Yin and yang bookshelf

A hose has many things inside, a lot of the things that are used for depositing other things being furniture pieces. One of them that is now almost obsolete is the bookcase. That happened because people no longer buy books and store them in their homes. As there is such a great variety of books now you can simply go to the library and borrow the book you want to read and then return it and borrow a new one. Plus, now the young generation prefers the electronic version of books – like e-books that they can read using their fashionable tablets and e-book readers. But all of us have at least a few books or at least CDs or DVDs they need to store. But you do not need a whole bookcase for this, so you’d better use a nice and modern bookshelf instead.

Cardboard furniture2

And if your house is modern and young and has a very minimalistic design, you can think of a special design for your bookshelf. So maybe you will like my suggestion and build yourself a bookshelf that looks like the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang. This is the symbol of perfection and it is colored in black and white. SO I guess it will be perfect for both a man’s and a woman’s living room. Besides the nice look it will also suggest perfect harmony and knowledge.