Brass Addicted – Fixtures And Accent Details

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, a substitution alloy which is used for decoration because of its bright golden color. It’s widely used for doorknobs, plumbing and all sorts of other decorative and functional features. The copper which goes into the brass makes it germicidal and this makes it a great choice for bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as all sorts of other decorative features.

Brass bathroom and kitchen fixtures are less popular but very elegant

There are many different types of brass. They differ in terms of percentages of copper and zinc and this gives certain types a unique color and appearance. There are a few types of brass which are corrosion resistant and very tough and they are used in marine service, applied to ships’ bottoms. Other types are used as an imitation of gold, because of the similar colors.

Brass can be used for all sorts of decorative items including the light fixtures

The brass’s properties make it a great choice from both a functional and decorative point of view

Add some spark to your home’s décor with a few brass accents

A brass bed frame has a rough but also elegant look

Brass is also very commonly used for making door knobs

In the kitchen, subtle brass accents can make an appliance stand out

Match a brass sink with brass knobs and cabinet pulls

Brass with a high tensile strength is used for springs, screws and rivets while low brass is used for flexible metal hoses. In interior decoration, brass is usually used for faucets for both bathroom and kitchen, for light fixtures, bed frames, door knobs but also for a variety of other decorative elements such as pendant lights, chandeliers, decorative musical instruments, plates, lamps, etc.

The combination of black and gold is very elegant and dramatic

Brass is also sometimes used because of its similarity with gold

Brass light fixtures such as chandeliers and pendant lamps are quite common

Certain bathtubs look better with brass details because of their design

A very elegant bathtub featuring brass feet and pipes

A strong contrast in this black and gold eclectic kitchen

Subtle brass details in a bright Mediterranean kitchen

Brass is used in interior décor for is color and appearance but also for some of its other properties. It looks beautiful in traditional homes or in rustic spaces where it often has a worn finish but it may also be used in more modern decors. Brass gives elegance to a fixture and makes it stand out.

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