furniture for outdoor

Wooden pallets keep on coming into our lives as opportunities to create a huge diversity of useful item. Since people can get enough of them we decided to show you a top 10 outdoor pallet designs. After 21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture and 25 more ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture you probably imagine that there isn’t much left to see, well you can’t be more wrong. Check this out!

1.Pallet coffee table for backyard.

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Since we already established that pallets are a cheap way to build extraordinary objects with only two major ingredients: imagination and ingenuity, this back yard setting proves once again the versatility of this amazing object. To get started you will need two pallets, 4 coasters, a little something for spacing and of course a little bit of paint. After you have adjusted the height attach four legs using L-brackets on the top pallet, then place on top of the second pallet using the same bracket system. Flip the table and mount 4 coasters on each corner to ensure maximum mobility. This particular table has a dark gray stain for subtlety, matching the chairs in the same time.{found on joyeverafter}.

2.Balcony small pallet garden.

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Outdoor space doesn’t necessarily mean a huge back yard. The great majority of people lives in urban settlements and this mean a quite limited outdoor space. Luckily there are people who managed to overcome this issue. They thought about expanding upwards their “balcony garden” and they did with the help of pallets. Take this image for example; plants are wonderfully grown on separate levels. The pallet has the perfect openings for plants to grow and also enough space to for their roots. Making this suitable for your own porch or balcony implies covering the back of the pallet with something like wooden boards to hold the dirt so you can plant the vertical garden. Cascade plants, here I come!{found on site}.

3.Deposit area in backyard from pallets.

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People preoccupied about health and nature also uses shipping pallets for their own purposes, like this compost bin for instance. Compost is made from bio degradable products that are left in the hands of nature until they become nutritious bio fertilizer for other plants. Mother nature and the food chain makes sure that everything rises and falls in a continuous process, therefore our fruits and vegetables remains deposited in a compost bin transform into salts and mineral for new plants.

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Pallets helped in this case by creating a natural deposit area that will perfectly blend into the backyard environment. Both strong and natural these wooden pallets are perfect for any kind of outdoor activity, including a compost bin.{found on younghouselove}.

4.Pallet turned into patio shelf.

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“ Pallet therapy” has proved some of its benefic methods. The use of hammer, nails and a hand helps you release the tension, frustration and sour attitude. Doing something useful while releasing your negative energy  would be great, making a pallet shelf for your porch is even better. You can use the whole width and height of the pallet of you can trim it in smaller bits, whatever suits your need. The main idea is to make use of the internal structural elements of the pallet to serve as shelves for your “exhibits”.{found on ribbonwoodcottage}.

5.Pallet sofa.

Building an outdoor pallet sofa is a bit more complicated than the rest of the ideas presented here but you should give it a try especially because I’m going to give you some vital clues. This build is all about the beauty of imperfection, because pallets were designed for another purpose than being furniture. Making an outdoor sofa from pallets has a few individual parts. Probably the most time consuming one is to get the right measurements and see what feels comfortable and what doesn’t.

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This example is here to help you better understand the design; you know what’s the best for you. The final product should be an extra sturdy love seat that should feel like a real sofa. I recommend this on a covered patio because it will be protected by the nature’s elements. When the cold season comes and starts snowing, just take the cushions inside, the frame will be just fine. Give it a try!{found n funkyjunk}.

6.Wood pallet for garden.

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An upcycle wood pallet for your harden? Why not?!  This piece is wonderful for planting flowers. The idea of a wood pallet flower bed can be used for a great variety of purposes; if your land is not fertile so it can’t support plants, or if you don’t have enough soil to plant flowers, an urban settlement with small concrete yards could be as well a perfect candidate to implement this idea. I would like to see this happening on a nice front porch with plenty of colorful flowers, or why not strawberries. Inside, shipping pallets won’t probably go with anything but on the outside these can make adorable flowers beds. Painting them in a bright color is an extra step of attention and whimsy if you so choose.{found on site}.

7.Play house for kids from pallets.

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Another cool project to do if you have some spare time and a few pallets is to build a play house for your kids. We all wanted at a point in our lives a playhouse were we could hide with some friends and plan a world-wide invasion, or set the headquarters for our “military battles”.

Pallets are usually thrown away, so you can use their wooden elements to build a miniature house. It is a time consuming project but it inexpensive and your kids and their friends will tanks you. The structure can or cannot be elaborate but the exterior has to be perfect, so take your time to paint this in bright colors and make it as eye-catching as possible because kids love colors. If you really want to make them happy, let them contribute to the design.{found on instructable}.

8.Outdoor lounge from pallets.

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There are countless outdoor DIY ideas for everybody to put into practice. One of them is to make a pallet lounger for those sunny moments when you want to relax in the comfort of your back yard. You will need 4 pallets of the same size, some nails, a hammer and some elbow grease. To get started, stack two pallets one on top of each other for to get a reasonable height (or you can use legs), one pallet should be a little bit wider to fit as a backrest.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

9.Pallet Potting Bench.

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This post is dedicated to outdoor items made from pallets. A nice, interesting idea is to make potting benches. Simple and cheap, you can design and create very useful benches to use and spread throughout your household as you like. Small or large every planter has not a new place to rest. The natural feel of the bench is in concordance with the plant’s nature; use ceramic planters and the entire ensemble can be categorized as a natural statement for your household.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

10.Wood Pallet Bike Rack.

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Wow, this is really unique! A wood pallet bike rack! Who would of thought?  The project itself doesn’t need a lot of craftsmanship because putting  two pallets one down and one by the wall  to keep the bike straight isn’t quite rocket science, but the idea is truly innovative. I can see this unique bike rack very easily adopted on local stores, libraries, public institutions, etc. You see, there is a strong connection between these two elements; bikes and wooden racks. {found on bikehack}.

11.Flower garden from pallets.

A garden normally requires a lot of space that some of us really don’t have. In such cases you either give or improvise. Here’s how you can create your own garden with very few materials. The largest thing you’ll need for this project is a pallet. You can easily find there near stores or you can simply buy one.

You can also add some moss in each container to cover the dirt and to give a nice texture and color to the whole décor. As you can see, it’s a very simple project indeed. It’s also just a suggestion. You can improvise and change it according to your preferences. For example, the containers don’t have to look all the same. They can have different shapes, dimensions or colors. You can alternate the flowers as well. This project was conceived for the deck or patio. However, you can adapt it for the indoors and have a beautiful garden even during the winter.{found on theinspiredroom}.

As you can see pallets can be anything. If you have done something else with wooden pallets that we don’t know about and you want us to spread the news by sharing it with everybody, let me know!