How To Craft A Christmas Star Banner From Felt

This garland is quick and easy to make, planning and preparation are always key to a successful event so start making now and you’ll reap the rewards later.

What we need

– Felt fabric – Cotton thread – Star template – Sewing Pin – Sewing Needle – Yarn – Scissors

Let's make Christmas Star Banner From Felt


Print out your Star Template and cut around all of the edges.

Using a dressmakers pin, tack the template through the middle onto a corner of your felt fabric.


Cut carefully around your template keeping the corners sharp and pointed the create clean, crisp lines.


Cut a length of cotton and thread onto your needle. Take your first star and sew the top, outward facing points onto the cord 2/3 times around 1cm away from the point.


Continue to sew all of your stars onto the cord until you have the desired length. Use washi tape to hang against a wall or wrap around your tree for an alternative to tinsel.


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