10 Ways To Decorate For A Witchy Halloween

Halloween can be rather witchy don’t ya think? Picking out a specific theme to go with your holidays makes decorating that much more fun, focused and stylish! Trying to blend everything you love all together at once, will more than likely end up a huge mess. So, we’re helping you pick a theme and decorate accordingly. Today, it’s all about the witches, cauldron and all!!

1. Some witchy silhouettes.

With help from Martha Stewart you too can have these dawning your lawn! Create some matching by following the tutorial and getting up pronto. They’ll definitely grab the attention of every passerby.

2. Dress your pumpkins.

Another great idea taken from Martha Stewart is to dress your pumpkins up in costumes too! Add a black cat for good measure. It’s fun, it’s easy and the kids will adore it.

3. Just some brooms for the doors.

You cannot forget to decorate your door in an equally as witchy manner. Add a broom-filled frame and hang one up on the door. Maybe even throw in a witch’s hat for good measure.

4. Did a witch land here?

With mannequin legs and a large pot you can create this funky little accessory too. Grab some striped stockings, witch-like shoes and everyone will think you have a new visitor at the house!

5. She’s flying away.

You can always make a pretty silhouette for your door as well. Add some sparkles to make it dainty too. Good Housekeeping even allows you to download some templates to help out!

6. Fun, witchy wall decor.

Grab a slab of wood and get to painting. Draw on some witchy accessories like a hat or a broom and jot down your favorite witch-inspired quote!

7. Foggy cauldrons.

You can always buy some plastic cauldrons, in all sizes at a local department store and fill them with dry ice. Place one on the porch to welcome trick-or-treaters or keep it in the kitchen so your guests suspect something brewing!

8. Keeping them by the door.

Witches must come and go  …. and how do they come and go? By broom of course. Keep some brooms by the door in case any of your witchy friends need to leave! Create a little section for “broom parking” on the front porch.

9. Is that poison?

We all know witches like to poison their enemies … with apples no less. Grab a bowl, DIY a poison sign and fill it with fruit or candy! It’ll will be a subtle little nod to all those Halloween witches.

10. She’s a bit leggy.

You can always create a witch-themed wreath. Add some legs … a little hat. It’s a perfect way to welcome everyone over for a Halloween bash!

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 29th, 2012


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