How to Measure the Square Footage of Carpet

Buying a new carpet can always be tricky, as long as it involves sizes, measurements, and some cuts. Though, the trickiest part about buying a new carpet for your house is definitely when you are needed to get the proper sizes for the carpet.

Therefore, how to measure the square footage of a carpet?

It is quite simple. But in order to do this successfully, people should know exactly how they would like to decorate their house with the carpets. Should the carpets be in the classic style, covering all over the floor? Or should they cover just certain parts of the floor?

Basically, if you go for the whole room option, you might have to keep in mind the following things from the following lines.

First of all, you should measure the size of the room from wall to wall. The measurements should be made with a 2 inches margin of error. This margin is usually taken as a lot of people have in the bottom part of their house wooden batons that cover the electric wires, and they are usually 1-1,5 inch thick. Also, people should know exactly if they want their carpet to go under the furniture, or if the carpet to stay near the furniture.

If they want their carpet to stay near the furniture, then the next step is to measure the sizes of every piece of furniture from the room. In order to make it easier, all the people are recommended to make a drawing of their house, and to write there the exact measurements. If they do this, it will be way easier for them to figure out the correct size of their future carpet.

The next step is related to making calculations. Decrease the furniture measures from the measurement of each room and you have it. Though, before going to the shop and order for the carpet that you are in need of, you should repeat all the above calculations at least once more, just to be sure that you haven’t made any errors.  Also, keep in mind that you must take another 1 inch, one inch and a half margin of error, as most of the carpets have their own baton, baton that may be a little bit bigger than the ordered size of the furniture. Even if usually, people are being told about this second margin of error, it is recommended that everybody should take on their own this margin of error.

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