Nail String Art – DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

For those of you who are tossing out the crazy chaos and replacing it with sweet simplicity this holiday season, you’re going to want to check out this nail string art DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

What we need

- Wood rounds - Small nails - Hammer - Needlenose pliers - Embroidery floss Hot glue + paper clips (to hang the ornaments on your tree)

Let's make DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Christmas Tree string art pattern, Version 1: Begin by deciding what shape(s) you want to make. Then carefully hammer in the first nail, taking care that it doesn’t exit the wooden round on the back side.

To make a Christmas tree shape, simply pound in some nails in a triangle shape.


When all the nails are installed into your wood round, tie a loop at the end of your embroidery floss. Don’t pull it tight yet.


Loop the knot around the top nail (or whatever nail makes you happy), then pull it tight. Tie a second knot to make a double-knot on your nail.


You can trim the extra string next to the knot or leave it to weave into your string art. If the figure is going to have lots of strings, leaving it long will be fine (it will blend in). But if your string art is more sparse, you should probably trim it.


Start stringing the floss. When you’ve completed the string art figure, mark the spot on your floss where the last loop/knot should be. Make a loop there. Use needlenose pliers to tighten the loop knot, then add in a double knot on top of that.


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